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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 176

2022-06-15 06:32:12Publish Time: 738 views
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Chapter 176: King of Spiders

Mist. The surface of Water God's world was covered in endless mist.

Only when the sunlight shone on the whole world, did the mist, which always hovered within the forests, on the mountains and lakes, be slightly dispelled, but never totally vanish. In fact, apart from the roads, villages, and cities which were protected by some unknown power, the whole world was covered in mist.

It was a daily scene in Water God's world, and it had become a part of this world in ordinary people's eyes. Just like the sun in the sky, the mist on the ground was also a natural thing to all living beings in this world. They regarded it as a part of the great Water God's avatar.

Even though there were always some terrible monsters born in the mist, it was also a natural part of this world's natural rules.

The people in Water God's worlds were blessed by Water God and hardly ever suffered hunger, then why did they think that "Strong people can marry a lot of girls"? Because there was such a danger. They needed to guard against risks in this manner.

There were unknown dangers lingering in the mist.

In a deep cave, eight eyes slowly opened. A creature's eight ruby-like pupils looked around as it wondered where it was.

"Hiss!" It ejected black threads out of its mouth and spun a dark spider-web as quick as it could, in case that there was any enemy. However, it sensed nothing dangerous.

Where is this? Who am I? Where am I from?

It had forgotten a lot of things, and only a sense of anger was lingering in its mind.

Yes, it remembered. It was the king of Dark Shadow Spider Race, the king of spiders. It once dominated a wide area in the void, hunting all creatures who dared to enter its dark shadow web.

In the dark void, "prey" was very rare. Unfortunately, it could go nowhere else. The Dark Shadow Spider Race had lived in the void for thousands and thousands of years. Only when void turbulence happened, there may some preys be involved in the void.

Every time they found any prey, the whole Dark Shadow Spider Race would cooperate with each other to hunt down the prey and then decide if they should procreate new offspring according to the prey's weight and rank.

The dark void was very desolate. Even at the best of times, their number wasn't more than one hundred. In order to survive, it ate its race's members one by one, until finally, there was only itself in the void.

However, it didn't mind. This was what they were, forced by the cruel environment. In order to perpetuate their race, they didn't mind being unscrupulous. At any rate, even though it was alone, it was also a hermaphrodite at the same time. As long as it could find sufficient food, it could produce new offspring itself.

Only the strongest individual could survive in the void, and as the king of spiders, it deserved to be the ruler of that area in the void. Since it wasn't possible to find new prey, it entered a dormant state, waiting for the next void turbulence in its sleep.

According to its experience, it only needed to wait dozens of years before the next void turbulence happened. At that time, new prey would be dragged into this area by the void turbulence and become its food.

However, a change occurred, which was earlier than it had expected. A fantastic silver creature tore apart the void, coming into this area from a very distant world.

"Strong... charming..." At the first sight, its heart had been conquered by the silver creature's charm.

It had nothing to do with race or gender. It was simply impressed by the silver creature’s pure, strong power. Even though it was the king of spiders, it still thought that it was as negligible as dust in front of the creature's giant body and hazardous might.

The silver creature broke the seemingly immutable void, forcibly opened a door leading to an unknown god's domain, then squeezed itself through that door.

All beings in the void, including the beings it had seen and had never seen, went mad.

On the other side of the door must be a vibrant world, which should be protected by the universe's rule at first, but now, it was opening up to them nakedly.

To the beings in the void who struggled to live day after day, this world with endless food was a dreamy fairyland! At that moment, regardless of their race and rank, they all fell into a fanatic condition. They rushed towards the door like a swarm of hornets.

The next moment, they were killed.

Countless void beings who were far stronger and more terrifying than it, were chopped and minced by an ice blue sword. In that instant, thousands of void beings had been killed by the sword.

Sky Sword. After seeing the ice blue sword, the terrible memory about Sky Sword, which had been imprinted in void being's blood, revived in their minds.

Yes, it was the rule, the field of Sky Sword God's Domain.

The giant, silver creature could break through the sword, unfortunately, they couldn't.

The guardian of the door had never disappeared. However, it saw the cracks on the door. There was still a slight opportunity. Strong void beings had all been killed, but some weak creatures who were good at hiding had luckily entered the door.

It was one of these lucky ones. Its desire of "producing more and more offspring" made it overcome its fear. It stealthily moved close to the crack and came into the fantastic world. Unfortunately, it was severely injured when it crossed the door. Its body had been weakened to an incredibly feeble extent, and it caused its biggest failure in its life.

At first, it was just a simple hunt to find more prey to produce offspring. However, it suffered a deadly blow which was even worse than what it had suffered when it slid through the crack. To save its life, it made its choice. It gave up its most important thing and ran away.

"I lost... half of myself..." The king of spiders, no, it had become the queen of spiders now. The queen of spiders raised its claw and looked at itself with its red, vicious eyes.

It couldn't produce offspring anymore!

After losing its "male" half, it would never have any chance to have new offspring! The Dark Shadow Spider Race would become totally extinct once it died too.

It was an absolutely irreconcilable hatred!