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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 113

2022-06-14 04:07:15Publish Time: 964 views
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Chapter 113: Intruder


"What's that?"

"No, no! It's coming!"

The girls at the bow were the first to bear the shock waves. Even though the ship’s magical defence circle had blocked over 99% of the shock waves, but the remainder still made the ship rotate in the sky. However, that was just the beginning.




As the banging sounds echoed throughout heaven and earth, the knocking sounds from the door were becoming stronger and stronger, clearer and clearer. As if there was an indestructible boundary in the air, and now, it was being broken and crushed.

"Everyone, be on full alert! White Lotus, enter avoidance mode!"

In all of Red Lotus's days alive, this was the first time that she encountered such a dangerous event of which she didn't even know how she could avoid it. No matter whether it was the door which suddenly emerged in the clouds, or the thing which was going to break the door, they were all beyond her capability.

"Sister, be careful! That thing is going to break the door!" White Lotus's face looked shaky. She had a premonition of what was going to happen.

If it wasn't because of the bright lights that was being emitted from her Star and Moon's Ring dispelling a part of the terrible breath spreading from behind the door, she wouldn't even be able to stand up. The stronger you were, the more danger you would feel. She clearly knew how terrible the thing behind the door was.

"Dammit... How can such a terrible monster come to this sword domain? The world's laws doesn't support it to do this!" Hua Huo's reaction wasn't any better than White Lotus’. The door that suddenly appeared was too inexplicable.

"No, it's not safe here. We should jump off the ship!" Even Hua Huo didn't think that she could beat down the monster behind the door. Even if she tried her best, the best outcome would be to escape with Yun Xi. As for the other people? She could only pray for their luck.

How could the laws of Sky Sword God's Domain support such a monster to come to this sword domain? Was the world going to be destroyed? The door and the monster behind the door were something that absolutely shouldn't appear in this sword domain.

The White Lotus Sword Domain was like a waveless pond that was used to keep fish fries, and the monster behind the door was like a great white shark that was suddenly thrown into the pond. No, maybe the monster wasn't just a great white shark. It could even be more dangerous, like a whale! Even if this kind of creature just appeared in the sword domain and did nothing, its very existence was already able to shake the world's structure, or even make the world collapse.

"Bang!" The seemingly indestructible blue door finally started to collapse under the unknown monster's attacks. A crack suddenly appeared in its center. At first, it was just a negligible crack that could be barely observed. However, as the old saying goes, "A small leak will sink a great ship". Soon afterwards, the second crack, the third crack, the fourth crack... countless cracks appeared on the door.

When the people on the ship saw these cracks with their naked eyes, it was already too late. A gust of waves spread out from the door. Even the ship,White Lotus, which was protected by a compounded magical circle that could block all hero ranked attacks, was still as weak as paper in front of the wave.

After losing the magical circle's protection, White Lotus shook in the air like a feeble girl. It couldn't block the terrible shock waves any longer. The disciples who were living in the ship didn't even know what was happening. They were thrown to the ceiling or the floor at this time. Some of them couldn't handle the pressure and vomited everywhere.

"Be careful!"

"Everyone, hold each other's hand!"

The female swordsmaidens were all on the bow. They held each other's hands, withstanding the terrible shock waves together. With Yun Xi's seed's help, they perfectly displayed their abilities. After gathering everyone's strength, they finally survived the shock waves. However, the most terrible thing was just coming.




Glass-breaking sounds resounded in the air. However, the thing that was breaking wasn't glass but the blue door.

"Breaking the void!"

"Forced space leap!"

"Transcended power!"

Red Lotus, White Lotus, and Hua Huo shouted at the same time. They said different words, but meant the same thing.

The monster was breaking the void, coming to this world from a place which was maybe ten million light years away. This monster couldn't belong to Sky Sword God's Domain, but an intruder who had the ability to leap through the void.

As a boy who was born in the small town, Yun Xi couldn’t image what it was. However, as the future masters of White Lotus Sword Domain and the successor of Sky Flying Bloodline, the twin witches and Hua Huo knew of its power clearly.

As a monster who could break the door... it was at least at the 8th rank, or higher! The strongest person in the White Lotus Sword Domain was only at the 6th rank. In this case, the monster was even able to destroy the whole sword domain as easy as a piece of cake!

Countless fragments divided in the sky, turning into beautiful blue light points. However, in Red Lotus, White Lotus, and Hua Huo's eyes, they were not beautiful light points but a dreadful sign, an unavoidable disaster.

"It's coming! White Lotus, give up defence and turn around at full speed!" Red Lotus plunged her Red Lotus Holy Sword into the control platform and immediately turned off the ship's defence system. Anyway, the ship's magical defence circle was meaningless in front of the coming monster.

The floating ship wasn't designed to fight against an 8th ranked monster. It wouldn't even be stronger than a piece of paper in front of it. The best choice was to fly away as fast as possible.

"I have projected it out! Its body is about a hundred kilometers long and its weight is as heavy as a star! Impossible to calculate more details!" White Lotus couldn't believe the monster's information that she had calculated by using her skill "The Great Circle".

Such a monster couldn't be born in any small sword domain like the White Lotus Sword Domain. It was too massive. Even if it did nothing and just fell to the ground, it would definitely cause a violent earthquake, which may even be able to destroy the whole sword domain. Compared to the 8th ranked monster, the White Lotus Sword Domain was really too small.