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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 157

2022-06-15 06:29:40Publish Time: 810 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 157: The First Fiancee

I don't want to lose you, for that, I will tell you my heart's feeling bravely: I want to live my whole life together with you!

For the first time in her life, she had such a passionate feeling in her heart. This was the only opportunity to dominate her destiny after her parents' deaths. No matter what would happen, she wouldn't regret the decision she made at this moment.

"Have you really decided?" Yun Xi looked at Lu Lu. The light in her eyes was so bright.

She didn't have her past memory. She didn't know who he was and where he was from. In this world, Lu Lu was just an ordinary village girl who had only inherited a pharmaceutical skill from her parents. She was entitled to be Water God's bride, but she had decided to resist her destiny. She didn't know his true identity, but she still believed him, entrusting her life to him.

In Yun Xi’s eyes, Lu Lu was so cute and bright like a sparkling gem. Unfortunately, this wasn't a real world. After Yun Xi finished his quest, perhaps this world would return to the void. However, before that happened, he would promise her that she would become his fiancee. In response to her expectation, he would help her escape her fate from becoming Water God's bride.

"Do you really want to be my fiance?" Yun Xi asked her in a gentle tone.

"Yes. I won't regret it. No matter what will happen, I want to stay with you. From today on, I hope I can learn a lot from you!" Lu Lu shyly lowered her head.

In Water God's world, once a girl agreed to marry a man, it meant that the girl had entrusted her life to the man. From that moment on, her life and her future would be bound together with that man tightly. Because Yun Xi was Water God's Apostle, his promise was equal to a vow from Water God. It would be guaranteed by the god.

"’Side Quest Four: To Love, Starchild!’ is opened. You have signed the first contract with you first fiance! Overlap Lu Lu’s power of fate with your power!"

Yun Xi heard the system's beeps. At the same time, a total new power flowed into his body without getting stuck. From now on, Lu Lu's power totally belonged to Yun Xi.

The first superposition was completed!

A large "one" pattern appeared behind the Side Quest Four in the system. It represented the current number of Yun Xi's fiancee.

"Thank you. Thank you for trusting me." Yun Xi held the girl's hands. Her hands were soft but warm and strong.

If she hadn't decided to accept him, she wouldn't have run to this place desperately to tell him her answer.

"Whoa! I... I will try my best. I know how to cook, clean the room, refine medicine and… what to do at night..." Lu Lu spoke haltingly. Her ears turned pink after saying that.

"Don't worry. You are still a child. I will marry you after you grow up," Yun Xi said. He smiled looking at Lu Lu's bewildered expression.

"I'm not a child! At my age, many girls have had babies!" Lu Lu threw out her chest.

She wasn't lying. Many girls in the village, some of them even younger than her, were already married.

"Ah..." Yun Xi was agape and tongue-tied.

Wasn't it only for helping her to avoid to be chosen as Water God's bride? Why did she look at me so seriously? Did I say something wrong? Did she misunderstand my words? But... Why? Why do her shy eyes and blushing face look so cute...

"I know! I'm not mature enough! Dear Apostle, you are a great man, you must have had a lot of brides. However! I have my own strong points! I'm just a third-ranked pharmacist, but I'm still growing. I still stand a chance to reach the fourth rank. So... so... don't look down on me!" Lu Lu pouted.

"Wait! Wait! I don't have a lot of brides! You’re my first fiance!" Yun Xi raised his hands.

"Gee? I'm the first? Impossible! Many people in our village have three or four wives!" Lu Lu looked at Yun Xi in surprise. "You’re so mature and strong, why don't you marry a lot of brides? It's too abnormal!"

"Well, is this the tradition of this world?... Nah. Anyway, you are my first fiancee. I promise." Yun Xi didn't know how to explain it. He looked like a middle-aged man now. It seemed that in this world, it was very strange that a man at his age hadn’t got married.

"I... I'm the first..." Lu Lu was shocked.

To become the great Apostle's first wife... what a great honor. She was just a village girl. Did she really deserve it?

According to the tradition in Water God's world, a man could marry several wives. Normally, a man's first wife was very important. According to the man's identity and family, the man's first wife had been decided even before he became a grown-up. Marriage must be well-matched in social and economic status. This was a basic rule that had been recognized by all the classes in the world.

She... she was the first?

She couldn't even dare to dream it!

Water God's Apostle was handsome and personable. Shouldn't he have married dozens of brides?

"Don't worry. I will be responsible for you." Looking at Lu Lu's confused face, Yun Xi smiled with the corners of his mouth upward. He gently stroked her head and said, "I want you to be my first fiance."

"No, I can't!" Lu Lu’s thoughts returned to the world. She quickly shook her head.

"No, you can't say no. You are the first!" Yun Xi teased her. Anyway, this was just a trial world. After the star trial finished, she would forget this experience.

Yes, I'm not going to become a scum. It's not my intention. I just want to help the girls to avoid becoming Water God's brides, and increase my power incidentally! Was this the true meaning to ‘Side Quest Four’?

"But, but, I don't deserve it," Lu Lu said, "At least, not till after I become a fourth-ranked pharmacist..."

"Do not be afraid. I believe in you. Do you believe in me? If so, believe in yourself, believe in the you that I have faith in. You are weak now, but please, believe that you are a girl that deserves to be my bride!"