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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 108

2022-06-14 04:06:35Publish Time: 992 views
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Chapter 108: The Evil God's Sacrifice

After finishing the drawing of the group portrait and hiding the real "painting", Hgog Nav's face was as pale as a vampire. However, on the contrary, his eyes looked extremely excited.

How long had he lost this feeling? Trembling in excitement, his artistic inspiration was springing up from his heart.

Why did he leave the familiar the Western God's Domain and go to the remote the White Lotus Sword Domain? Wasn't it to seek the limit of his art?

What was art? Different people had different answers. But for him, his art was right here, in front of his eyes.

Looking at the smiling girls, Hgog Nav made a decision.

"White Lotus Sword Palace..." Hgog Nav packed up his canvas and handed over the group portrait to Hua Yue, then showed a mysterious smile at the corners of his mouth.

His decadent daily life was over.


When Hgog Nav drew the group portrait for the girls, the male swordsmen's camp was having a meeting.

"Come on! Come on! Let's drink! The bill is on me!" Yun He Family’s second Childe, who was also known as the only formal male selectee, was entertaining all the male swordsmen.

The wine was good wine, and the meat was good meat. The amount was abundant enough for everyone to have a good meal. Obviously, he was trying to win the people's support in this way.

To be honest, it was indeed a very effective method. To the male swordsmen, especially those from civilian families, this was quite a grand banquet which they wouldn't often partake of during their lives.

"You're really generous!"

"You deserve to be one of the top sixteen candidates!"

"Unfortunately, these female swordsmen were too strong..."

"Can the tale about the black-haired maid be true?"

These civilian swordsmen were drinking and eating. They gradually and naturally opened their minds to each other. Since they could be listed on the alternate list, this was already the best result they had expected.

Most of them wouldn't have the chance to become Sword Palace's formal disciples. The best result for them was to become one of the formal disciple's entourage. It was natural for them to curry good favour to those who had showed their talent in the entrance test.

It was never an easy thing for civilian swordsmen to improve themselves. Their exercises needed large amounts of resources. Unless you were a peerless genius, otherwise it was a must be choice to join one of the noble families.

Yun He Family was one of the oldest and strongest families in White Lotus Sword Domain. It was said that they were the descendants of a peerless sword master and many hero ranked swordsmen were from this family.

At all times, there were always many people trying to serve this family.

"Ha ha, I'm still not that 'Childe Yun He'. Our family hasn't sent the order to deprive my brother of his name."

Even though the second Childe said it like that, but the smile on his face exposed his true feelings. The crime of losing the Crane Wings Twin Swords was enough to knock down his arrogant brother. "Childe Yun He", the name which only the best genius of his family could inherit, would undoubtedly become his new name.

My brother, just die at ease. I will inherit everything you have, including the twin swords. As long as I take them back, that pair of highest-graded spirit weapons would become mine!


At the same time, in one of the corners of the small town.

"What? None?" Childe Yun He stared at the manager of his family's trading company with a ferocious look.

"Yes. I can't find any alpaca here. Even in the Western God's Domain, it's a very rare animal. It's a special protected animal!" The manager spread out his hands and looked at Childe Yun He with a helpless look.

Although Childe Yun He had lost his influence, but after all, he was still a member of Yun He Family and a 3rd ranked warrior. Even if he wouldn't be able to inherit the family head position anymore, he could still be used as a tool to marry into another family. The manager himself was just a negligible manager, which meant that he could never disobey Childe Yun He's order.

However, he couldn’t satisfy Childe Yun He’s wish, because the thing he ordered didn't exist in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain!

Childe Yun He had asked him to look for the sacred animal of the Western God's Domain, the alpaca, for him. If he hadn't seen it from a book which introduced the Western God's Domain's natural environment, he wouldn't even have known what animal Childe Yun He was asking for.

This was a sacred animal that only lived in the Gobi desert of one of the countries of the Western God's Domain. You would never expect to see it in the Eastern God's Domain. Even if there were a few alpacas in the Eastern God's Domain, the number wouldn't be more than the number of his fingers.

"No... no alpacas live here..." Childe Yun He had almost been driven crazy. If he wanted to increase his strength, he must sacrifice living alpacas to the evil god Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli. However, he couldn't get any alpacas. What should he do?

"If you really want the animal named alpaca... I have no way to buy any grown-up alpaca, but maybe I can buy some half-blood cubs for you."

The manager saw the desperate look on Childe Yun He's face. He hesitated for a while, then told him the compromised solution.

"Half-blood cubs?" A fire named hope was suddenly ignited in Childe Yun He's eyes.

"Yes. As I recall, in the past, some people carried out an experiment by using the sacred animal, the alpaca. Although the experiment failed, but as a by product, they created a table purpose goat, which is really expensive. The goat has a part of the alpaca bloodline. If you want to eat alpaca, then these kind of goats can be a very good substitute. I heard that it has a very good taste. The problem is... Although the goat isn't as rare as an alpaca, they are still not that easy to get. I need a lot of money, and have to buy them from the black market..." The manager rubbed his index finger and thumb, implying Childe Yun He should give him money.

"How much is it..." Childe Yun He had a very bad foreboding.

"It should be about this number..."

"What?!" Childe Yun He was shocked. The table purpose goat was too expensive!

"This is just a conservative estimate. After all, it's a rare race that doesn't exist in the Eastern God's Domain. Besides, it's very difficult to breed them. I have to buy them via a special method." The manager complained.

In fact, it was really not a profitable business. If it wasn't because Childe Yun He suddenly awakened this special habit, he didn't want to deal with it at all. Even though Childe Yun He was in a bad situation, he was still the master. As the family's servant, the manager couldn't disobey his order. He couldn't get an alpaca for Childe Yun He, but he could get the special goat. After all, it was just a failure of a hybridization experiment.

"I... I need them! Buy… buy a male goat and a female goat for me!" For the great evil god and for himself, Childe Yun He gave up his dignity. "Besides that, look for the books about how to feed these kind of goats for me!"

Was Childe Yun He going to raise goats? The manager looked at Childe Yun He's painful face in confusion.

This Childe’s hobby was really difficult to understand.