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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 178

2022-06-15 06:32:28Publish Time: 677 views
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Chapter 178: Yun Que's Warning

Several days later.

Yun Xi hadn't known that he had been targeted by a most terrible presence in this world. He was preparing for the coming ceremony.

"One, two, three... one hundred!" After counting the loaves of bread in his storage again, Yun Xi smiled with satisfaction.

This was the seventh day since he had arrived in Water God's world. The time in this world was far faster than in the real world, therefore he didn't need to worry about his and the girls' bodies on the island.

He would finish this trial in his best state, and today was the most important day in his plan!

The people from the nearby twelve villages and far away places were all waiting for the ceremony to start. It was hard to find out when this kind of ceremony, which combined its functions with blind dates, trade, and celebration, started. Perhaps it formed naturally in the villagers' daily communication.

Once the ceremony started, it would become the most rumbling time of the year. The participants weren’t just some villagers, because even some townspeople were keen to take part in the ceremony.

This time, the ceremony was held in a village that was not far away from Lu Lu's village. Ever since three days ago, there had been caravans passing by this small village and they bought Lu Lu's potions and medicines at a high price, which made Lu Lu grin from ear to ear.

"Master, are you ready?" Lu Lu lightly rapped on the door and looked at Yun Xi in admiration.

"Yes. Take it, it's a bread I just made." Yun Xi snapped his fingers.

A hot butter loaf suddenly appeared in the air. Even though it was just common fresh bread which was far inferior to the bread in Yun Xi's storage, however, it was still a treasure to Lu Lu.

"Awwoo... Master, how many girls will you propose to?" Lu Lu nibbled the sweet bread and asked Yun Xi in curiosity.

"Uhh... about eleven girls. It would be better if I can find more suitable girls in the ceremony." Yun Xi remembered the girls' faces, especially Hua Yue and Xiao Cao. If he could obtain their powers, his strength would leap to a new level.

Yun Que's record had warned him that some elite slimes had appeared in other places. It wasn't good news at all. Obviously, Shaya Longnis the Sky Sword wasn't going to give up on invading this world.

In order to survive and finish his quest, this ceremony was crucial. Maybe Yun Que would feel very angry after knowing about his behavior, but he had no choice. Once remembering that the eleven girls he would propose to had all been recorded in Yun Que's scrolls, Yun Xi felt stressed.

Cough, it is really not my real intention!

"Master, cheer up!" Her encouragement wasn't fake, because the girls in Water God's world must accept this fact. Strong people shouldn't have only one wife, they must marry as many girls as they could. As his first wife, she must take the responsibility.

"You... are a good girl..." Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu with guilt.

Fortunately, to Starwing Knights girls, this world was just a dream. After they woke up, they would remember nothing.

"Yes, I'm a good girl. Since that is so, how about tonight..." Lu Lu blushed and hinted at Yun Xi.

"Ha ha ha, we should go." Yun Xi noticed Lu Lu's eyes filling with anticipation.

He stiffly changed the topic. It wasn't a problem to hold a courtship ceremony with her, after all, it was just a ceremony. However, he wouldn't do anything to Lu Lu, because he wasn't an animal in season.

He felt that in this world, Lu Lu was more childish than when she was in the real world. What was the reason?

The great stars, I only want to be an upright gentleman!


Rivulet Village, which was known as the meandering rivulet beside the village, was having its busiest day today. Thousands of people from the nearby villages and cities had come to this quiet small village.

Most of them were the protagonists of this ceremony, the unmarried girls from nearby villages, and the others were the young men who would do their best to propose to them.

Due to this reason, some special goods were very popular here.

"Come here, come here! Look at the latest perfumes from the Holy City! They were made by a third-ranked junior perfumer, who is also a seventeen-year-old beautiful girl! We have only thirty bottles of perfume. First come first served!"

"Come here, come here! Look at the latest moisturizer made by Master Lu Lu! What? You don't know who Master Lu Lu is? She is the only third-ranked master in this area! I bought this new produce at three times price!"

"Yoke Grass is on sale! It's said that if you can tie your lover with this grass, your marriage will be made in heaven!"

"Guess lantern riddles! It's free to pick and choose whatever you like!"

Literally, these merchants knew what these girls liked.

Perfume and moisturizer had all been bought in a quarter of an hour. Even the Yoke Grasses, which were quite a lot, had all been sold out in half a day. The ceremony was bustling from the early morning, and this vibrant scene was what Yun Xi and Lu Lu saw when they arrived at this village.

"Gee? Yun Que? Why are you here?" Yun Xi gazed at the Apostle at the gate of the village in surprise.

"Humph. I knew you will come here at this time." Yun Que darted a look at Yun Xi as if he was something dirty. She threw a scroll to him.

"I just found a new bride candidate. I warn you, you can do whatever you want to the other girls, but never put a finger on these bride candidates! Never!" Yun Que raised her voice. "Lu Lu was an exception, and I hope that she is the only exception. Do you understand?"

"..." Beads of sweat dripped from Yun Xi's forehead.

What could he do now?