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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 125

2022-06-14 04:08:51Publish Time: 911 views
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Chapter 125: Flying Swallow, and Flying Swallow!

"You..." Yun Xi felt the wills in Xiao Cao and Hua Yue's eyes. He stopped himself from trying to stop them.

From their seeds, he felt their growth. Even if this was just a joke-like duel, it had a special meaning to both of them. They regarded each other as their lifetime enemy, so they tried their best to show their strengths to each other. At this moment, they were so beautiful and bright.

"Crossed sword!" Hua Yue lifted her white gold crossed sword, showing the sword skill she had used to block Yun Xi's "The Swallow Returns" in the entrance test again.

Xiao Cao raised her black iron sword. She was suppressed by Hua Yue's crossed sword from the beginning. Now, she started her counterattack.

This was also the first time that Yun Xi and all the other girls saw Xiao Cao's full assault. This time, Xiao Cao didn't need to worry if her weapon would break. Her sword skill finally showed its powerful side.

That was a flashing sword! This was what others thought after they saw Xiao Cao's sword. Apparently, even it had been reforged and wouldn't be broken by the white gold crossed sword easily, it was still a rough black iron sword. However, Xiao Cao's every single brandish was like a streak of light, drawing everyone's attention.

That was a streak of dangerous, fatal light cast by Xiao Cao's tough will, for overcoming adversity and surviving in the world. That was Xiao Cao's Mortal's Sword (perfect).

Comparatively, Hua Yue's Holy Crossed Sword, which also reached the perfect stage, was suppressed by Xiao Cao's Mortal's Sword. Other than Yun Xi, no one had seen their attacks and defenses clearly. Xiao Cao and Hua Yue's sword skills were beyond their understanding.

Their battle was as gorgeous as a sword dance. The other girls' eyes couldn't take it all in, and all they could do was tremble with excitement. They were obviously fighting with their full strength, not showing even a bit of mercy to each other at all. Only at this moment could one really find out the difference between their sword skills.

Hua Yue's Holy Crossed Sword was derived from the knight's sword skill. Its offensive power was great, and its defense was even better. After getting a firm foothold with its defensive power, it would be time to launch straight attacks.

Xiao Cao's sword was unfettered. When she attacked, her sword would become a summer storm, reckless and unbridled; when she defended, her sword would become a stalk of water grass, swallowing all her enemy's attacks.

"The freckled sister's sword skill is better!" Mumu was held by Yun Xi, looking at the last piece of butter bread in Yun Xi's hand with desire, but her judgement was very right.

"Yes, but Hua Yue also has an advantage. Her bloodline is stronger." Yun Xi intently watched the dancing of their swords.

To be honest, if he hadn't obtained Hua Huo's sword talent, he would be no match for both of them. One had an old bloodline and was a talented female swordsman that had received the best knight education from her childhood. The other was just a village girl that obtained no legacy, growing up freely like a grass stalk in the wild, but had practiced her Mortal's Sword to the limit.

Clearly, Xiao Cao cared about her failure in the last battle very much. She specially reforged and reinforced her iron sword. After filling the gap between their weapons, Xiao Cao immediately showed her frightening talent. Yun Xi even thought that if she could keep improving herself, someday, she wouldn't be inferior to his perfect childhood sweetheart.

Her sword contained a potential that neither the Flying Swallow Sword nor the Holy Crossed Sword had. Perhaps it was still at its embryonic form now, but as Xiao Cao grew, her Mortal's Sword would reach an inconceivable realm.

However, Hua Yue was strong, too. No one should disdain any noble family's history and legacy. That was their essence after countless deaths, bloodshed, and failures, which had been engraved in their descendants' bloodlines.

The White Gold Rose Bloodline was such an essence. After experiencing countless battles, it finally became a kind of instinct, inherited by the Hua Family's descendants from generation to generation.

Hua Yue's bloodline also contained a special property, just like Xiao Cao's tough will. At the next second, Yun Xi's guess was confirmed.

"Blooming! My Rose Sword!" Instantly, a bright light burst out from Hua Yue's white gold crossed sword.

A translucent white gold rose blossomed on her crossed sword. This was the first time that Hua Yue unleashed all her bloodline's power after she had awakened her bloodline.

Hua Yue's White Gold Rose couldn't be compared to Hua Huo's Sky Flying Sword, which was so strong that it could even slay a dragon, but it was still a power that was beyond a mortal's limit and had reached the hero rank. Compared to Yun Xi's "The Swallow Returns", the power contained in her sword symbolized White Gold Rose's glory.

Xiao Cao's black iron sword groaned. Its sword blade, which had been reinforced, instantly became scarred. However, Xiao Cao didn't step back. On the contrary, she walked forward.

In that same moment, Hua Yue made the same movement.

"This..." Yun Xi felt their footsteps, breaths and rhythms in surprise.

At the last moment, they made the same choice.

"Crossed Flying Swallow Sword!"

"Continuous Flying Swallow Sword!"

The heavy white gold crossed sword turned into lights. In Hua Yue's hand, it wasn't like a flying swallow, but like a hovering eagle, holy and unstoppable.

And the scarred black iron sword perfectly recreated Yun Xi's Flying Swallow... No. It was Xiao Cao's Flying Swallow!

Flying Swallow Ten Fold Attack!

Flying Swallow Fourteen Fold Attack!

They were both Flying Swallow Sword, but had turned into two different styles in the two sword geniuses’ hands. Hua Yue's Flying Swallow Sword reduced flexibility, but increased the attacking range and power. Xiao Cao's Flying Swallow Sword was more nimble, changeable, and faster.

This was a battle of power, speed, attack, and nimbleness. They both understood how to make Flying Swallow Sword more suitable to themselves. What they understood was really breathtaking.

"Oh, I take back my words. These two sisters are both very good!" Mumu looked at Hua Yue and Xiao Cao in admiration.

"Yes, they are both good girls. I can't watch them getting hurt. Mumu, can you leave the piece of butter bread to them?" Yun Xi unsheathed the Crane Wings Twin Swords.