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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 64

2022-03-15 02:40:46Publish Time: 518 views
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Chapter 64: 100,000 Trainee Onmyojis

In fact, when Sumika was experiencing the novice mission, Hu Feng was busy setting a reward for the first trainee onmyoji’s successful completion of the novice mission.

Considering that numerous trainee onmyojis like Sumika needed to fight against the various ghosts vividly in front of the people as onmyojis, Hu Feng set reward of a few experience points and a set of onmyoji uniform - white safari shirt, sashimeki and a hat looking like eboshi - as the reward for the mission.

Usually, the onmyoji uniforms were stored in the pages of the endowing notebook. When they needed to dress them, they could take out and wear them like ordinary clothes.

The second reward was a random low-level spell reward among the three major departments of onmyodo, including ‘charm’, ‘mantra’ and ‘onmyoji techniques’, also the skill ‘summoning array’ that every trainee onmyoji had to learn - It was specially designed as arrays that can be drawn on the ground, cast spells, and summon the shikigamis.

The third award given was, the blessings of the gods of Takamagahara for each trainee onmyoji - those who were seriously ill or were disabled could improve their physical condition in a medium range, and could fight against the ghosts like a normal person for the time being.

Hu Feng completed setting these rewards.

"Consume 20 points of fudge value to materialize the endowing notebook, and claim that it’s created with Divine Power before the departure of the gods of Takamagahara. Consume 4 points of fudge value to materialize the low-level AI black lucky cat......"

Consuming 2.4 million fudge values, Hu Feng materialized 100,000 endowing notebooks and lucky cats, so that they could find patients with the disabilities suitable as trainee onmyojis in Japan.

Although it seemed that the number of onmyojis couldn’t be compared with the total population of 127 million in Japan, Hu Feng knew that the number wasn’t important, but whether they could have their foundation in the society or not mattered.

There were only thousands of capitalist politicians in the Tokyo National Assembly, but they still dominated hundreds of millions of people in Japan.

With the ability to summon a variety of shikigamis and to implement onmyoji techniques, the onmyoji organization could easily take part in the social discourse, so that no one would ignore or bully them.

With the spontaneous expansion and development of the onmyoji organization, all Japanese citizens and even people all over the world would be shocked to realize that it turned out that in our seemingly normal lives, there actually existed a world of myths and legends!

These onmyojis were its members!

After removing the sound insulation in the ward, Hu Feng began to wake Sumika up.

[Completed the trainee onmyoji novice mission: eliminate or liberate the projection of Bone Girl.]

[The whole process of the mission has been kept in the endowing notebook, immerse yourself in the book, and you see from the perspective of God.]

[You have gained 30 experience points, 70 points of experience are needed to level up.]

[You got a full set of trainee onmyoji uniform - you can take it out from the book.]

[You have acquired onmyodo - onmyoji techniques - rejuvenation LV1. Consume 20 mana and quickly seal the mantra, you can restore a little physical strength to all friendly units within ten steps, and slightly increase their movement speed for 5 seconds.]

[You have acquired the summoning array - you can use this to summon shikigamis.]

[You have completed the first mission and gained the blessings of the gods of Takamagahara - the disease symptoms in your body are cured by 60%, and your physical strength is increased to the level of normal people.]

Sumika, who just woke up, only felt that a series of information was flowing on the endowing notebook.

Opening the notebook, when Sumika read the last piece in the description, she was completely stunned!

Is the late stage of acute leukemia that had caused her desperation, roughly eliminated under the blessing of the gods of Takamagahara?

“Lucky Cat No. 1, is this information true?" Opening the endowing notebook, Sumika looked at him doubtfully.

"The artifacts that God has created never lie." Hu Feng said in an unpredictable way.

"I'm sorry that I offended it." Sumika quickly apologized, but she was already so excited that she flushed since getting rid of the disease was her wish.

Trying to walk down from the bed, Sumika ran back and forth, bounced in the room, boldly squandering her physical strength.

Dozens of seconds later, Sumika still didn’t felt tired, and finally realized the youthful vitality of her peers.

It was even conceivable that if it hadn’t been for that Lucky Cat who was in front of her, she would have been eager to tell her parents the good news - the acute leukemia was almost cured!

As if knowing what Sumika thought, ripples appeared on the endowing notebook, Hu Feng re-entered the cover, and only his whisper could be heard in the ward. "If you want to share the joy of regaining health with your parents, as long as you don't expose the presence of magical artifacts, you can do as much as you can."

Not waiting for Sumika’s answer, the ward door was suddenly pushed open from the outside.

It turned out to be Sumika’s parents, the attending physician and nurses came to prepare for the next chemotherapy.

Seeing Sumika run in the ward on her feet, everyone was slightly stunned.

Subsequently, her mother asked. "Sumika, lie on the bed. You are weak, and will soon receive new chemotherapy. You have to cherish yourself!"

"Mom, in fact, I feel the vitality that I have never had. I think my acute leukemia has almost cured!"

As if to prove it, Sumika made a few deep squats easily.

The attending physician on the side was silent since Sumika was a weak and pale girl, who could even barely walk before, so how could she become a normal girl in such a short time?

The attending physician frowned slightly and looked at Sumika’s parents around him.

"Recently, do you have other treatments besides the chemotherapy and drugs we prepared?"

Sumika's parents looked at each other and shook their heads.

"That's really weird! The look of your daughter is very different from that in the previous few days. If it wasn't for the fact that I was personally responsible for arranging the chemotherapy for your daughter, I would really doubt whether I walked into the wrong ward!" The attending physician looked deeply shocked.

"If you don't mind, I’d like to arrange a comprehensive medical examination for her immediately." With a little contemplation, the attending physician looked at them with sincerity.

Sumika's parents were also eager to do so.

Though her daughter looked much better than the previous days, but if she could go through a comprehensive medical examination, it would really make them relieved.