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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 18

2022-06-14 03:49:27Publish Time: 1,808 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: Trainer-Shifutaku

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Chapter 18: Yun Xi's Potential

As a Royal Blood Golden Dog whose body had a special aroma, they were rare creatures above all rare creatures, the sweetest honey. Even princesses, princes, and dukes were not able to easily cast a look at them, not to mention owning one.

Originally, they were rare. The chance to breed such a special individual was even more outrageously low. There wouldn't be over five golden dogs that good in the entire Western God's Domains.

"Little Xi, where did you find this little dog?" The more she observed the little golden dog, the more unique characteristics Hua Huo found.

"Eh? In front of the door of my bread store. The little guy was hungry and ran in, so I gave it several pieces of bread crusts, then it got close to me."

"I think it's pitiful, so I decided to keep it." Yun Xi lied about Mei'er's story and nervously looked at Hua Huo.

What bad luck. Had Hua Huo found something?

Indeed. Mei'er wasn't a golden dog. She was a star spirit, an unique being. She was a million times more precious than any special breed golden dog.

"You fed it bread crusts?" Hua Huo wordlessly looked at Mei'er happily staying in Yun Xi's arms.

The princesses in the Western God's domains always dreamed of having a Royal Blood Golden Dog. If they knew what Yun Xi used to feed this little honey, they would scream loudly.

In the Western God's Domains, these golden dogs who had royal blood were also known as "Golden Fairy". They were fed precious milk cakes from their puppyhood. They would never put their feet in soil, for fear that the soil would dirty their beautiful golden fur.

The milk cakes were made from the best quality milk. These prideful golden princesses wouldn't take a look at any milky cakes lower than the 5th Rank.

No one knew the reason, but nobody saw any male dogs with the blood of a "Golden Fairy". They were all doggy princesses.

So, these little cuties had a nickname - Golden Princess.

Yun Xi was a 3rd-ranked baker. Even if he made desserts using the best ingredients and production method, presenting it to the real royal Golden Princesses, he would get nothing but their supercilious eyes.

The prideful Golden Fairies were really charming. No girl could escape from their charm after touching these cute fantastic creatures.

In her childhood, Hua Huo once hugged such a Golden Fairy, so she knew pretty well that the one in Yun Xi's arms was of the highest grade.

If he sold this little guy - Mei'er - the fans of the Golden Fairy, the princesses of the Western God's Domains would definitely raise a ruckus.

"Look! It likes bread. It's not that hard to feed it." As Yun Xi didn't know that Hua Huo misunderstood Mei'er's identity, so he picked up bread crumbs beside his bed and put them in front of Mei'er.

*Munch* *Munch* Mei'er licked Yun Xi's hands... no, the bread crumbs, again and again, with a happy smile.

Now, she could stay with master, help master warm his bed and lick her master. What a happy life!

"Strange... it's not picky about food." As she looked at Mei'er happily licking the breadcrumbs, Hua Huo was confused about her judgment.

In the Western God's Domains, the Golden Princesses were more pampered than real princesses.

She never heard of any Golden Princesses that would be able to eat rough breadcrumbs with such a happy face.

Maybe she did make a mistake. This little golden dog just looks like a Golden Princess, but actually, it would grow up. Was it simply a cute, but common golden dog?

"Eh... Mei'er, come here. Let's shake hands!" Yun Xi asked Mei'er to sit down as she reached out her little paws.

As Yun Xi's personal star spirit, Mei'er had a special unspoken consensus with Yun Xi and didn't need any training.

Once Yun Xi said ‘shake hands’, she quietly sat down and stretched out her little paw, softly patting Yun Xi's small hand.

"Mei'er. She is Hua Huo, my childhood sweetheart, and the best sword arts genius." Yun Xi smiled, introducing his childhood sweetheart to his star spirit.

Mei'er put out her tongue and ran towards Hua Huo, then enthusiastically licked her palms.

"Good girl... well, she really doesn't look like a Golden Princess. What a cute little guy... maybe I made a mistake."

Looking at Mei'er's face, she then remembered the proud and reserved golden dog her childhood self tried to hug. Hua Huo had to admit that Yun Xi's Mei'er had a better character than those imperious Golden Princesses who would only let the princesses tirelessly follow them around.

Could be fed bread crumbs, understood how to ‘shake hands’, and was fervent and active. Hua Huo knew no Golden Princesses that would act like this.

Yun Xi was really lucky to find this Golden Princess-like, cute and obedient little guy.

"Hua Huo, I also want to talk to you." Taking the chance when Hua Huo was still addicted to Mei'er's special ability "glamorous golden dog", Yun Xi launched an attack on his childhood sweetheart.

"What?" In the face of the combined cheat of Yun Xi and Mei'er, Hua Huo was a little unprepared. She had already forgotten her goal before she broke into the room.

"I want to learn sword skills from you."

That wasn't a lie, rather, a sincere desire of Yun Xi's.

After obtaining Hua Huo's seed, he became aware of the gap between him and the village's sword genius.

The gap was so deep that it appeared to have no bottom.

The more of the seed he understood from his childhood sweetheart, the more he would grasp Hua Huo's formidable strength.

She was the true genius of geniuses, born to be above all others. She would be a hero or someone who had a higher place in the world.

"Huh... you finally understand?" Hua Huo was not surprised, but rather, she had on a face of longing.

"I knew that one day you would be able to bring out your hidden potential."

"Yun Xi, you possess a special ability that no one can see."

"However, this ability is awfully strange and has been suppressing you. Now, at last, it has awakened?"

There was such a thing? Yun Xi was surprised to hear Hua Huo say that he had potential.

"Well, I'm absolutely not wrong!"

"Although you were incapable of bringing out your abilities and there were no traces of a seal, I knew that once you turned 18, you would amaze the world!"

Eighteen years old!

Yun Xi remembered that Hua Huo did remind him of this thing once.

At that time, Hua Huo said:

"Little Xi, don't lose your heart. You will become strong after you grow up."

"I'll be waiting for you, forever."

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