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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 145

2022-06-15 06:28:04Publish Time: 852 views
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Chapter 145: Water God's World

Under the starry sky, many people were forced to fall into a deep sleep.

Star fragments dropped to the ground, dragging the beings on the Eye of the Storm into the dream, including the beings who hadn't slept or didn't have the physiological function of sleep.

This star trial was different from the previous two star trials. More precisely, the previous two trials were used just to help Yun Xi get acquainted with the star trial. It wasn't just a corner of a vast nightmare world, or that had only involved the beings Yun Xi was around at that time. This time, the dream the stars created for Yun Xi was a real world!

For this star trial, hundreds of stars burned themselves of their own initiative. They turned into star fragments, floating around in the whole Sky Sword God's Domain. Most of them were just beautiful stardust, only the fragments in the Eye of the Storm contained the essence of stars.

Everything was for one person: their beloved Starchild, Yun Xi.


Crack! Crack!

Yun Xi heard the familiar sound. It was from the burning bonfire.

Starting again?

After twenty-one days, the star trial had started again. This time, how hard would it be?

The stars even dragged the eighth-ranked Apostle, the White Holy Dragon, into Yun Xi's star trial. Did they want Yun Xi to challenge the dragon now? The dragon could kill him as easily as blowing off dust!

Yun Xi hoped that he could obtain more good seeds this time. They had better be as good as Hua Huo's Seed that could be absorbed by him perfectly and immediately. Yun Xi had prepared himself to die thousands of times in this trial.

He opened his eyes.


The scene in front of him was out of his expectations. There was no endless dark forest, nor lifeless old stone towers. The sun was shining brightly. Scarlet clouds floated in the distant sky, the sunlight dyeing them golden, as if they were shy girls that were pulling up their socks.

Behind the gold-red clouds, the sun exposed itself. The sunlight shone on the whole world, covering a layer of gold clothes on everything on the ground. Endless white mists rose from the ground, making the world look like heaven. Under such an environment, the bonfire in front of Yun Xi looked so inconsistent with the world.

"Weapon system! Spoil Container! Forge System!"

After opening the three menus, Yun Xi finally confirmed that he was in the star trial and not a simple dream with a bonfire. Crane Wings Twin Swords were more handy in the trial world. Perhaps it was because Yun Xi had obtained their entities in the real world. Looking at Crane Wings Twin Sword, Yun Xi obtained more information.

Crane Wings Twin Sword: Forged by Ou Ye Zi the Godly Craftsman. After thousands of years, they have become a pair of artifacts.

Property One: The higher the holder's talent is, the more powerful the twin swords will be.

Property Two: Flying Crane Wings. The twin swords are made of top-class materials. Even a mortal can use it to perform the sword skill "Flying Sword".

Property Three: Sword Souls. After thousands of years, two sword souls were finally born in the twin swords. Only the chosen swordsman can hear their voices and be their master.

Additional Property: The twin swords can only be used by a male.

Your current state: You have been accepted by the sword souls. You can use them to perform hero-ranked attacks.

At the same time, the Stars System told him the trial world’s information and his final quest.

"The trial world's name: Water God's Fantasy Island."

"The world's background: An old fantastical creature named Water God is sleeping under the island. Every hundred years, it will wake up and look for its bride."

"A lot of Water God's believers have betrayed their god because a 'Sky Sword' has reached the island and is going to slaughter the god."

"Your final quest: Paired Choice."

"First Option: Join Water God's camp, help Water God find its bride, and you will receive Water God's reward"

"Second Option: Join the human camp, become the Sky Sword's partner to slaughter the god, and you will obtain the Sky Sword's reward."

"Optional Side Quest One: Girl Fights Evil Dragon. A brave girl is looking for an evil dragon! You can choose this side quest after you join the human camp."

"Optional Side Quest Two: The Apostle's Call. A great Apostle has reached this world. Swear your loyalty to her and become a Dragon God's subordinate! You can choose this side quest after you join Water God's camp."

"Optional Side Quest Three: The Truth about the Mist. The people on the island are living in a world that is surrounded by endless mist. Go find the secret and expose the truth!"

"Optional Side Quest Four: To Love, Starchild! Life is too short, just enjoy it! Propose to as many girls as possible! After obtaining their marriage contracts, you can have the girls' power. You are never alone!"

"Secret Quest: ??? It will be exposed after you finish three side quests."

"No!" Even though Yun Xi had known that the trial wouldn't be easy, he still gasped after seeing the final quest.

He had to defeat the fantastical creature, Water God - if he chose to join the human camp. Or he has to defeat a Sky Sword, one of the strongest people in the whole Sky Sword God's Domain - if he chose to join Water God's camp. Whatever he chose, he had to defeat a legend-ranked presence!

As for these side quests... Yun Xi was speechless. He knew the first side quest, but what the hell were the other three quests? Especially the fourth side quest: To Love, Starchild! Is it really not a joke? Propose to as many girls as possible to obtain their power... Were the stars encouraging him to be a playboy?

Why does this star trial seem so different from the usual?!

"Ok! I will choose the human camp and find Hua Huo as quickly as I can!" Yun Xi decisively made this decision in a second.

He had once done the side quest "Girl Fights Evil Dragon". Perhaps this was the only quest he was familiar with in the trial world.

Hua Huo, I will see you soon!

With this hope in his heart, Yun Xi left the bonfire.

Then, he saw a giant eye.