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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 187

2022-06-15 06:33:40Publish Time: 745 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 187: The Queen's Satisfaction

The Dark Shadow Spider Queen pinched the fourth-ranked butter bread and sniffed. Her instincts told her that it was a good thing which she had never seen in the void.

After she transformed into human form and walked around in this world, she had seen hundreds of types of foods. Even so, the bread was also the most perfect food she had seen. A loaf of bread could replenish one tenth of her energy.

Don't think that one tenth is negligible. When it was still in the void, it always slept through the period of food shortage. Only when the dark shadow web it had weaved felt the trace of turbulence in the flow of the void, it would wake up.

Even so, most of the time, the prey it caught couldn't even provide more than half of the energy this bread could provide her, which meant that as the king of Dark Shadow Spider race and the top-class hunter in the void, most of the time in its life, it experienced extreme hunger.

When the energy couldn't even support them to sleep, Dark Shadow Spiders would gather together and hunt each other, so that the whole race could continue to survive in the void.

After eating all other Dark Shadow Spiders, it became the king of spiders, the strongest spider of its race.

In the void, the most common rule was "the survival of the strongest".

However, "all other spiders have been eaten" also meant that the Dark Shadow Spider race had reached the point of extinction. If it couldn't find sufficient food when the next void turbulence appeared, the whole Dark Shadow Spider race would vanish from the universe.

Fortunately, because the White Holy Dragon broke the void, it saw glimmers of hope. Taking this opportunity, it arrived at the sunny, vibrant White Lotus Sword Domain.

Then, misfortune happened. It was defeated by a group of "little bugs" and lost half of its body, becoming the Dark Shadow Spider Queen.

With a devout look on her face, the Dark Shadow Spider queen carefully put the hot bread in her mouth and nibbled this priceless food.

Her white teeth chewed, then swept every crumb of the bread in her mouth with her smooth tongue. She was so careful that she didn't even leave a drop of cream on the corner of her mouth.

The Dark Shadow Spider queen had been starved for many, many years. For the first time, she had tasted how wonderful a human's food was. The slimes she ate before were just like sawdust compared to the bread.

When her body absorbed those green slimes, she felt nothing. Those slimes were absorbed by her body like water and if she hadn't eaten Yun Xi's bread, she would have thought that it was a matter of course because "eating" was just a behavior of supporting life.

But now, she knew she was wrong. Totally wrong.

Perhaps because her body was in human form, her sense of smell, taste and vision were all like a real human. The wonderful taste of Yun Xi's bread had just opened a door for her, leading her to a brand new world.

At the same time, her true body could feel the same happiness too.

Yun Xi was a hero-ranked baker. His bread could replenish all hero-ranked beings' energy and vitality, no matter what race the being was. Which meant that no matter it was the Dark Shadow Spider queen's human form or her spider form, both of her forms were very satisfied with Yun Xi's bread.

She even had an illusion that she had never lived before she ate the bread.

"Does it taste good?" Looking at the Dark Shadow Spider queen's happy face, Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief.

His heartbeat had returned to normal, which meant that his nervousness had disappeared.

As expected, "food" was the simplest way to communicate between people. It seemed that the black-haired beauty was very satisfied with his bread.

It is really good that I have become a fourth-ranked baker before I came here!

"Delicious... tastes good... I'm satisfied..." The Dark Shadow Spider queen's voice sounded hoarse, because she wasn’t used to speak in her human form.

Even so, her voice sounded indescribably tempting, as if she was an abyss that was luring humans.

"You... are special..." After eating the first loaf of bread, the Dark Shadow Spider queen stretched out her hand to Yun Xi again.

"You want more?" Yun Xi embarrassedly looked at the Dark Shadow Spider queen, who was too close to him. Her white breasts made him feel dizzy.

"Yes... if you don't give me... I will eat you..." Obviously, the Dark Shadow Spider queen wasn’t used to human language. She directly threatened Yun Xi.

"Ah ha ha, don't worry. I’ll give you," Yun Xi blushed looking at the dark shadow spider queen's deep, beautiful eyes.

Did she just flirt with me? She was too straight!

As expected, she was different from the Starwing Knights girls. She was a proactive, sexy woman.

"This is the second. If you want more, I still have more," Yun Xi took out another loaf of bread from his storage.

"How much of this food do you have?" The dark shadow spider queen was very concerned about this point.

After all, the quality and number of food was directly related to the race's survival and future.

"Well, about sixty loaves of bread," Yun Xi didn't know the reason, but he naturally felt that this black-haired beauty was different from any woman he had seen.

Probably it was because of her age. Her charm was totally different from his childhood sweethearts, Hua Huo, Milei and Ye Li.

Her each and every move could make Yun Xi's heart pound faster. No man in the world could refuse her temptation even though they knew it was just like "a flying moth darting into the fire".

"How much of this food can you make every day?" The Dark Shadow Spider queen nibbled the bread and estimated her current state.

After becoming Shaya Longnis, the Sky Sword's subordinate, she could eat as many slimes as she liked. Even so, those slimes still hadn't helped her recover to her perfect condition.

Incidentally, she had just met a green hippo not long ago, who had become a good meal for her. Unfortunately, the green hippo's meat was too rough, not delicious at all.

Of course, she didn't realize it till she had eaten Yun Xi's bread. Before then, there were only two things in this world: the things she could eat and the things she couldn't eat. Nothing was about "deliciousness".

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