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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 171

2022-06-15 06:31:32Publish Time: 726 views
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Chapter 171: Imprint

Yun Xi didn't know what things a fourth-ranked baker could do. Even in the whole of White Lotus Sword Domain, there wasn't too much information about it, not to mention in Water God's world.

Yes, compared to combat careers which were very popular, non-combat careers were rare, and the people who could attain the fourth rank in any non-combat career were also as rare as the hair of a phoenix and the horns of a giraffe.

After all, if a person was talented, why would the person choose a non-combat career instead of a combat career?

Although non-combat careers were so common, if one wanted to reach the fourth rank, "talent" wasn't enough, one must "love" their career. Coincidently, Yun Xi met the two requirements. Undoubtedly, before this day, as a young third-ranked baker, he was talented in making bread and desserts. He was the only third-ranked baker in that small town.

Yun Xi loved his career from the bottom of his heart. According to his original life plan, he had planned to inherit his parents' bakery shop and marry an ordinary girl in the small town.

As a person who had met the two requirements and had obtained Water God's Mask, which had opened the door leading to the fourth rank for him, he had naturally surmounted the obstacle.

"It's a fourth-ranked loaf..." This was also the first time Yun Xi had seen a fourth-ranked loaf.

It was golden and spread a tempting scent. Up to this point, Yun Xi could still understand it. However, what was it about its size that it suddenly became three times bigger than before?

Moreover, Yun Xi felt that the loaf contained some special powers.

"Lu Lu, try it." In order to validate his idea, Yun Xi tore off a small piece of the loaf and put it into Lu Lu's mouth.

"Ah... wwoo!" Lu Lu nibbled the piece of loaf and felt the tempting taste in her mouth.

She had just put the soft piece of bread into her mouth, when a warm feeling spread in her body. Lu Lu thought that she had just seen a field of wheat under the golden sunshine. After the second bite, an unprecedented sweet feeling swept across Lu Lu's body and soul.

Delicious! How delicious!

Lu Lu could barely believe that it was a food made from flour, eggs, honey, and cream. She felt that she was basking in a sea of cream!

"Hum. The effects are... refresh energy, increase vitality, and... become beautiful?"

Yun Xi carefully observed Lu Lu. He saw her skin suddenly become as smooth as an egg shell, and even the calluses on her hands had also disappeared. He was able to determine that the fourth-ranked loaf did contain a fantastic power that could nourish skin and increase vitality.

In a manner of speaking, it was food that could be regarded as strategic material. Besides, the loaf was covered with a layer of special mist, which made it seem that it could prevent spoilage.

Just like all hero-ranked careers, fourth-ranked non-combat careers could also accomplish a quantum leap for the people who had achieved the rank. It was said that a hero-ranked painter could draw magical paintings, and a hero-ranked musician could play entrancing music. As a hero-ranked baker, the ability Yun Xi obtained just now was...

Yun Xi stretched out his hand and snapped his fingers towards the remaining raw materials. Time seemed to pause for an instant, and then was accelerated after that. All kinds of raw materials automatically permuted, combined, changed, leavened, and toasted. After ten seconds, a row of tempting butter loaves were arranged on the table in front of Yun Xi.

"Rapid prototyping and speeding up of the baking process? After I have made a sample, I can create same foods at any time as long as there are raw materials? Is 'Mass Production' the ability I have obtained?" Yun Xi closed his eyes and felt the magical ability.

As long as there were still raw materials, he could make as many different foods as he wanted in an instant. This was the special ability he just obtained as a fourth-ranked baker.

No, that wasn't the end. He had also obtained a stronger ability!

"Start, imagine, create!" Yun Xi remembered the process when he had made the loaf just now.

The process was imprinted in Yun Xi's mind like drawing a picture on a scroll. In his body, a part of his energy suddenly disappeared and was put into the scroll in his mind.

After that, an incredible thing happened. Without any raw material or tool, a sweet, soft and hot golden loaf suddenly appeared in Yun Xi's hands.

"'Bread Creation'! I can make a bread from nothing!"

Yun Xi slowly opened his eyes. Finally, he understood his strongest ability as a fourth-ranked baker: making bread from nothing! By using his energy, his knowledge, and love about bread, he could make bread which had already been imprinted in his mind.

"My body is bread, and my blood is wine. Eat my flesh and blood, you will obtain my blessing!" Yun Xi recalled and read the prayer before dinner of a god from Western God's Domain.

Yun Xi suddenly understood. The god was a baker, too!

"Awwoo! It's delicious! Master, why is it so tasty? Oh, look, everyone is here!"

Lu Lu ate the loaf and took a glance at the door, seeing that the villagers were all standing at the door.

"Well. Take it and share it with everyone." Yun Xi handed over the golden loaf to Lu Lu.

Theoretically, the bread he made personally, the bread made by his ability "Mass Production", and the bread made by his ability "Bread Creation", were all the same.

The difference was that the bread he made himself needed raw materials. As long as there were still raw materials, he could make as many loaves of bread as he wanted.

The bread made by his ability "Bread Creation" would take his physical strength and energy as the price, and before that, he needed to create a sample first in the real world, then imprint the process into his memory, so that he could use this ability.