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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 81

2022-03-15 02:43:03Publish Time: 545 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 81: Ancestral Artifacts

After greeting the emperor, a representative stood out among the 15 male onmyojis since Sumika copped out with an excuse that she wasn’t good at expressing her opinions.

"Your Majesty, we know the horrible monsters ravaging all of Japan are caused by the Hyakkiyakou! And the source is the demon Shuten-doji!"

"Our artifacts have already informed us that we must eliminate Shuten-doji in 12 hours, otherwise, it will greatly enhance the scale of the Hyakkiyakou and all dead or injured monsters would be resurrected indefinitely. At the time, Japan will be in severe danger!"

In order to obtain the Japanese three artifacts, the representative exaggerated the risks as much as possible, trying to shock and threaten the emperor.

The emperor frowned as he couldn't imagine the terrible scene described by the representative!

But he wasn’t happy to lend them the three artifacts that symbolized the royal family and were passed down from generation to generation.

Slightly crooning, the emperor asked. "It’s the honor of Amaterasu that we can lend you the three artifacts to eradicate Shuten-doji!"

"But how would you use these three artifacts?"

The emperor had made up his mind that he must understand how they would use the artifacts if the onmyojis insist on borrowing the three ancestral artifacts.

If they fought the demons with the three ancestral artifacts rudely, how would he explain to the ancestral emperors once they broke or crushed any artifact?

After all, these three ancestral artifacts were not only worshipped by the Japanese people, but were also the prominent symbol of the Japanese royal family!

"How to use them?"

The representatives looked at each other since no one knew how to use them though they all understood that the three ancestral artifacts were very harmful to Shuten-doji.

But they couldn’t let the emperor know they weren’t completely unknown to it, thus they whispered to each other for a moment and a male representative bluntly stated. "Please feel relieved, Emperor. It’s a secret art that allows us onmyojis to use the three ancestral artifacts. To eradicate Shuten-doji, please temporarily let us borrow the three ancestral artifacts and we will return them after order is restored!"

He involved the so-called secrets arts of onmyojis to make the emperor relieved.

The emperor understood he would upset the representatives and ruin the prestige of the royal family if he refused, hence he nodded with a bit of anger and dissatisfaction. “Fine, I can lend you the three artifacts!"

When the emperor ordered to take the three ancestral artifacts, the male representatives let out a sigh of relief since they felt that they had already gone through the most difficult part, and the rest was to go back with the three artifacts and then brainstorm with others to get a way to activate the three artifacts power to eliminate Shuten-doji.

At the moment, Sumika was relieved as she was looking forward to enjoying the true face of the three artifacts.

Soon, a group of maids took out three artifacts [sword, mirror and jade].

Kusanagi Sword was a cold weapon that was covered with chrysanthemum texture and incomprehensible manuals and scripts.

8-footed Mirror represented the "power of Amaterasu" and was literally a well-preserved ancient mirror from the modern point of view.

8-footed Jade, as a Japanese original ceremonial ornament, was shaped like an English letter C, resembling a pointed pepper-shaped jade pendant, which was stringed with tubular jade for easy wearing.

"These are the three ancestral artifacts!" Even though they were still far away, they couldn’t take their eyes off the artifacts.

"The scene is in place, the actor is in place and the emotional mobilization is complete. Action!"

Observing what happened in the palace, Hu Feng sized up Sumika, who was staring at the three artifacts, with a smile.

The 16 representatives were highly concentrated and meticulously circulated the three artifacts.

Kusanagi Sword and 8-footed mirror were circulated without any accident, but when it was the turn of 8-footed Jade, something weird happened suddenly it flew to Sumika’s hands!

The originally normal 8-footed Jade suddenly with crisp whistles from the surface, shined with dazzling brilliance and a little sun seemed to appear in the palace as the light was so dazzling that the emperor and the representatives couldn’t open their eyes.

When the brilliance weakened, the emperor and others rushed over and saw Sumika closed her eyes and sat in the void peacefully with indifferent temperament, as if she was playing the Zither in the bamboo forest alone.

8-footed Jade was suspended above Sumika’s head and a bubble-like barrier appeared from the top down and covered her completely.

The incredible situation made everyone feel very shocked.

The emperor pondered and speculated that the 8-footed Jade must have had a relationship with Sumika, maybe she was the princess who had been lost for many years.

If the 8-footed jade really had a relationship with Sumika, he was willing to admit the identity of the Princess Sumika and consider to pass the throne to her.

While admiring the imagination of the emperor, the representatives also secretly pondered that Sumika must have the strongest bloodline among everyone since her serial number was 1.

Ancestral artifacts were spiritual as ordinary people couldn’t activate it when touching the artifacts, but a person with an onmyoji noble blood could definitely activate the ancestral artifacts power!

In this way, the representatives changed their attitude toward her as they looked at Sumika in admiration.

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