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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 11

2022-06-14 03:48:31Publish Time: 1,957 views
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Chapter 11: The Older Sister That Summer

A single sword stroke from Hua Hua would be enough to beat Yun Xi. Hua Huo smelled the odor on Yun Xi's body as she pushed him to the ground. She pinned him down by using her body, in order to not let him run away.

Hmmm... more accurately, it was the posture of a woman going down on the man, the so-called "straddle posture".

"This odor, weird."

"Tell me, Little Xi. Who's the girl this time?" As his childhood sweetheart, she had a better sense of smell than the golden retriever fairy, Mei'er. She was sure that Yun Xi definitely had an affair with some other girl.

No, perhaps it was the other girl who did it proactively!

"Is it the same as the thing that happened that summer? Little Xi, are you..." Hua Huo stared at Yun Xi in disbelief. She slightly lowered down her head, as if she was going to give Yun Xi a general check-up.

"That summer..." Yun Xi's face turned red. He remembered his teacher who taught him sword skills; who was not only great with her sword skill, but also great in her chest.

Because it happened when he was 12-years-old and that teacher left after only teaching them for a month, he couldn't even recall her name exactly.

However, they would never forget the thing that happened that summer. No matter himself or his childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo.

Because she was the first big sister who let him understand the fantastic thing about females.

He still remembered it was a sultry summer afternoon. That big sister called him to meet her in her own sword room, alone. (TL: Sword room: Meditation room in terms of cultivation).

And the thing that happened next? Yun Xi was left with a very deep impression.

At that time, that always very gentle big sister; her pinky delicate face was full of satisfaction, with a face wearing a comfortable smile. Her eyes overflowed with water-like tender feelings. That was a passion Yun Xi didn't understand.

"Little Xi. Do you want me to teach you something that's not written in the books?"

"Teacher, is it a kind of sword skill? But I'm not good at sword skills..." When Yun Xi was 12-years-old, he still felt himself to be a little inferior because his talent with the sword wasn't good. At that time, he was far less self-confident than now.

Which 12-year-old boy didn't hope of himself becoming a strong swordsman, defeating every opponent. Then in the end becoming a hero?

Of course, 12-year-old Yun Xi also thought so. At that time, he still had a slender hope about his sword skill talent.

So, when the new sword skill teacher called him to meet her alone, he was pretty upset. He thought: was it because his performance was too poor, thus the teacher was going to punish him?

However, it didn't look like what he expected?

"Sword skills are important, but they aren't everything." The elder big sister smiled. Her pink lips slightly opened as she said the words softly.

Such a charming scene was sent out with strong implications towards Yun Xi. Unfortunately, it was meaningless for a 12-year-old boy.

"What's the lesson?" Yun Xi was so puzzled. He looked at the big sister… she was looking at him with a blushed face as he asked a quite silly and naive question.

"He he, it's very important, about life and future. Little Xi, you are a good boy. So, let me teach you a lesson about becoming an adult." It seemed like she was drunk, the big sister reached out her slim hand to Yun Xi and smiled shyly.

Sweat stains appeared under her hair shaft. Her milky white skin turned pink. Her aromatic breath made Yun Xi's heart beat faster.

"Don't worry. I won't hurt you. Or rather, I'm the person who will feel the pain." The big sister slowly covered Yun Xi's hands with her hands. Her intimate voice softly resounded in his heart, full of gentleness and charm.

The next was the most special lesson Yun Xi had since his birth.

Kissing, hugging, and touching. Afterwards, he saw her body, every part he could see and shouldn't see, her slender but opposite body type. Her snowy and creamy "double peaks", her smooth and flavoury shoulders, and her lowered down blushed neck. She was so gentle and beautiful, like nature itself.

The light red under her snow-white skin, her gradually lowered voice, and her gentle-shy but also affectionate eyes. Even though it was already a long, long time later, she still didn't disappear from Yun Xi's heart.

"Little Xi. Don't forget today." After capturing Yun Xi's heart by using her tender, delicious small tongue, luring him to fall bit by bit, the big sister's eyes turned more sweet and charming.

At that moment, her body was a gorgeous view and a temptation in Yun Xi's eyes.

Especially that tongue of hers when she was licking Yun Xi's cheek. It was so soft, making one's body go limp. Her smooth silky hair was near his face, its aroma was addicting.

"I... isn't this a crime..." The smothered 12-year-old Yun Xi was a bit distressed by the older sister.

"No matter what. If I miss this chance, I will regret it. As long as there's love, our age difference is not a problem! Who would go back to marry that idiot!"

"Little Xi, when you grow up, you must remember to come find me!" She kissed the 12-year-old Yun Xi as she made her decision.

However, when she was going to commit the crime, a sword cut the door of the sword room into pieces from the center down.

"Let go of my Yun Xi! You cheating cat! Perpetrator!"

"Eeek! When did you come here, Little Hua Huo?!"

"Yun Xi's body is full of your odor. I had found it earlier today. Don't put your hands on my Yun Xi! Take this my wind-like ten hits! Go to hell, you thieving cat!"


Yun Xi had no impression about what happened next because he was blown away by the turbulent sword-wind and was dazed. It seemed that the both of them intentionally didn't let him see the thing that happened next.

After that, when Yun Xi woke up, he heard that the new sword skills teacher had resigned. He was told that her house's small courtyard had sunk in an earthquake.

After that, every time unknown girls wanted to get close to him, Hua Huo would certainly come, and her words always made Yun Xi recall the thing that happened that summer.

"Damn! Was there really something that happened?!" Looking at Yun Xi's absentminded emotions, Hua Huo's intuition was raised to the highest level - Code Red.

Something was wrong. There must be something wrong!

Ordinary females wouldn't cause Yun Xi to be in such a dreamy state.

Who? Who dares to leave their odor on Little Xi's body when she was away? And it was not only the milky aroma. There must have been some further contact.

Could it be, could it be like that damned coquette who almost did it... this new thieving cat had close contact with Yun Xi?

When did it happen? She was sure that Yun Xi's body didn't have this odor during the daytime.

"Yun Xi, who is it!"

"Come out with it, what's her name!"

"Tell me!"

This wasn't an interrogative sentence, but an affirmative sentence. As Yun Xi's childhood sweetheart, Hua Huo had a feral super instinct about Yun Xi's fate with women.

Perhaps, this time, this new opponent was the most terrible opponent after that cheating cat left the village because of her family matters.

Even she hasn't yet left such an odor on Yun Xi's body!

"Hua Huo, make it quick!" Yun Xi showed a ‘Anyway, the worst thing has happened. I don't care what will happen next!’ expression and resolutely turned his head around.

He wouldn't say it. Even if she forced open his mouth, he would also say nothing!

He was the Starchild and had four overlord ex-girlfriends... how could he possibly tell her this!

Why was Hua Huo in this trial?

Undoubtedly, his jealous childhood sweetheart - Hua Huo - was the last one he had hoped to know of this!

She was his first love, the most fantastic longing in his heart. If it was possible, he didn't want her to take part in his impending big trouble.

A week. Just after a week, Hua Huo would leave the small village. She would join the place he would never reach - the Sword Palace.

So, let him leave Hua Huo a perfect impression, as her childhood sweetheart.

"Yun Xi!" Hua Huo seriously spoke out his name, which also meant that she was really getting frantic.

Wee-wee-wee-wee, her Little Xi. Why has he become a bad boy all of a sudden?!

No, she must understand what this absurd dream was and why she became the gatekeeper of the dark forest.

Yes, the sleeping beauty!

Hua Huo suddenly recalled the special keyword of her task as the gatekeeper.