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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 174

2022-06-15 06:31:56Publish Time: 738 views
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Chapter 174: Strategic Materials

"Even if you won't be his only lover?"

Yun Que didn't understand why she still thought that she was happy, even though she wouldn't be his only one.

"Yes, I know. The Apostle had told me that he would have lots of brides." Lu Lu answered with joy in her eyes.

"I’m already very lucky for me to be his very first bride. He is such a mature and great man. As an immature girl, it's my luck to marry him. Every minute, every second I have spent with him is my treasure. No matter where he will go and what he will do, I will stay with him forever. This is my fate."

What a pure, innocent girl! Just thinking about "that scum" doing "this thing" and "that thing" to this girl every night, Yun Que felt sick to her stomach.

What a scum!

Why do I see white liquid (white cream) at the corners of her mouth?!

No, I shouldn't keep imagining!


"Hum, all of them are very cute..." Yun Xi looked through the twelve scrolls Yun Que had made.

Yun Que's paintings didn't contain an artistic taste. However, the paintings she had drawn accurately traced out the girls' appearances.

There were no artistic treatments in Yun Que’s paintings, but they exposed more of the girls' excellent, elegant demeanors. Yun Xi even felt that the girls had become more beautiful after entering Water God's world.

Their skins were as tender as water, and their temperaments were as bright as full-blown flowers, as if the air in this world was changing them. No one would know that they weren't as beautiful as now before they joined Starwing Knights. And now, in this world, these Starwing Knights girls were changed again.

Just like Lu Lu who had awakened her talent as a pharmacist, the other girls were also growing fast.

This time, this dream world was just too amazing!

"You! What do you mean? Don't tell me that you want to propose to them!" Yun Que mercilessly stared at Yun Xi with her sharp eyes.

You, this salacious guy! How many pure, innocent girls would satisfy you?!

"Ha ha... oh, right! You must feel tired after making such a long journey. Do you want to eat some bread?" Yun Xi quickly changed the topic and handed over a loaf of bread he had made to her.

"Bread? Where did you get it?" Yun Que looked at the golden loaf Yun Xi had handed over to her in surprise. She swallowed.

The cooking technology in Water God's world was still at a very low level. To villagers, a barbecue was already a very luxurious delicacy. As for bread... it hadn't been invented in this world.

After taking the sweet butter loaf from Yun Xi, Yun Que even felt a slight disorder.

"Gee? The loaf!" Unlike the ordinary villagers in this small village, Yun Que was an elite from the Ten Leaves Alliance. She immediately felt something unusual.

After taking a small bite of the loaf, she realized an amazing thing. It tasted like sunlight, making her feel that she was basking in the sun. All the blood within her body was groaning, with a comfortable feeling hovering within her mind.

"It's a fourth-ranked loaf! It's a strategic material! Where did you get it?" Yun Que carefully put the golden loaf into her pocket.

No, it wasn't because the loaf wasn't delicious. In fact, she admitted that it was the best bread she had ever eaten. However, compared to its taste, its effects of replenishing one's energy and physical strength were more important. It could become life-saving medicine if it was necessary! She couldn't waste its effects at present!

Even though she was an elite from the Ten Leaves Alliance, she wasn't qualified to obtain any fourth-ranked food. It wasn't something that could be bought by money, but through high-level strategic materials.

In the alliance, only hero-ranked killers could obtain a similar supply. She had only tasted similar food once when she had won the first prize in the alliance's boot camp.

It had been a fourth-ranked food named "Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation" which could replenish her magic power and physical strength strikingly, but she had eaten the biscuit in her advanced trial. After that, she had never obtained such a precious supply again.

If she had a "Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation" when she had tried to assassinate Hua Huo... she wouldn't have been forced to use "that method"!

No, forget it, forget it! Remembering the man that night, Yun Que was suddenly in a bad mood.

"En? Isn't it good?" Yun Xi looked at Yun Que in surprise. This was the first time he had seen the powerful red archer show such a painful expression.

Is the bread really that bad?

He thought that the butter loaf was one of his best masterpieces!

"It's not... about... the taste..." After a while, Yun Que had to admit that she couldn't say "It's not good!" against her own will.

"I'm glad to hear you say that. After all, I made the bread myself. Yes, it's fourth-ranked bread. It was the first time I had made fourth-ranked bread myself, and it seemed that it wasn't bad. Ha ha." Yun Xi let out a sigh of relief.

"You?... Are you a hero-ranked baker?! How can it be possible? It's a very rare non-combat career!" Yun Que couldn't believe what she had just heard.

Did that salacious scum just say that the bread was made by him?

Is he really so talented? Why is the universe so unfair, giving such a salacious, irresponsible Apostle such a powerful gift?

Hero-ranked baker! This career was even rarer than being a sorcerer! In the whole Ten Leaves Alliance, only very few cooks were fourth ranked, otherwise, "Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation" wouldn't become so rare.

"Yes, I just upgraded to the fourth rank not long ago. I think that my ability can be of some use to you." Yun Xi hadn't realized how useful his ability was.

In any case, "baker" was just a non-combat career. Even though he had upgraded to the "hero rank", it couldn't be more helpful than his identity as "Water God's Apostle".

"You... don't you know what it means?" Yun Que couldn't stand it any longer.

Can be of some use? His bread was a type of strategic material!