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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 14

2022-06-14 03:48:55Publish Time: 1,821 views
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Chapter 14: Three Seeds

The light of the stars fell down. Star rivers and star clouds slowly rotated around Yun Xi, giving him a gentle and warm feeling.

"Back... I'm back!" Yun Xi had the impulse to cry after seeing the warm starlight.

It was too difficult.

Why was the newbie trial so difficult!

The first monster had the strength of a 3rd Rank. It could kill him with a simple slap.

In order to beat the damn hippo down, he died over 120 times, only then was he finally was able to kill it.

After that, the second boss, "the Gatekeeper" was Hua Huo. The best sword master he knew. She was the best sword genius in the village, the natural enemy whom he had no chance to win against.

If the sword genius wasn't his childhood sweetheart, and if she didn't have a weak point when she faced him... even if he died a thousand times, he wouldn't have been able to win against her.

Even at the last minute, the seemingly quiet sleeping beauty was also quite a dangerous girl.

To be honest, even the hippo was also able to kill ten Yun Xi's at the same time.

"Congratulations, master! You successfully passed through the newbie trial! The stars have a good evaluation of you!" Mei'er was awaiting him at the location of the stars. She happily ran towards Yun Xi and directly gave him a kiss.

"Ah... wait..." Yun Xi was pulled down to the ground by Mei'er, tasting her spellbinding kiss.

Mei'er's kiss was enthusiastic and filled with a sweet aroma. Compared to the kiss of the big sister and his other childhood friends, her kiss was far deeper and sexier.

Where have you learned this? He didn't find any skill in Mei'er's kiss, but her kiss was so intoxicating.

"You were great, master!" After kissing and licking Yun Xi's face, Mei'er finally remembered her duty.

"Look, we had a great harvest!"

A light screen appeared in front of Mei'er. It recorded Yun Xi's performance during the newbie trial.

On the screen, most of the video parts were of Yun Xi and the green hippo fighting. His clash with his childhood sweetheart and the last kiss with the sleeping beauty didn't take up too much space, but they were continuously replayed.

At the last image of the light screen, it was the evaluation of his newbie trial and the reward.

"Congratulations Starchild. You finished the first step in your great trial."

"The first kiss was very important."

"The first kiss was one small step for you and one giant leap for the world."

"We will always accompany you."

"This time, please learn to use a better method to love, and don't commit the same error. The Star Loving System will be open to you."

Then, next was Yun Xi's reward in the trial.

"Hippo's Soul (1 Star) Increase: Toughness, Vigour, and Physical Strength by a bit."

"Achievement: Plunderer of First Kisses- Young girls’ lips are your game. Capture them, but don't play with fire."

"A Sword Arts Seed: Property is selectable. You choose what kind of power you want."

Yun Xi had personally felt the effect of the hippo's soul. Due to the enhancement of the soul, his stiff body was improved and he finally escaped from Hua Huo's hands.

However, what about the "Plunderer of First Kisses"? What kind of system was this!

"Mei'er, tell me what's this system!" Yun Xi said in a sullen tone and pointed to the puzzling tag.

"Eh... this system is a tailor-made system made after the stars referenced your past mistakes and their memory."

"The reason master died last time was because you didn't understand such matters and finally capsized. This time, the sea of stars specially prepared a system in order to practice your ability to love, for fear that you would fall into the same mistake again."

"The loving system of the stars is referred to as 'Star Loving System'. It's an auxiliary system you asked the stars to make for this life's you."

Mei'er innocently looked at the stunned Yun Xi.

"This... it... was my love really that bad in my last life?" Yun Xi felt his worldview being overturned.

Being taught how to love by the stars? What was that?!

What trash was he in his last life to such an extent that had to ask the stars to do such a thing for him?

"Ok, let's set that aside. What's this trial about?" Yun Xi was barely able to accept the Star Loving system. But what was this extremely weird trial about?

That green hippo, his childhood sweetheart - Hua Huo - and that obviously ridiculous powerful sleeping beauty. Where did they come from?!

"Master, your trial is specially made by the stars."

"In order to help you become strong, the stars were linked to a special dream world and they prepared the unique trial world for you."

"Everything that appears in the trial is from the memory of the stars. There are some real events that happened, and some, the memories of the world."

"As for your opponents, they were specially drawn into the dream by the stars from nearest areas. Master, what kind of opponents did you face?"

"From nearest areas... I see..." Yun Xi finally understood why Hua Huo was in his trial.

Speaking of the nearest warrior, who else could it be other than Hua Huo? Since the stars took the near warriors as their priority objectives, of course Hua Huo would be selected.

However, was there really such a monster like the green hippo near the village? It was a pretty peaceful common village. Recently, he didn't even see a fox.

"Even the stars can't create something out of nothing. The enemy you saw should be a shadow in the dream world."

"Your trial was perfect. Now, choose your last reward!" Mei'er clicked on the seed pattern of the last reward with great interest. There were three branches, representing three different properties of the reward.

"Can I choose any property for the Sword Arts Seed?"

Yun Xi curiously looked at the reward which he got through hundreds of deaths. It was a fantastic seed, with three colors rotating in it.

"Yes. Master, you can freely choose your last reward according to the trial you finished."

"The first Sword Arts Seed was from the murderous hippo." The first seed appeared in front of Yun Xi. It was that green hippo's seed.

"Properties: Super Strength, Body Bulk-Up, and Overwhelming Force. Master, if you're going to practice weapons like the giant sword, this seed is your best choice."

"The second seed was from Hua Huo."

"Properties: Zoom, Super Sword Skill, Discerning Highest Sword Skills, and God's Sword Skill - Flying Sky Sword (Beginner Level)."

As per Yun Xi's expectation, the green hippo's Sword Seed was nothing compared to Hua Huo's seed.

Anyone would know what was the right choice after seeing the description of Hua Huo's Sword Seed.

However, there was still a third Sword Arts Seed.

"The last one is from the sleeping beauty."

"Properties: Vacuum Seal, Cutting Blade, Void Burst, and Great Circulation!"

Terrible. It was too terrible! Yun Xi felt his back go cold with sweat when he saw the several abilities in the Sword Seed.

If the stars didn't summon him back at the first moment he finished his trial, there would have been a bloody end waiting for him.

The sleeping beauty. He didn't even know her name. But she was the strongest person he had ever seen - a true Hero-ranked girl!

"No, it couldn't be that easy to get the power of a Hero Rank. What's wrong with this seed?" Yun Xi quickly calmed down after seeing the different properties of the three seeds.

It was too abnormal. The properties of the three different seeds were at three different levels.

The power of the green hippo's seed wasn't out of the range of a 3rd-ranked monster. Except for its brute force, it had nothing good.

Hua Huo's seed had infinite potential. Even by only considering the value of the God's Sword Skill: Flying Sky Sword (Beginner Level), it was ten times better than the green hippo's seed.

As for the sleeping beauty, her Vacuum Seal, Cutting Blade, and Great Circulation were abilities which only super ranked beings were able to master!