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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 160

2022-06-15 06:30:04Publish Time: 821 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 160: The Gap Between Their Experiences

Yun Xi didn't know when he had returned to the room. He had never drank so much wine before. If Lu Lu hadn't supported him with her arms, he would have toppled down to the ground. Yun Xi slowly closed his eyes.

Why was the world so real? Even the wine had an amazing effect.

According to his judgment, this village should be a safety zone. He wouldn't need to worry about being attacked by enemies. Just like a night before the storm, the battle between the Sky Sword and Water God hadn't started yet.

"Gurgle!" Yun Xi heard the sound of flowing water. He vaguely opened his eyes and saw a foggy pool.

Was... it... a hot spring?

"Master... let me help you take a bath..." Lu Lu said shakily with courage.

"No... no... I can do it by myself," Yun Xi muttered, trying to stop his titular fiance's kindness.

"No... it's my duty as a wife!" Lu Lu insisted, "Please let me help you!"

"Er..." Yun Xi hiccupped, and still shook his head.

"En... I'm going to start!" Lu Lu ignored his refusal and started to take off his clothes.

Yun Xi finally realized something was wrong, but it was already too late! Lu Lu's soft hands had taken off Yun Xi's clothes. Her face was red and hot, but her actions were unshrinking and fast.

"It's a wife's natural duty to help her husband to take a bath. I won't back down!"

Remembering what she was taught just now, Lu Lu ground her teeth and started to help Yun Xi scrub his back. Under the stimulation of the warm water, Yun Xi had no energy to stop her. He couldn’t help and had to lie on the rock beside the hot spring.

Lu Lu only wrapped a big bath towel around her body. Her smooth skin, snow white feet, and the top half of her breasts were all exposed in front of Yun Xi's eyes. Especially her cute, seductive appearance, which made her look like a mellow fruit that could be picked off a tree at any time in Yun Xi's eyes.

"Master..." Yun Xi's scorching eyes cooked Lu Lu's face red. Her ears shook and her dog-like tail wagged, which made Yun Xi barely move his eyes away.

"If you don't mind... this place... I can..." Lu Lu gazed at Yun Xi with her expectant and nervous eyes.

"No... you are still too small..." Even though Yun Xi was drunk, he still firmly remembered that he shouldn't do anything to Lu Lu.

She was just his titular fiance in this world. It was a temporary relationship to help her and to achieve the goals of the strange quest "To love, Starchild!". If he did something to Lu Lu under such circumstances, he would really become a scum.

"Lu Lu isn't small!" Lu Lu pouted, then secretly looked at her own breasts.

Ooo ooo oo, they were really very small. At this time, she really hoped that she could obtain the legendary multi-headed dragon's blood to make her breasts become bigger.

Gee? What was Multi-headed dragon's blood?

Lu Lu was suddenly at a loss. She was absorbed in thought. Just now, some memories suddenly appeared in her mind. She suddenly remembered something about sword skills and the information about the multi-headed dragon.

What was wrong with her?

Never mind. She shook her head. Tonight was her wedding night. She must go a step forward with the respectful Apostle. The respectful Apostle said that she was too small to do "that thing". Did it mean that she was allowed to do everything except "that thing"? Yes, it must be right. I'm smart! Come on, Lu Lu. You can do it!

Lu Lu seriously looked at Yun Xi's face, then kissed his lips again. At the same time, she purposely pressed her small but soft breasts on his chest.

"Hum!" Lu Lu put her tongue into Yun Xi's mouth and rubbed against his tongue. Although Yun Xi was drunk, his body instinctively reacted. His nimble tongue subconsciously touched Lu Lu's tongue, reacting to her action with enthusiasm.

Yun Xi had learned well-developed kissing skills from his childhood sweethearts, how could Lu Lu be Yun Xi's opponent? Soon afterwards, she had become breathless and befuddled, and couldn't stop herself groaning.

Feeling the sweet, gentle touches, her heartbeat echoed in the silent hot spring. They were so close that could feel each other's breaths. Their tongues tempted them, from the shallower to the deeper, till out of control.

Lu Lu's chest heaved as she gasped for breath. Her breathing could be heard clearly, and her skin had turned pink.

Was this the necessary process to become a bride?

Feeling the thrilling sensation in her body, she felt a little afraid and wanted to run away. However, it was too late. Her tongue was tangled with Yun Xi's tongue, how could she say anything? Her watery eyes gazed at Yun Xi, communicating her shyness and anxiety, but Yun Xi didn't see it. He kissed her ears, neck, cheeks...

When Lu Lu finally left Yun Xi's arms in disorder, Yun Xi had almost kissed her whole body.

Whooooa! Aunts! It was too embarrassing! Sorry… I couldn’t hold on!

Lu Lu worried about her immature personality. Sure enough, the great Apostle was the one who had rich experience. She was just an inexperienced girl. The gap between them was too wide.

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