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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 9

2022-03-15 01:36:41Publish Time: 850 views
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Chapter 9: Tonight, Make the Police Run

In the brightly lit Jinshan Police Station, along with the delivery of blood, urine and other body fluids to the laboratory, a data report came out soon.

Leader Liu frowned. Officer Wang, who had just returned from the army, couldn’t help but ask.

"Leader Liu, is this kid on drugs?"

"No... you can read it yourself."

After receiving the report, Officer Wang swept over it. He saw blood test, urine test and other tests were normal.

There was no abnormality of drug abuse.

"Did we make a mistake?" Touching his chin, Leader Liu and Officer Wang quickly came to Fu Lu.

Looking at him, Fu Lu’s face was pale and wilting. He really looked like a drug addict.

Hearing the footsteps, Fu Lu, who was bored in the interrogation room, immediately raised his head. "Comrades, why don't you believe me? There was really a ghost! I almost got killed by a female ghost. Look at the scar on my neck. The female ghost choked me!"

Leader Liu and Wang were laughing. Taking a mirror, Leader Liu handed it to Fu Lu and said seriously. "Although the test report shows that you are not on drugs, but I think you are a little mentally abnormal!"

"Look at yourself, where is the scar?" Slightly raising his head and exposing his neck, Fu Lu looked at the mirror.

The mirror perfectly reflected everything. There was no trace of bruising scar on his neck.

Huff! Fu Lu was so shocked and took a deep breath.

He even got cold feet and almost fell off the seat.

Why? Did I dream of the suffocation that I had been choked by the female ghost’s claws?

Fu Lu couldn’t accept it, and he shook his head.

He suddenly came up with a strong evidence that could prove what he said —— the surveillance camera at the crossroads which were used to capture and monitor the rear of the car! If the machine didn’t fail tonight, then they could confirm the fact that he was chased by the female ghost as long as they watched the video.

Fu Lu immediately said. "Comrades, my mental aspect is very normal, but you are too stubborn to believe the facts I said. In fact, if you investigate the surveillance camera at the crossroads, you can see that I was really chased by the ghost!"

Leader Liu didn’t refuse.

About half an hour later, the surveillance camera record of the intersection where Fu Lu was located had been successfully transmitted through the Public Security Bureau's intranet. With a tablet, Leader Liu began to play the camera record in front of Fu Lu.

At one o'clock in the morning, the road was dark. A red taxi without any license plate number went slowly.

Seeing this on the screen, Fu Lu said. "It's this car! The driver wearing the hat in the car was the female ghost!"

Hearing what Fu Lu said, Leader Liu asked the officer to pause and zoom in.

When the size of the driver was doubled and the camera resolution increased, the main driver's seat was more conspicuous.

This weird driver wore a black hat and a gray scarf. His hands were wrapped in holsters. His head was hanging low. No parts of his body were exposed.

"Can you make the picture clear again and tell the gender of the driver?" The police officer who was temporarily transferred here smiled.

"Leader Liu, on non-important national highways or the ordinary crossroads of the highway entrance, it is already the highest we can have."

"Well, let's continue. " He unpaused the video and the camera screen started playing.

It didn't take long when the taxi stopped suddenly.

The door on both sides were suddenly opened.

Fu Lu quickly got off the taxi and ran to the back.

Fu Lu was still frightened. "I felt that the driver was weird at that time, so I asked him to stop."

Leader Liu and others were quiet.

They stared at the driver's seat without blinking their eyes.

The screen flashed, and the weird driver already reached out to stop Fu Lu.

"At that time, the driver pretended to ask me to pay, but he then choked my neck. I almost suffocated on the spot!" In view of the lack of sound on the screen, Fu Lu felt that he had to explain to the policemen.

However, no one answered him.

The pupils of Leader Liu team and others had widened to the limit.

Everyone looked so shocked.

They opened their mouths widely but couldn’t say anything.

They clearly saw that the driver was still sitting in the driver's seat before, but he instantly came to the front of Fu Lu, who was 50 meters away!

Even Usain Bolt, who held 100-meter sprint record, took 9.58 seconds to run 100 meters.

The driver seemed to move 50 meters with ease...

Was he really a human?

Rubbing his eyes, Leader Liu once again paused the screen and turned to remind the police officers around.

"Slow down the driver’s movement a hundred times!"

"I will try...”

For a while, the driver's movements that slowed down to the limit were finally presented in front of everyone.

Slightly stepping out one foot, the weird driver floated to the front of Fu Lu at high speed.

"Ghost... He is really not a human... He is really a ghost!”

"Oh my God, Leader Liu, we really saw a ghost!"

"It was the video at 1 a.m... It is 3:40 in the morning. Two hours ago, there was a ghost driving a taxi at the crossroads. We used to patrol there, it is too scary!"

Different from the panicking police officers, Leader Liu looked calm and took out a cigarette from his pocket. But holding the lighter, his trembling hands couldn’t ignite the cigarette for a long time, which showed that he was really anxious.

The surveillance camera video continued.

At the next moment, the driver has disappeared in the screen.

But Fu Lu seemed as if choked by someone and was lifted up by an invisible person.

Fu Lu, an adult man, was floating in the air without any resistance.

His face was red and uncomfortable due to lack of oxygen.

There were obvious blue-and-white dents on his neck. All kinds of traces indicated that he would soon suffocate and die!

But very fast, with the patrolling police car approaching, he fell heavily to the ground, and the invisible person seemed to have disappeared.

"This is it! Comrades, have you seen it? All I said is true. I was really chased by a female ghost!"

Fu Lu added. "I think that maybe the siren, when you arrived scared the female ghost away. Otherwise, I might have died!"

Fu Lu’s heart beat fast. He still seemed a bit scared now.

At this point, all the camera video had been played.

Leader Liu lowered his head silently.

He seemed to be thinking about this shocking video and considering what to do.

"This case is not something we can deal with. We should immediately report to the superiors."

Annihilating the cigarettes that he finally ignited, Leader Liu decisively reported it with the public security internal telephone.

There were the victim and the high-definition surveillance camera captured the ghost.

With the report of this spiritual murder attempt, if many people believed, no one would consider that ghosts didn’t exist.

Tonight, no Shanghai policemen could sleep! At the same time, Hu Feng, who was thousands of miles away, also received many system notifications.

"In Shanghai Jinshan District Police Station, Leader Liu and other five police officers contributed spiritual power +14."

"Shanghai Jinshan District Public Security Bureau Director Liu and other 16 police officers contributed spiritual power +58."

Then almost every half hour, there were people of different identities contributing him spiritual power.

Hu Feng roughly estimated that he gained at least three or four hundred mental strengths tonight.

That is to say, he gained more than three or four hundred points of fudge value!

Compared to yesterday, he only had eight points, he simply made a great deal!

"Sure enough, I made the right move." To sort everything that happened tonight, Hu Feng learned valuable lessons from it.

"If convincing a single ordinary person that ghosts exist in the world, even if I succeed, it will be worth three or five points. If I want to fudge other people, I have to start from scratch, and it is a waste of time and energy." “But when I do the tricks in front of national machine, it will be highly valued!" "Since ancient times, it has worked!" "My future plan should be to give priority to the national level, from top to bottom, and silently fudge everyone."

Making a conclusion in his mind, Hu Feng decided to continue to act according to the original plan, which was to make tens of thousands of mobile game players actively believe that ghosts really exist in the world with national machine propaganda and mobilization power.

As a result, he wanted to gain a large amount of fudge value.

"Ha, it’s really easy for me to be behind the scenes."

"Start it with extraordinary power, and then the national machine will do all the dirty work. In the end, I can harvest tons of spiritual power, which will be transformed to fudge value."