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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 104

2022-06-14 04:06:02Publish Time: 1,060 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 104: Dawn and Darkness

Dawn was coming. The sun appeared over the horizon, emitting endless golden lights in the sky. It broke the darkness and shined endless light and heated the earth.

After coming back from the valley, Yun Xi put on the black maid's uniform again. Now, he sighed and gazed at Hua Huo, who was lying on his bed with a sozzled look.

"Ha ha, Little Xi... Why are there two Little Xis overlapping together?"

Hua Huo was too happy last night. She had flown in the sky for a long time, then drank in a town that was dozens of kilometres away from the small town. Now, she was layng on her childhood sweetheart's bed and stretching herself.

"Hua Huo, you're drunk." Yun Xi sighed and looked at Hua Huo who was as drunk as a lord.

In Yun Xi's memory, Hua Huo never drank. He didn't expect that she was such a bad drinker. However, he couldn’t complain about it, because he wasn't any better than her. He was also drunk from 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock. He was still confused about what had happened to him during that time.

“Who were you? Why were you willing to do that with me? A girl's first experience should be her most valuable experience. Was it good to do it with me? Sigh. I really shouldn’t drink from now on.” Yun Xi sighed in his heart. “At least, let me remember your face. After all, this wasn't only your first experience, but also my first experience!”

As an inexperienced young boy, the thing that happened in the valley was too shocking for him. He was too ashamed to look straight at his childhood sweetheart's face.

"Eww... I feel sick..." Hua Huo exposed her most unladylike side in Yun Xi's room. Yun Xi was her childhood sweetheart, her favorite person, so she didn't mind him seeing her bad side.

Her hair and her clothes were messy, and her body was full of the smell of alcohol. Her behavior was so casual as if she was luring Yun Xi.

"You... sigh. Why are you so happy?" Yun Xi sighed and woke her up. He didn't know that Hua Huo had heard his secret when he poured it out to the mirror. "Hua Huo, wake up. Go take a bath and put on your clothes. It's time to go to Sword Palace now."

Hua Huo half opened her eyes and looked at Yun Xi in bewilderment. She stretched herself, then started to put on her clothes. Her healthy, energetic body was exposed in front of Yun Xi's eyes without reservation.

"Wait, don't change your clothes here! Go to the bathroom! You can find new clothes in the second drawer!" Yun Xi immediately turned back.

His childhood sweetheart was a monster-like genius in battle, but also a waste who couldn't even make a fried egg in daily life. After all, the Sky Flying Sword wasn’t something that was suitable for cutting up vegetables. Hua Huo was a natural cooking idiot.

"Well... Little Xi, have you said goodbye to them?" Hua Huo drowsily stretched herself. Her mind was still in a mess due to the headache after drinking. She had forgotten what happened after she was drunk. She computed the time and found that it should be the time that Yun Xi said goodbye to El'phyllis, Milei and Ye Li.

Now, she would take Yun Xi away. You girls will never see him again! Ha ha! Did you really think that your identities were still unexposed? Did I look like an idiot who would believe that this small town could attract so many immigrants from the Western God's Domain? I turned a blind eye only for Yun Xi's sake!

"Yes, and it seems that they have left this town too. The neighbours will help me keep an eye on the house, and the bread shop will resume operation after my foster parents come back, so there is nothing to worry about." Yun Xi looked around his room.

Goodbye, El'phyllis, Milei, Ye Li, and my ordinary life.


At the same time, in the bamboo house owned by the noble families' camp, a man was drinking in the dark basement. Compared to Hua Huo who came to her childhood sweetheart's room and slept on his bed after drinking, this person was more alone and crazy.

His well-maintained hands had been scratched by the broken wine bottles on the ground. As for himself, his mind was also as broken as these bottles. A day ago, he was still the "Childe Yun He" who had inherited his family's twin spirit swords. Today, he had been deprived of his identity and had to face three years imprisonment if he chose to return to his family.

He lost his family's twin swords and didn't pass through Sword Palace's entrance test. Apart from his 3rd ranked power and his pure family bloodline, he had lost almost everything he had.

"Why? Why did the twin swords choose that bitch... that mudblood that came from nowhere? Why didn't they choose me? I'm the one who has the most pure Yun He Bloodline! I don't accept it! I refuse to accept it! I'm the best genius! I will make everyone regret their contempt!"

He was drunk, so he didn't mind roaring out his thoughts. He didn't accept it! He refused to accept it! He wanted to get everything he had lost back! He must get them back! By all means!

"Look at yourself, Yun He. You're so unpresentable now," Childe Yun He suddenly heard a gloomy voice from the door of the basement.

"Childe San Quan? Why are you here? You want to mock me?" The "has-been" Childe Yun He stared at his past companion with his bloodshot eyes.

"No, of course not. On the contrary, I’m coming here to give you a new choice," Childe San Quan smiled oddly and said, "A choice which will change your life again. A choice which can let you stand on a stage which is much larger than Sword Palace's entrance test. How about it? Are you interested?"

Childe Yun He fiercely stand up. To him, even if it was as unreliable as a straw to a drowning person, he would also choose to try his best to catch it.

Childe San Quan was his "that straw".

"Say it. What's the price?" Childe Yun He knew that there wouldn't be such a thing as a free lunch. If he wanted to get something, he must pay something.

"Smart. Only a smart man like you deserves that contract," Childe San Quan didn't hide his real intention. To use trick was just his last choice. He didn't fear telling Childe Yun He that he was taking advantage of him. After all, after losing the Crane Wings Twin Swords, Childe Yun He wouldn't have any other choice, especially in such a remote sword domain.

"Your bloodline isn't something unimportant. The Yun Hai Sword Master's bloodline isn't inferior to the White Gold Rose Bloodline. Your ancestor was far stronger than your imagination.”

Childe San Quan said with a chant, "Believe in my god, Childe Yun He! Offer your bloodline to my master and we will give you an incredible power! Don’t you want power?!"

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