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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 62

2022-03-15 02:40:30Publish Time: 495 views
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Chapter 62: Hide-and-Seek

Just closing her eyes and lying on the bed, Sumika immediately felt that the endowing notebook was shining, and her whole person was sucked into it.

At the same time, a message echoed in her mind, making her unable to forget.

Novice mission: destroy or liberate the projection of Bone Girl

Bone girl, the legendary Japanese female ghost, a woman who was insulted, bullied, and trampled on when she was alive, turned into a devil after death due to resentment. Since she has only a pile of bones, she disguises herself with her skin.

Mission difficulty: easy

Mission mode: single (out-of-body experience)

Time limit: none

Mission Tips:

1. She doesn’t have any special ability like teleport, perspective, illusion, and always searches at each floor at a constant speed. Its movement speed is 1.5 times that of ordinary people. It only has vision.

2. She makes a huge abnormal sound when moving, and likes to peel the human skin.

3. She is very fond of replacing the human skin on her body. Every 30 minutes, she returns to the initial landing floor and spends 3 minutes replacing the new human skin.

4. Burn any piece of human skin, and she will die.

5. She will appear after 20 minutes, so don’t get caught by her.

6. Since it’s a novice mission, you won’t get hurt or die if being killed by her. But you may only enter the novice mission again after 24 hours.

7. Since it’s a novice mission, even if you don’t kill or liberate her, the mission will be considered completed if you can survive 6 hours. But you may only receive half of the mission rewards and the blessings of gods of Takamagahara.

After a long time, Sumika woke up and found that she was no longer in the inpatient department of the hospital.

Looking around, she was not only in a strange place, but also her body became healthy like before being hospitalized!

"......Am I now having an out-of-body experience? Thanks to the power of the gods of Takamagahara, I must complete the novice mission!"

Recalling the almost unforgettable mission introduction in her mind, Sumika couldn't help but was deeply amazed at the power of the endowing notebook.

"I almost forgot…... After 20 minutes, the projection of Bone Girl will appear!" After taking a deep breath to calm her mind, Sumika began to explore the environment.

Yellowed walls, rusty elevators with idol posters, deserted hallway where only a few light sticks were thrown on the ground, open windows, and the open doors......

Searching for 10 minutes, Sumika was finally sure that she now seemed to be in a deserted apartment, the power and the water had been cut off since Sumika saw the specific map of the apartment when holding a light stick on the first floor of the building.

- There are 9 floors, each with eight tenants' houses, private bathrooms and toilets, no food provided, no pets allowed.

- There are two kinds of access passages in the apartment, namely elevators and stairs. However, due to the power outage, the elevator has been deactivated, so only the stairs are available.

"The mission tips mentioned that burning any of her skins will be considered killing her… I definitely need fire."

Quickly walking through the 9 floors, Sumika didn’t find anything that could help her light a fire.

Even when she broke into an unoccupied room, she only saw an empty kitchen.

As for the lighter and matches, Sumika couldn’t find it either.

Sumika also considered that she should leave the apartment to see what was outside since it was still early, before Bone Girl came out.

However, after opening the door leading to the outside world on the first floor, she only saw the infinite darkness and an overwhelming black mist.

Holding a plastic mop, she sent it to the front of the black mist.

After witnessing that the plastic mop melt like a candle, Sumika wisely gave up the idea.

As time passed by, it was estimated that 20 minutes almost passed.

When Bone Girl was about to appear, Sumika hid in the middle of the apartment — the fifth floor stairwell, after all, she didn’t know where Bone Girl would appear.

If she hid on the first floor or the ninth floor, wasn’t it a dead end if she happened to show up next to Sumika?

Even if she was unlucky, and Bone Girl showed up on the fifth floor at random, she could immediately choose to escape up or down since she was in the stairwell.

While thinking, a ghost cry came from above her head.

There were sounds of a slow, heavy movement from far away at regular intervals.

In this dimly lit apartment, it was already very creepy.

"Bone Girl must have appeared. She may be coming down. The regular sounds of the movement maybe implying that she is searching every empty room, so she stopped a little! Although I’m not sure where she is, she should be on the sixth, seventh, eighth or ninth floors."

Considering that she would return to the initial appearing place every 30 minutes, then it took 3 minutes to replace the new human skin, Sumika forcibly resisted her fear of running away for the first time, speculated and remembered the location where Bone Girl appeared, and then quickly ran down to the lower floor.

Although Bone Girl didn’t have the special ability of teleportation, perspective, illusion, etc., its movement speed was 1.5 times that of ordinary people, so she couldn’t escape once she was seen by Bone Girl!

Long before Bone Girl showed up, Sumika had already thought of how to survive.


She wanted to play hide-and-seek with Bone Girl, who only had sight. She had no second chance, so she couldn't let the other party see her from start to finish!

The elevator on each floor was unavailable due to the power outage.

However, Sumika had observed that the elevators on each floor were open to the outside.

She was very slim, if she stayed close to one side in the elevator, the incoming person couldn’t see her or couldn't think of anyone hiding there.

But she could only try this when there was nowhere to hide.

After all, Sumika couldn't guarantee whether Bone Girl would search in the elevator. If so, she wouldn’t be able to escape at all!

Sumika had already given up the idea to burn any skin of Bone Girl in order to complete the novice mission of onmyojis quickly, since she couldn't find anything to ignite fire, hence she only hoped that she could persist for long enough and would not get caught by Bone Girl in 6 hours.