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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 115

2022-06-14 04:07:31Publish Time: 969 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

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Chapter 115: Stranded

Yun Xi remembered the last scene he had seen before he fell from the sky. The white holy dragon, which was to be one of his ex-girlfriend's Apostles, swept its tail, then the strongest air fortress in the whole sword domain, White Lotus, was knocked down and disintegrated in the air.

The ship's bow and stern were directly stripped from the ship, and the lotus-like throne, which was engraved with countless magical defence circles, also turned into countless fragments, floating and swaying in the sky.

When the ship disintegrated, the shock wave almost stunned everyone on the ship. At first, the female swordsmaidens were still holding each other's hands trying to withstand the pressure, but they failed. They fell, separated from each other.

"Cough... Is this the enemy I will soon face?" Yun Xi leaned against a coconut tree on the beach, gazing at the massive ship fragments floating on the sea. The most noticeable fragment was the lotus throne that was only 30% of its original size, but still emitted soft lights. It attracted countless fish to come here. Amongst the fish, some there even broke out in a war to fight for ownership of the remaining White Lotus’ throne. Yun Xi could see water columns spraying out of the water from time to time.

"Master... don't be frustrated. As long as you still become stronger and stronger, you will be able to beat down that Apostle someday!" Mei'er continuously picked useful materials from the ship's wreckage on the beach. Her mental state was a hundred times better than Yun Xi.

"Well, you really trust me." Yun Xi sighed.

He didn't have his previous life's memory, so he also didn't know how strong he was. After all, he was just a 2nd ranked swordsman now. He had the confidence to reach the 3rd rank in a short period, but that didn't mean he wanted to face the 8th ranked Apostle. If the Apostle found him, no one could save him.

"Master is the greatest presence! This is the reason why the four overlords fight for you. Moreover, if you didn't create me, I wouldn't come to this world!" Several fish were stunned by the shock wave and washed onto the beach. Mei'er held them in her mouth and gazed at Yun Xi with an adoring look.

"I'm really curious about how I could have had four overlord-ranked girlfriends in my last life." Yun Xi complained about the mistake he made in his last life.

After a while, he regained a little of his energy. He surely couldn't beat down the 8h ranked Apostle. However, the Apostle had disappeared, seeing that it hadn't found out that he was on the ship. White Lotus's misfortune was just an accident. It had just gotten in the Apostle's way.

"Anyway, I want to go on living. Mei'er, come back!" Yun Xi whistled, then Mei'er turned into a golden light and flew into Yun Xi's body.

Yun Xi could let Mei'er stay in his body in the star elf form. He had naturally understood how to use this ability after he awakened his memory as the starchild.

The little star elf had two forms: an entity form as the golden dog, and a virtual body form as the star elf. When Yun Xi first met Mei'er, he didn't have enough power to let Mei'er turn into her star elf form. This was one of the rewards he had obtained after he completed the formal trial.

"I hope that other people are still alive." Yun Xi murmured.

He closed his eyes, searching for other people through his seeds. According to his memory, the crash site depended on the location when they were on the ship, which meant that the female swordsmaidens were very likely to drop into the nearby sea area.

One, two, three... Yun Xi carefully counted the number of the seeds which were still linked to him, then let out a sigh of relief. The protection magic the twin witches cast at the last moment had worked very well. None of the female swordsmaidens had died. Thirty-seven seeds were still linked with him. That was really something worth celebrating.

Yun Xi vaguely figured out the distance between him and the girls through the seeds. He couldn't clearly feel the twin witches, Hua Huo, Milei, El'phyllis, and Ye Li. Obviously, they were at different, but very far away from each other.

Hua Yue, Xiao Cao, and other female swordsmaidens were very close to him. Even if they were not on the island, their locations wouldn't be far away.

"I need to hurry up and save them!" With the guide of the seeds, Yun Xi used the skill "Quicksilver Motion", running towards a place on the island at his full speed.

Even though they fell from the same place, but due to the white holy dragon's shock wave and the airstream caused due to White Lotus's disintegration, they dropped into different places.

The first girl Yun Xi found was Hua Yue. She hadn't fallen into the sea, but was hanging on a large coconut tree. She was in a coma due to the massive impact. Her full breasts were hanging on a branch. Her gorgeous dress was already in shreds and patches, exposing her snow-white skin. If it wasn't because the white light on her body protected her when she fell from the sky, she would already be dead.

"Hua Yue, wake up!" Yun Xi touched her forehead to feel her temperature and anxiously called her name, trying to wake her up.

"Cough... Cough... I... Am I dead?" Hua Yue slowly opened her eyes, then saw a heaven-like scene.

Fresh air, bright sunlight, boundless blue sky, and a black-haired girl who was hugging her in her arms and looking at her with a warm and worried look.

Ah, is this the heaven? Hua Yue thought in her heart. If this was her life after death, it looked pretty nice.

"No, you are not dead. We fell from the sky. Are you injured?" Yun Xi looked at Hua Yue with a worried look because she was still coughing.

"Oh, I'm not dead. Thank you. Are my ribs broken?" Hua Yue quickly realized what happened. Well, this wasn't heaven, but the girl who was hugging her in her arms was her real angel!

"Staying alive is better than anything, " Yun Xi comforted her. He had tasted too many deaths. They were really some of his most horrible memories.

"Yes. You are here, so I won't go to the afterlife." Hua Yue said with a smile. She struggled, trying to stand up.

As a knight who had the White Golden Rose Bloodline, how could she surrender to her minor injures! Even if she would die, she would die with vigour and vitality!

"Mei, where are we?" Yun Xi supported Hua Yue with his hand. Hua Yue looked around and her eyes gradually became calm.

"I have good news and bad news." Yun Xi smiled bitterly. He told Hua Yue his guess.

"The good news is that we are still alive. I think that other people are also alive. The bad news is that this place is probably located in the core area of the White Lotus Sword Domain. We all know that this place is a forbidden zone, for it may have legendary hero ranked monsters."

"You mean, we are stranded?" Hua Yue correctly judged the situation.

"Yes. Not only us. I'm afraid that all the people that had been on the ship are stranded now."

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