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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 74

2022-03-15 02:42:06Publish Time: 458 views
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Chapter 74: Sacrifice Ritual

At the time, the policemen from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department had arrived at the scene.

After quickly dispelling the crowd, the patrolling officers decided to scatter these crazy dancing cultists with tear gas.

But when they launched the tear gas, it was blocked by the air shield!

Helpless, the patrolling officers could only ask for help from the headquarters. They requested dispatching the technical personnel to understand and deal with the invisible obstacle that they had never encountered before. The police department also noticed the problem!

In the most prosperous city in Japan, Tokyo, Aum Shinrikyo cultists were dancing and performed sacrificial rituals in every district, indicating that something abnormal was hidden behind.

And now, an invisible obstacle prevented the outside world from interfering. It suggested that Aum Shinrikyo was planning for something big.

There must be something bad about to happen!

Indiscriminately guessing, the Metropolitan Police Department immediately signaled the frontline police to evacuate the residents where the Aum Shinrikyo cultists gathered. The Metropolitan Police Department reported the incident to the National Assembly and asked the Self-Defense Forces to assist and intervene in various parts of Tokyo.

More than 6 hours had passed and it was already 3 in the afternoon.

During the time, the Japanese Self-Defense Forces tried various weapons such as SAMs, autocannons from helicopters, military tanks AP rounds, etc., but the invisible obstacle seemed to be invincible as it wasn’t damaged at all.

The news reporters now played a vital role as all kinds of bizarre news headlines began to appear on the Japanese Internet.

"The police department commissioner secretly revealed that the Aum Shinrikyo cultists appearing at the various towns in Tokyo are undergoing sacrificial rituals!"

"Foaming, but no one stops! Having the ritual for more than 6 hours under the scorching sun. What is the plan of the Aum Shinrikyo?"

"The senior religious expert Huai Ren now analyzes the comprehensive past of Aum Shinrikyo!"

“Why can’t the police and the Self-Defense Forces deal with the Aum Shinrikyo cultists? This program will tell you about the cultists and the invisible magical obstacle!”

Some even took a close-up video of the dance of the Aum Shinrikyo cultists and uploaded it to Twitter and YouTube, which caused numerous netizens from all over the world to become suspicious.

The word ‘sacrifice ritual’, for the first time, became widely known to netizens across the world.

On the Internet, some netizens considered that since they were cultists, they thus had abnormal brains, which justified their weird dance.

Some well-informed netizens speculated that since it was called the ‘sacrifice ritual’, it must be related to the evil spirits believed by Aum Shinrikyo.

Did these cultists intend to sacrifice themselves and summon evil spirits to Japan?

Some funny netizens felt the ritual cool at first glance! Commenting on the videos, they stated they would imitate the dance together.

In fact, no one knew that the so-called sacrifice ritual was just the Easter Eggs created by Hu Feng behind the scenes.

Following the Hyakkiyakou, which were widely known all over the world, the sacrificial ritual took over the spotlight and went viral on the Internet, making it a global hit!

This would not only make everyone all over the world think of it when mentioning Hyakkiyakou, other famous cults such as the Satan, the Black Devil, the David Sect and the Almighty God would also consider it an important means of communicating with evil spirits, hence they would ecstatically imitate them though it would all end up in vain.

However, after witnessing that someone successfully summoned Hyakkiyakou after the ‘sacrifice ritual’, these world-famous cult organizations would become less doubtful of its authenticity, but would only feel that they weren’t pious enough and weren’t able to dance for more than 6 hours without resting like the mad Aum Shinrikyo cultists.

"It's about time." Hu Feng, who witnessed all this behind the scenes, hit upon an idea.

Suddenly, in various towns and districts of Tokyo, the Aum Shinrikyo cultists stared by the reporters under the protection of the air shield behind the police line fainted out one after another, as if they couldn’t bare the exhaustion.

In fact, Hu Feng dismissed them, so he directly sent them to death on the spot.

The Aum Shinrikyo quickly fell down one after another like dominoes.

In just a minute, except the leader Asahara Matsumoto, all other believers have long died.

Then, the cold wind whistled.

The original clear sky was filled with layers of dark clouds, visible to the naked eye.

"What happened? Is this a precursor to the storm? But there was no notice of a storm on the weather forecast this morning!"

"The weather seems so terrifying!"

Seeing this, the reporters who were filming on the spot started discussing.

The policemen responsible for guarding the Aum Shinrikyo cultists quickly contacted their superiors to request more police assistance.

After all, no one could guarantee whether the invisible wall would disappear once the downpour took place.

If an accident actually happened and they were short-handed, wasn’t it possible that the Aum Shinrikyo cultists would be set free?

When the scene turned a little chaotic and noisy, the leader Asahara Matsumoto, who continued to dance the eccentric sacrificial ritual, also stopped.

Looking up at the sky shrouded by the clouds, Asahara Matsumoto made a sharp and harsh laughter in a high-pitched voice.

Under the help of Hu Feng's control, Asahara Matsumoto's crazy screams and laughter directly spread to the ears of nearly one million people in Shinjuku, Tokyo, and made an impact on their eardrums, making people feel creepy.

"Respond to the call of the sacrifice ritual, Hyakkiyakou, please come to this world! Ha-ha!!"

Under the gaze of numerous reporters and policemen, the leader Asahara Matsumoto started burning and turned into ashes with her painful and heartbreaking scream.