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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 60

2022-03-15 02:40:14Publish Time: 499 views
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Chapter 60: Doomsday prophecy

"Do you know who you are?"

Sumika was a bit stunned, wasn't she an ordinary Japanese girl?

Thinking, Sumika grinned. "I am an ordinary girl…..."


The black lucky cat put its two front paws gently on her shoulders, its shining amber pupils were staring Sumika, and it said. “You have the grace of Heian Age, a strong onmyoji inheritance factor, and your potential is like a bright pearl at night, but you don’t know it!”

"Don't sell yourself short, or consider yourself ordinary. You are a descendant of onmyojis!"

I? Descendant of onmyojis?

Sumika was completed stunned, she looked down and muttered over and over again, then she revealed a confused and unbelievable expression. "Mr. Cat No. 1, do you mistake me for someone else? ...I, I never had such a special talent... if you suddenly tell me..."

Taking back the front paws, Hu Feng calmly asked. "Ono Sumika, do you know Takamagahara?”

Thinking for a while, Sumika said bluntly. “It’s the heavenly world where the gods live. Before I was hospitalized, my parents took me to the shrine every year to pray for the sanctuary."

"That's right, then do you know the doomsday prophecy of the gods of Takamagahara?"

Sumika was stunned.

After a while, she said embarrassedly. "I’m very sorry, I’ve never heard of this kind of prophecy."

Of course you haven't heard of it, because I made this up.

Hu Feng sat in front of her with a serious look on his cat face.

"Before the gods left, they left the doomsday prophecy - one day, an ancient evil that cannot be directly named will wake up, the underground seal will gradually collapse, and ghosts will be return to the human world..."

"There will be descendants of blue-blooded onmyojis bravely expelling the ancient evil and fighting until death in order to protect the love and hope on the land of Japan!"

"We lucky cats were reminded by the gods when they left that we should seek and help those descendants of onmyojis awaken before the ancient evil wakes up."

"This endowing notebook was created for awakening the descendants of onmyojis. We lucky cats live inside it and will also assist you."

Doomsday prophecy?

Hearing this, Sumika couldn't help but take a deep breath.

Even though she hadn't experienced the chaotic world, Sumika could still understand that it was a tragedy in which all lives would be ruined from the various information sources available in modern society.

Hu Feng added.

"Ono Sumika, there’s no need to doubt whether you’re dreaming and whether this is just an illusion."

"You can pinch your own arm to see if you feel any pain."

Doing so, the pain on the arm made Sumika understand that she was in reality.

Witnessing the miracle that let the lucky cat No. 1 twist space and walk out of the magic notebook, Sumika began to believe that as a descendant, she absolutely had the ancestral origin of ancient powerful onmyoji’s, otherwise it would be impossible to find such a magical and cute lucky cat!

Wow! I am actually a descendant of onmyojis, can I summon shikigamis in the future? Or can I perform all kinds of magical spells?

Sumika blushed as she was excited.

Noticing that her expression changed greatly, Hu Feng began the next step.

Frighten her, and then let her honestly follow his steps to test the endowing notebook!

In short, Sumika was the bug tester in the eyes of Hu Feng, who promoted the endowing notebook to the public and specifically looked for anything unreasonable.

Slightly twisting the light in the ward, Hu Feng made himself a being in the shadow, and his voice became low-pitched.

"If you were in ancient times, even without the guidance of we lucky cats or the endowing notebooks, you could still embark on an extraordinary path since you have the strong heritance of onmyojis."

"But in the modern world, the descendants of onmyojis don’t know how to control or awaken their own strength. This extraordinary power will become the biggest obstacle in your normal life!"

"Ono Sumika, I believe you also understand what the biggest obstacle in your body recently is."

Hearing this, Sumika looked lost, and even paler and more lifeless.

Biting her teeth, she asked in an extremely unbelievable tone. "Mr. Lucky Cat No. 1, do you mean…...the late stage of acute leukemia that I am suffering from, is stemmed from over-strong onmyoji heritance that I can’t control in my body?"

"If this were someone else, I would not be so sure their illness was caused by the onmyoji heritance."

Walking around Sumika, Hu Feng gently nodded his head as she stared at him. "But being close to you, I can be 100% sure that the fact is just like what you have guessed."

"This…...this is impossible!"

Covering her face and weeping, Sumika couldn’t believe it.

She was doubtful when she first heard that she had the ancient onmyoji heritance, became excited when confirming, and felt desperate after finding that the disease turned out to be brought by the heritance…...

If she could turn back time, she wished that she had never met Lucky Cat No. 1, and had never understood the onmyoji heritance, hence she could die happily without knowing any of it…...

"Giving up? Escaping from reality?" Hu Feng deliberately sighed.


Maybe Lucky Cat No. 1 can help me!

Desperate sobbing, Sumika couldn’t wait to rush to the front of Hu Feng, as if a helpless person found a life-saving straw.

She put her palms together devoutly and pleaded. "Mr. Lucky Cat, please guide me on how to save myself!"

Hu Feng crooned and shook his tail gently, putting on a worried face. "Are you sure? As an honest and kind lucky cat, I have to tell you a cruel fact in advance......"

"In a modern world that the gods of Takamagahara have been forced to leave, if you want to completely control the onmyoji heritance and solve the obstacles in your body, it’s not going to be easy! It will be a way full of thorns. It requires wisdom and a long struggle. Can you really stand it?"