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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 72

2022-03-15 02:41:50Publish Time: 461 views
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Chapter 72: Shuten-doji, Modified Samurai, Sacred Emperor

After confirming the cause and details of Hyakkiyakou, Hu Feng began to finalize its ending.

He thought that since Sumika, who had the recognition of Japanese people, was a descendant of great onmyoji Abe no Seimei and owned the shikigami Nine-tailed Fox, there had to be a villain with strength at the same level!

Otherwise, what’s the point of a lopsided match?

The command system called out a large number of well-known demons in Japanese myths and Hu Feng began to search for suitable targets.

After a while, Shuten-doji, known as one of the three major demons in Japan, caught his attention.

Shuten-doji was active in the Heian Era and was said to lived on the mountains of Danjiang.

Standing six meters tall, he had a very strong body, a red face, a few messy short hairs and long horns on top of his head and only wore a slight piece of cloth at his waist.

He kidnapped women and children as food and was extremely fond of sucking blood.

What I want is this kind of scary villain!

Hu Feng nodded slightly with satisfaction and subconsciously began to ponder about the modified Bushidou he had set, as he originally wanted the soul of Chiyou to possess a Japanese teenager and teach the Japanese teenager the path to becoming a samurai.

Recently, with a deep understanding of Japanese society, Hu Feng initially realized the immaturity of his previous ideas.

First of all, the identity of this Japanese teenager was a big problem!

Can’t a Japanese teenager have no past experience?

Such as Identity files, family relationships, interpersonal relationships, etc., they’re completely unclear.

Moreover, once the Japanese teenager was exposed to the public, undoubtedly the Japanese government would investigate to find out why the soul of Chiyou possessed him.

As long as they looked into it, they would find so many flaws!

Hu Feng was really reluctant to stick to his old plan.

After consideration, he changed the plan!

Just like Meng Jingyu, the secret martial artist, he himself would play the role of the modified samurai.

Hu Feng also had an idea about the identity of the modified samurai and would take the opportunity to debut in front of the people of Japan and the world!

"Although Sumika unsealed the Nine-tailed Fox in the 8-footed Jade,"

Hu Feng began to sort out the upcoming situation and found a suitable opportunity to put in the young samurai played by him personally.

"As a trainee onmyoji, she can't fully exert the full strength of Nine-tailed Fox, which was one of the three major demons in Japan."

"So she is in the underdog position."

"Then, it would be the best moment for me to debut!"

"My gears will be all the standard configuration of the ancient Japanese samurais…..." Hu Feng then thought about it.

"As for how to express that I’m possessed by the soul of Chiyou, I can wear a cow mask first, then there is a pair of bird wings in my shadow, which would fly freely in the air, enabling me to overlook the battle and cooperate with Sumika to attack Shuten-doji."

According to legend, Chiyou’s face looked like a cow and he had wings on his back as he was the leader of the families with cow pattern and bird pattern.

In order to show everyone that he was possessed by the soul of Chiyou, he decided to set up like this.

Hu Feng also finalized the ending.

"Sumika can’t defeat Shuten-doji even if she fights with him for a long time, but I can fly, and I will kill him instantly, which ends the Hyakkiyakou, stopping the demons and tsukumogamis from coming to life. Then, I will leave like a boss......"

Slightly holding his head, he seriously said. "So, considering the sense of power or mystery, it will be vivid. The image of the mysterious samurai will undoubtedly make the world remember him!"

Taking time to go through all the details of the Hyakkiyakou again, he started the first step after confirming that there were no flaws.

He contacted the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo and made the leader and others inspired by the ‘God’!

In a dimly-lit, narrow and dirty headquarters, ‘hive’, where the per capita total area was less than seven square meters.

Though the believers of Aum Shinrikyo looked very pale and had bloodshot eyes, they still paid attention to listen to the new leader - the third daughter of the former leader, Asahara Akira, who was sentenced the death penalty.

Now the sacred emperor Asahara Matsumoto released a new prediction.

There was a strict organization in Aum Shinrikyo. The leader herself was called the "Sacred Emperor" and had 21 internal institutions. They are the Imperial Court, the Emperor's Hall, the East Belief Hall, the West Belief Hall, the Ministry of Intelligence, the Autonomous provinces, the science and technology provinces, etc.

In order to totally control everything of the believers, each time they concentrate on preaching classics or launching terrorist attacks, before the prophecy was issued, the Sacred Emperor would strictly control the diet and sleep of all believers, so that the latter could only sleep 3 hours and have 1 meal a day.

Any believer who tried to escape or withdraw would be severely tortured if found.

Then, after the sacred emperor signed the death sentence of these believers, they would be locked inside a distressed, dampened and small room and wouldn’t be provided with any food or water until they died.

When Asahara Akira was arrested and executed by the government, many believers suddenly found out that the leader had no magical powers to stop the bullets, which meant they were fooled.

Hence some believers attempted to sneak away, but as the new sacred emperor sent out the patrols outside, those who tried to escape all died since they were all caught back.

Without the slightest pity, Asahara Matsumoto, who followed her father for a long time, directly sentenced these believers to death.

After executing a group of believers, they also took the believers to visit the skeletons of those who died of starvation as Asahara Matsumoto established her own sacred imperial power.

The reason why she convened thousands of believers today at the headquarters ‘hive’, ready to issue new prophecies in public, was not only to make some changes, but also make her own image imprinted on the brains of the believers.