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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 89

2022-03-15 02:44:07Publish Time: 440 views
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Chapter 89: Uninvited Guest

When the onmyojis arrived at the top of the Osaka Castle that floated in Ginza Area 8, they had already suffered from the attacks of powerful demon about 40 times, as more than 100 onmyojis were killed and everyone was injured.

Even Sumika who could extract demon power without limits had her mental condition particularly exhausted.

Sumika eagerly cheered up her subordinates and encouraged them not to give up since the Osaka Castle was over their heads.

Suddenly an onmyoji who was responsible for leading the way reported that an uninvited guest stopped them and it was suspected to be a new demon.

Sumika gathered more than 300 onmyojis in good condition to rush over immediately, while the others were ordered to stay and rest and those who were proficient in healing spells were helping them restore their health.

After a while, Sumika and others had already seen the so-called uninvited guest!

Under the scarlet moonlight, a strange samurai wearing a cow mask, only exposing his nose, lips and eyes, and wearing a Japanese-style armor, was in the middle of the road and stopped them from going to the castle.

However, they didn’t know that the samurai was the incarnation of Hu Feng!

They could see that the strange samurai didn’t have any cold weapons around him and he didn’t sit like ordinary Japanese, but instead sat with his waist upright.

He was holding an empty glass towards the bloody moon and seemed to muttering something.

Approaching carefully, they saw more clearly and understood why it was suspected to be a new demon since the strange samurai was holding the glass made of a white skull!

Under the moonlight, he stopped their way and held the wine glass made by the skull, didn’t he look like a demon?

No longer hesitant, Sumika ordered everyone to cast a curse to block his way behind, increased the speed of extracting the demon power and kept herself prepared to kill the samurai demon.

As they advanced, Sumika knew that the closer to the castle tower, the stronger the demons they would encounter, which could be proved with the number of casualties.

Now that the Osaka Castle was close at hand and a strange samurai stopped everyone from approaching, needless to say, it must be a powerful enemy.

"You want to kill me? I’m just an innocent passerby.”

But when Sumika was ready to take the lead in attacking, Hu Feng talked.

A simple sentence suddenly made the spells Sumika prepared to cast rapidly disappear without a trace.

Suddenly losing the demon power, Sumika almost fell to the ground, fortunately she quickly grabbed the lampposts around to support her body.

"Sumika Senpai, when do we launch a storm?"

The onmyojis around didn’t see her attack as scheduled, so they sent people over to ask her.

"Stop the attack."

Since her the demon power was gone, it took time to re-extract with the help of the shikigami contract and though she quietly comforted her subordinates, she was actually amazed by the stranger samurai.

He’s not ordinary! And he doesn’t look like a demon.

It is very likely that not only we onmyojis have the extraordinary power.

The Bushido isn’t weaker than the inheritance of onmyojis.

Maybe he is such a strange person!

Hitting upon this idea, Sumika became decisive.

"I am Onmyoji Ono Sumika. These are my comrades-in-arms. Our intention is to go to Osaka Castle to eliminate the Shuten-doji. Excuse me, but who are you?"

Sumika asked loudly and quickly approached, apparently intending to talk to strange samurai, and the others around were stunned!

Didn’t we have a plan to block the way behind the samurai and then force together to destroy it?

Why did the siege suddenly stop?

And the commander Ono Sumika Senpai is approaching the samurai demon?

Puzzled, but they couldn’t help but stop casting the spell and follow her.

Seeing them approaching, Hu Feng wasn’t panicked or feared, he had already expected this.

Looking up at the bloody moon, he raised skull glass toward the sky and a lot of red liquid visible to the naked eye suddenly showed up in the original empty glass.

"Just a nobody. Why do you ask?"

Holding the skull glass with both hands, Hu Feng handed over the glass to Sumika. "Come. Why not drink it?"

The unknown liquid in the skull glass?

Sumika wanted to refuse to drink such a disgusting thing, she was afraid of angering the mysterious and powerful samurai, hence she took it, bit her teeth, closed her eyes, and forced herself to drink it.

But after drinking, Sumika was surprised to find that the missing demon power appeared in her body instantly.


Hu Feng praised at her in a heroic tone. "But don't misunderstand, I am not a demon. I came here and saw the demons raging, so I chopped off their heads and played with their skulls as wine glasses."

"And you don't have to be so cautious, just sit down on the ground. All the demons are already killed by me and there will be no danger."

After that, Hu Feng didn’t even look at it and threw the wine glass aside.

The other onmyojis found a large number of bones of humanoid demons and suspected them to be killed by sword master after checking their wounds.

Knowing this matter from her subordinates, Sumika was greatly relieved.

The mysterious samurai who took the initiative to kill the nearby demons would probably be their new ally.

First, she should figure out the identity of the samurai then persuade him to join them!

Thinking, Sumika bowed solemnly and asked him sincerely. "Please tell us your name! After we end the Hyakkiyakou, I will report to the emperor to thank you for your tribute…...”