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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 110

2022-06-14 04:06:51Publish Time: 1,064 views
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Chapter 110: Setting Sail

On the wall which was far away from Yun Xi, Hua Yue, and Xiao Cao, the border guards were looking at the huge ship suspended in the air in excitement.

The White Lotus was a floating ship that was named after White Lotus Sword Domain. It was three kilometres long and three hundred metres wide. Even in the entire Sky Sword God's Domain, it was one of the top one hundred floating ships and the White Lotus Sword Domain’s final battle fortress.

Normally, it could carry a thousand people, whilst its limit was three thousand people. It was the pride and representation of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain. To the mortal world, it was a miracle that only appeared in fairy tales.

It was too large. Even though it was just suspended there and doing nothing, its size was sufficient to make mortals prostrate themselves in worship. It was the fruition of the entire eastern civilization. It was a world-shaking treasure that was created by the Heaven's Road Palace and the Sword Palace together.

It needed over a hundred operators and at least a hero ranked taoist priest to control it. If it was necessary, it could also become a hanging field for doing rescue and relief work. It was one of the cores of the entire White Lotus Sword Domain's armies.

It was the only floating ship in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain. Every year when the Sword Palace finished recruiting its new disciples, the ship would fly to this district, wait for the new disciples, then fly back to the sword tip area. This also meant that mortal soldiers who were stationed there would only see the legendary floating ship at this time every year. Due to the military ban, only the luckiest soldiers could go to the ship to help carry supplies. After they came back, this would become a topic of conversation for their lifetime.

"I really envy these new disciples. I'm also at the 2nd rank, why can't I go to Sword Palace..." A bearded team leader, who was as strong as a bear, looked at these young boys and girls with a depressed look.

"Come on, sir. You're already thirty-nine years old, and these 2nd ranked kids are only sixteen or seventeen years old. You're simply not at the same realm!" The team leader's adjutant patted him on his shoulders and said, "They're real geniuses and the future of our White Lotus Sword Domain. Realize it, we can't go to Sword Place! The only thing we can do is to be promoted in the army and raise our offspring. If our children can go to Sword Palace - even if they just become the formal disciples' servants, that would be good enough."

Not far away from the two senior officers, soldiers were chatting about a rumour.

"Have you heard the news? A miracle occurred in one of the examination areas: there were about forty female swordsmen that passed the entrance test! I heard that they had all obtained a special blessing!"

"Yes, I also heard that from my relatives. The blessing was a black-haired female swordsman's strand of hair. It's said that her black hair has a special magical power."

"The people who obtain the black-haired girl's strand of hair will become very lucky!"

"Look! That’s her, that girl standing at the bow, the girl who has the most beautiful black hair!"

Several scouts saw the legendary black-haired girl on the ship. Not only them, many people believed this rumour. After all, even if it was just fake news, it wouldn't do any harm. Therefore, the black-haired girl was becoming a legend.


On the ship "White Lotus", Yun Xi suddenly felt cold on his back, as if there were many people gazing at him.

That's strange. Why are so many people gazing at me? Did I do something that made them do this?

In every direction and even several kilometers away, people were all gazing at him. What had happened?

"Mei, your black hair has become the most popular legend now!" Finally, Hua Yue explained to him, "Many of my friends asked me to ask for a strand of hair from you. They hoped that it could bless them."

"But... that's just a rumour!" Yun Xi looked at Hua Yue's smiling face and didn't know whether to cry or to laugh.

If they really believed that, then his hair would be in danger. Would they pick all his hair out, making him become a baldy?

"Is it really just a rumour?" Hua Yue gazed at Yun Xi with a meaningful look.

There must be a reason for a rumour to begin. At least she knew that for her own change, there couldn't be any other explanation. Not only her, including Xiao Cao, the reason why the thirty-seven female swordsmen gathered together and formed a team was all due to "Mei".

Mei, you're the only person who still doesn't know your value! Your black hair really has magical powers! That's why the rumour about the black-haired girl is so reliable.

"Yes. My hair is very common." Of course, Yun Xi couldn't tell her that what changed these girls was not his hair, but his seeds. His black hair was just a medium. It didn't contain any magical power.

"If so... then... you, are that unusual reason!" Hua Yue accepted his explanation, but that made her more confident that Yun Xi was special.

Otherwise, it couldn't explain why her heart beat so fast when she stood beside Yun Xi. She felt that something was growing in her heart, and it changed her physique bit by bit. That was the mysterious power which had helped her awaken her White Gold Rose Bloodline and reach the 2nd rank.

"I... I'm just a very common maid!" Yun Xi felt nervous and afraid.

"You are a greatsword maid, who has the third maid's uniform 'Killing Princess'. You can't be common," Hua Yue said. She casually exposed Yun Xi's lie.

Yun Xi didn't know how many girls in the Western God's Domain were eager for this greatsword legacy. After all, it was one of the strongest careers in the entire Western God's Domain.

"Attention! The ship is leaving!" With the sound of the ship's whistle, the shipmaster’s loud voice suddenly came from the top to the deck.


One white halo after another started to cover the whole floating ship. This meant that the ship, "White Lotus", was going to leave.

With the support of Heaven Road's Palace's perfect spells, even though the ship was suspended in the air several meters away from the ground, it was still as steady as it would have been on the ground. It even allowed the Sword Palace's new disciples to gather on the deck and witness it with their naked eyes.