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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 58

2022-03-15 02:39:58Publish Time: 490 views
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Chapter 58: Onmyoji Organization

"What kind of Japanese people are suitable for an adventure and becoming onmyojis?"

“Government civil servants? Shrine witches? Lawyers? Doctors? Teachers? University students? Gangsters?”

To be honest, Hu Feng couldn't immediately judge which people should become onmyojis and would be most suitable for his plan.

But he understood a saying.

- The charcoal in the snow is far more memorable than the icing on the cake.

In modern society, no matter in which country, one kind of people had the most vulnerable mentality!


Because of illness, these people often cared more about the outside world than ordinary people.

Their emotions were more sensitive and complicated, and they were more likely to naively believe in things.

Especially those patients who were seriously ill and had faced the countdown to death, if they encountered a magical future in which they could get healthy and supernatural abilities, 99% of patients would be hard to resist this temptation.

They would be convinced and be driven for it.

"As a Chinese who knows little about Japanese traditional culture, even if I create a collective adventure for the Japanese people with the name of the gods of Takamagahara and enable many people to become onmyojis…... It certainly won’t be flawless, and ordinary Japanese people may still wonder if it’s really a gift from the gods of Takamagahara?”

"But if they are patients, they will definitely believe whatever I say, as if grasping the life-saving straw. For these patients, I will take long treatments, not only showing hopes of recovery, but also convincing them that they can't live without me."

"When I develop the onmyoji organization which will be mainly composed of patients, even if other Japanese people doubt us, they will unscrupulously blindly criticize the Japanese people that they disrespect the gods and derogate God's grace."

"Of course, I can also infiltrate or jointly control the Japanese government after the organization grows up. For example, turn the head of the ruling party into a onmyoji?" Hu Feng began to imagine.

"If the number of Japanese patients is still not enough, I can also accept those who have suffered great misfortunes and others who have been excluded or discriminated against by others, to turn them into trainees."

"These people already know the cruelty and indifference of the society. Won’t they feel like as if they are reborn in the onmyoji organization? I will convince them that if they follow me and obey my orders, they will get rid of misfortune and live a bright future like a normal person, which can enable me to control them."

Quietly meditating, he kept having ideas, until he had finally came to a decision.

As for the candidates for the onmyojis, I will give priority to those patients who are seriously ill, hospitalized, or have no money to live in hospitals!

Then, it will be the disabled people who suffer various misfortunes!

Thinking of this, Hu Feng suddenly felt weird.

- As for the patients who are seriously ill, cannot afford to live in a hospital, and suffer from various misfortunes, the Japanese society turns them into ‘ghosts’. But I, a selfish man who is only interested in controlling everything behind the scenes and earning more fudge values, turn these ghosts into ‘humans’ with the heritance of the onmyojis.

He or Japanese society, which is worse?

It wasn’t the time to think about philosophy, but time for the operation!

Thinking of this, Hu Feng went to the nearest hospital.

It was raining, and it was wet and cold.

Inside the medical staff office, the second floor of the inpatient department, Okayama Hospital.

"The condition of Sumika is already at the late stage of acute leukemia. Although she doesn’t have a fever, but if we continue the chemotherapy, we can't guarantee that she will still be safe. According to our experience, Sumika may only have less than 3 months to live……”

The attending doctor held the medical record card and described the condition.

The parents of Sumika heard the news and started weeping.

"She is only 17 years old! She should have a glorious future! If our family was rich, and took her to a big hospital for medical examination every year, her condition would have long been discovered!"

Especially her mother was already crying.

The chemotherapy not only cost a lot of money, but also was a painful torture to Sumika.

"My condolences…..." The doctor comforted them.

However, no one knew that outside the office, an extremely thin girl who had already shaved her hair for chemotherapy, and it was, with a pale face, had gently put her ear on the door to eavesdrop.

After hearing the conversation between the doctor and her parents, she quietly returned to the single ward at the end of the corridor.

Closing the ward door, Sumika indented in the bed, looked at the ceiling expressionlessly, and got immersed in the conversation she just heard.

"According to our experience, Sumika may only have less than 3 months to live……"

3 months left? Enough.

From the drawer of the bedside table, she took out a pink automatic pen and a notebook with a cover for the piglet's family of four.

Sumika lay on the pillow and began to write down some thoughts.

She started writing a farewell letter.

For my grandparents in Akita, give them a copy of my transcript before I got hospitalized.

For Mom and Dad, don’t have to give me chemotherapy anymore. In order to cure my disease, we have almost run of the savings. You are still young, and you can have another baby. Just put a bunch of white lilies in front of my grave in the coming year, I really like the faint fragrance…...

In fact, I really wish that I can go to the amusement park with Mom and Dad on a sunny morning.

I want to sit on the carousel, Mom sits behind me and hugs me, and Dad sits on my left hand side so I can look at you at any time.

Then I want to find a kindhearted passerby who is willing to take a photo for our family.

I want Dad to buy a lot of balloons.

I want to release them into the sky one by one.

I also want to buy corns to feed the pigeons…...

She suddenly stopped writing down her wishes.

Sumika’s sight started to blur at this moment, and she burst into tears.

She remembered what the doctor reminded her parents when she was first hospitalized…...

Due to the acute leukemia, she can't leave the inpatient department because she can get sick anytime and anywhere. Once she has an accident at the amusement park, her thin body may not survive long enough to be sent to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Her biggest wish was doomed to be impossible to fulfill.

The sad feeling haunted her thoughts, and her tears kept dropping, quietly wetting the pillow.

"Why am I crying?"

"I still have 3 months, how can’t I still be unsatisfied?"

"Ono Sumika, you are greedy."

Wiping her eyes off, Sumika picked up her sunny doll she made with paper, and carefully hung it in front of the bed.

Even if she was destined not to leave the hospital, Sumika still hoped that she could see the sunny day tomorrow morning.