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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 180

2022-06-15 06:32:44Publish Time: 724 views
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Chapter 180: Ling Ling is Tempted

Ok, I will start!

I'm serious! I will really start!

… I will start!

Whoa! It's too shameful!

Yun Xi looked at all the girls around him, sweating profusely under their curious eyes.

Following Lu Lu's suggestion, he sat on the square in the center of the village. Around him, there were hundreds of young men who had the same intention like him.

The youngest boy was about fifteen years old, and the oldest man looked like he was fifty years old. These young men were from different villages. According to tradition, they all put a small table in front of themselves.

On the tables were the gifts they had prepared for the girls they would propose to, including perfumes, potions, unknown rare herbs, and homemade bone sculptures. They were the best things they could offer.

"Showing one's gift" was a part of the ceremonies tradition and the most important selection criteria to the girls who wanted to find the right person. The gift represented the man's career and the degree of his love.

In order to marry the most excellent girl, countless young men rummaged their brains on choosing gifts every year. There were many tips. The most expensive gift isn't the best gift. If a man simply put gold bricks in front of him, he would be despised by everyone. The gifts must hit the right note with these girls.

Gifts such as perfumes, skin moisturizers, flowers, and art works were always very popular. There were not too many girls who would refuse to accept them. But today, there was a sort of gift that had never been seen by anyone before.

Yes, there was the golden, soft, sweet, hot bread Yun Xi put on the table in front of him.

The golden bread had been slightly heated by Yun Xi's "Water Mist". Apart from Lu Lu, it was a brand new gift to all the girls at this ceremony.

They didn't know what it was, but its special scent made them wonder if it was a type of food.

But... how can any food in this world be so beautiful? From its golden colour and the pure white decoration on it... isn't it a work of art? How can it be a food?! It must be very expensive. Why would this man like to use it as a courtship gift at this rural ceremony?

Looking at the ten butter loaves Yun Xi had put on the table, the girls around him froze. Almost everyone was attracted by these beautiful loaves of bread.

Amongst these girls, eleven girls felt a sense of familiarity when they saw the loaves of bread, but also, they were sure that they had never seen these "treasures" before.

In this old world, people hadn't learned how to process yeast and refine milk to cream. People couldn't imagine how to make bread. Moreover, Yun Xi's bread was made of his hero-ranked miracle power.

If Yun Que was here and saw Yun Xi using the golden butter loaves as gifts, she would go crazy. If she had such bread when she was badly injured, she wouldn't have had to save her life in that shameful manner!

"Codoon... I'm hungry..." Ling Ling wiped her mouth. She instinctively noticed that these golden things were food.

They must be very delicious.

No, she couldn't stand it any longer!

Just go, Ling Ling!

Ling Ling bravely walked towards Yun Xi.

"Ling Ling... it's you..." Yun Xi smiled as he looked at the familiar girl in front of him.

He still remembered that she was the most ardent one when these girls fought for his bread on the island.

Ling Ling was a straightforward, cute girl. She never hid her desire, and her eyes never lied.

"Are they... food?" Ling Ling swallowed as she looked at Yun Xi with longing.

"Yes. They are 'bread', Ling Ling." Yun Xi gradually got rid of his nervous tension.

The girl in front of him wasn't a stranger. She was the optimistic, vibrant girl who always followed behind Hua Yue in the Starwing Knights. Although her family had declined and become a dependency of Hua Yue's family, but Hua Yue and Ling Ling were on good terms. They were besties since their childhood. Even the sizes of their breasts were similar, making countless girls feel jealous.

"You know my name?" Ling Ling pretended to be ladylike, but she couldn’t stop her eyes continuously glancing at the bread, which had exposed her true intention.

"Yes. In fact, this isn't our first meeting. You like sweet, soft, hot food, don’t you?" Since Yun Xi had made food for the Starwing Knights girls on the island for so many days, he had known Ling Ling's preferences very well.

Her resistibility to sweet food was literally zero. Indeed, most girls liked sweet food, but Ling Ling's favoritism to sweet food was stronger than anyone’s.

In order to obtain his butter bread, she defeated one rival after another, finally becoming one of the top five amongst all the Starwing Knights girls.

Intriguingly, although she liked sweet food, she wasn't fat at all, as if all the sugar she had eaten had been absorbed by "some part" of her body, making other girls feel extreme jealousy with their eyes green.

"Ah ha ha, you know about that? It's a little sheepish. Everyone in my village is very poor and we don't have a lot of honey and sugar. I shouldn't have such a luxurious taste." Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi in embarrassment, then quickly stretched out her hand and grabbed one of the ten butter loaves.

"You know what this means?" Even though this was Yun Xi's true intention, he still reminded her about the result of her choice.

Ling Ling remembered the meaning of taking a man's gift at the ceremony. She blushed.