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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 56

2022-03-15 02:39:42Publish Time: 601 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: tinyEdit

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Chapter 56: Project in Japan!

To put it bluntly, Hu Feng was impressed with Japanese culture, including Bushido, onmyoji, Ninja, Tea, Warring States Period…….

Some small things that originally belonged to Japanese spread throughout the world.

No matter in Europe, America or China, there were numerous fans of Japanese culture.

On the contrary, China was weak in this respect.

Hu Feng vaguely remembered that he admired the Japanese Warring States Period, and sometimes complained that China had nothing compared to it.

When he became older, he knew that China had rich culture, but few publicized it, so he didn’t know about it.

Now that he wanted fool the Japanese government and people, Hu Feng was deeply convinced that it was necessary to start with the two distinct well-known cultures in Japan.

Bushido and Onmyojis!

The traditional Bushido was all about the loyalty of the Emperor and the patriotism.

Hu Feng didn't like it, and he didn't plan to help the emperor train his subordinates.

He must modify it to something convenient for his own plan.

The onmyojis started from the Heian era. Since all kinds of strange devils were rampant, in order to protect the safety of the Japanese capital, the people who specialized in learning metaphysics made a contract with the ghosts or conquered them.

By the means, people who had their own fighting partner ‘Shikigami’ began to call themselves onmyojis, and dealt with the various spiritual things after the sun went down.

Since in the Heian era, after five o'clock in the afternoon every day, devils began to rage on the streets, 5 p.m. was also called ‘time for devils’ by the onmyojis!

Compared with Bushido, the colorful and imaginative onmyoji culture was undoubtedly spread more widely in the world.

"Compared to Bushido, I should set the onmyoji plan first." Hu Feng quietly meditated.

It took a while before he finally came up with a rough Japanese fudge plan.

That was, rely on the modified onmyojis supplemented by the modified Bushido.

He wanted to create collective adventures, which made Japanese people horrified to discover that they had become onmyojis with magical ability to perform different spells and commanded shikigamis.

Then he would develop the onmyoji organization step by step, in order to let them make their existence public to the world.

"Right! Since we have the onmyojis, how can there be no big bosses? I can't let these guys have no targets!"

Eager to fool the entire Japan and bring infinite shock and joy to all countries in the world with his plan, Hu Feng was so excited that he began talking to himself.

"In the beginning, the onmyojis would be very weak. I can fool them that the gods of Takamagahara who left the world have left prophecies. An unspeakable ancient evil was waking up, and the ancient seal under Heian City was collapsing… You can’t repeat the name of the ancient evil because this will make it notice and wake up earlier…"

"This can not only explain clearly why the gods of Takamagahara didn’t take actions, but also can hide the name of the big boss, which will let people think more about it. Moreover, it would become more mysterious and urgent."

Hu Feng had an inspiration. “In the near future, Japan needs warriors who are willing to guard love and peace, to decisively stand up and fight the ancient evil. This can also motivate them to understand their significance of being a onmyoji and grinding to become stronger - to protect the love and peace of Japan."

Hu Feng was indifferent to the slogan of love and peace, but with his own experience in years of animation, comics and games, he was keen to judge that the Japanese people loved this style, so he simply wanted to satisfy them.

"I can also create some ghosts and monsters in Japanese folklore, and let the onmyojis fight against them in the face of Japanese people. This is simply the real version of Japanese onmyoji movie!"

"The reason why these Japanese people can get the inheritance of onmyojis is because the gods who have left the world left a foreshadowing, or I simply can say that their ancestors are nobility, anyway, don’t the protagonists in Japanese anime have a background to become powerful?" Hu Feng thought he should have went to drama school in the past.

“No one will value those without background.”

Hu Feng seemed to think of something. "I can add the modified Bushido, the samurais and the onmyojis will guard Japan together."

"In view of the excessive number of onmyojis, I only set up just one samurai."

"He must have a secret. It is different from the foreshadowing or nobility. He is actually an ordinary person, but he is possessed by the soul of a famous figure from ancient Chinese myths and legends. Like the protagonist in the Japanese anime, he embarks on his way of a modified samurai."

"Who should I set up the soul as?" Hu Feng began to ponder that who should be this role.

First of all, it shouldn’t be too close to present. Secondly, the soul should know the great boss. We can let the people around the world understand [the mythological history of East Asia].

"Lu Dongbin in the Eight Immortals? No, no, it is too close to the present…... Zuoci Xianren in the Three Kingdoms? Not cool enough…..." Hu Feng thought about lots of names in his mind, but he was always dissatisfied.

Hu Feng suddenly had an idea.

He didn't have to be so cranky, he could have a backward inference with the background and the characters he already set up!

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