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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 192

2022-06-15 06:34:20Publish Time: 695 views
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Chapter 192: Jealousy and Impulsion

"Why? Why did you betray me?!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen stared at Yun Xi angrily.

None of her prey had ever escaped from her hands! Not once!

"Why did you leave me? You said that you would become my thing!"

"Oh, you want to become her thing? You’re not afraid to die, are you?" Yun Que squinted at Yun Xi, making sure of his degree of lechery again.

"Well, I think there’s some misunderstanding between us..." Perspiration poured down Yun Xi's face.

Now, he finally knew why his heart pounded fast when he saw her.

It wasn't "falling in love at first sight". It was his instinct that was warning him that the mysterious black-haired beauty was extremely dangerous!

If he had said "no" at that time, he might... no, he would have been killed by this mysterious, dangerous, black-haired woman!

No! I should stop thinking it.

Since she was Shaya Longnis', the Sky Sword's subordinate, she couldn't become his fiance. After all, he was the Water God's Apostle. They were enemies!

"Answer me, why don't you want to be my thing?!" The Dark Shadow Spider queen's temperament became more dangerous.

For the first time, the Dark Shadow Spider queen didn't understand why she was so angry.

Was it because her treasure was stolen? No, that seemed to be it, but not exactly.

However, when she saw that Yun Xi was taken away by Yun Que, she couldn't refrain her urge to kill.

"Because you are enemies. So, you and he are destined to end like this," Yun Que said. She opened her bloody long bow, locking onto the Dark Shadow Spider queen in her head with hostility.

"We are destined to end like this?" The Dark Shadow Spider queen frowned and her eyes became sharp. "Who decides that?"

It wasn't real. She could get everything she wants, because she was the queen of spiders! She was the strongest, most excellent existence. Even though she had been transformed into this female human form, that wouldn't change.

A queen deserves to have everything, and no one could steal her things!

‘Yes, this is you. This is your true posture,’ A deep voice echoed inside the Dark Shadow Spider queen's head. It was her god's voice. It was the whisper of the strongest existence.

Jealousy, jealousy. It is ugly. It is beautiful.

Tear off the surface, nothing in the world is unintelligible.

Disinteresting, unpleasant, chaotic stuffs.

Cry, tangle, confession, want to provoke my fond.

How to describe my mood? Even to this day, I can't give an answer.

I find that I'm a despicable creature.

Noise, noise. So bored, so bored, so bored. Can't help it. I'm not good at handling relationships. I'm not happy.

Too shallow. I'm bored.

However, I hate to be eliminated. If I can't become the most popular one, I will find it unbearable. After all, I hate to be defeated.

Even if I'm dirty and foul, even if I have to lie, if I can't look down on the earth, I will lose the meaning of my life.

I can't treat everyone equally and gently.

I can't pray for my lover. I want to hear her cry. I want to make her cry. It’s a good thing.

Say yes and mean no. I want to do it, but I can't. I'm helpless.

I can't live in harmony with humans. I want her. I can't obtain her.

We are people not of the same clan. We can only look down on the earth, making everyone kneel before us.

You want him? You should grab him. It isn't a wrong thing to feel jealous, because it is proof of your life.

Choose! Choose! Don't mind your has been half body! Don't mind your dim future! As long as you’re still looking for beauty in this ugly world, your life will be significant!

So that you can live in this world!

"Who decided that? Nobody has decided it, but you’re not the same kinds! You’re not human!" Yun Que said. She had already discovered that this black-haired beauty was a dangerous evil creature.

Compared to her, a male fiery dragon was nothing. She was ten times more dangerous than any male fiery dragon.

"Well, in fact, I don't mind if my lover is not a human..." Yun Xi said, lacking of confidence.

"Shut up! She is our enemy!" Yun Que burst with anger. She did her best to dampen their enemy's spirits, but... he was really a pig-like mate! He just wasted all her efforts.

Yes, I know you don't mind having a love affair with females of other races, but you shouldn't say it now! This black-haired woman is absolutely not a humanoid creature. Her beautiful appearance is just a guise. She is undoubtedly a dangerous monster!

You’re even interested in such a monster? I really can't understand your shamelessness and lechery!

You’re insulting the name, "Yun Hai"!

"Yes, it has nothing to do with my race," The Dark Shadow Spider queen licked her lips. She could feel some part in her body, something she had lost from a long time ago was reviving.

It was strange. She was the queen of Dark Shadow Spider Race. She shouldn't have this desire.

Why? Why did she have this impulse in her heart?

Just like what the female human said, their races are different. But her instinct was continuously urging her to have some special relationships with this human.

At that time, she had felt an electric-current-like feeling when they were skin to skin. Wasn't it just her illusion?

"I want him to be my thing. I want him to be my own treasure. I won't let anyone take him away! He’s mine!"

Strong possessiveness arose inside her heart. The Dark Shadow Spider queen had never wanted to obtain a thing so eagerly.

At this moment, she even forgot her identity and forgot that she was Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword’s executor. She just fixed her eyes on Yun Xi.

‘Yes, yes, this is it! Show your most ugly and most beautiful appearance!’ The voice echoed inside her heart again.