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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 52

2022-03-15 02:39:10Publish Time: 491 views
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Chapter 52: Codename: Dragon Slayer! Li Wei!

Though Meng Jingyu had already left to look for his lover, his influence still kept popping up when he traveled, challenged martial artists and fighters all over the world, and handed over the Kunlun secret martial arts to the country.

In fact, before Hu Feng’s departure, the intelligence department from the United States had already begun to act secretly.

Many years ago, senior spies in China received a message from the CIA.

The senior spy with the codename Dragon Slayer was in action!

Half a month before Meng Jingyu left, in the administrative building of the National Special Bureau in Beijing, Li Wei was a top agent.

In the eyes of ordinary colleagues, Li Wei was recently promoted from the front line of the National Security Bureau to the headquarters of National Special Bureau due to many achievements.

He became a manager that trained agents. He was extremely savvy, capable and humorous.

In the eyes of the superiors, Li Wei never drank alcohol or smoked, and had a healthy life without any bad hobbies. He could complete every mission to the best. He even arrested two-digit international spies, which showed how loyal he was.

But in Li Wei’s mind, he always remembered his identity as a secret citizen of the United States, as well as his codename in the CIA SSS-level archives - Dragon Slayer!

Yes, in the eyes of the top officials of the White House, the rise of China had been unstoppable, and an evil red dragon was taking off.

In 1991, the United States could collude with their men inside successfully to peacefully finish off a more wicked red bear, Soviet Union. In the future, they could naturally be capable of killing an evil red dragon.

With the hope of the United States, the Chinese-born Michelle Rennes Lavone Lee, with the fake name Li Wei and the codename Dragon Slayer, was adopted by old spy from Nanyang of the China National Security Bureau. With his achievements, he gradually entered the Chinese mainland from Nanyang, and kept climbing up at a steady pace.

For the benefit of the United States, even if he had to fight in the heart of the enemy country for decades, Li Wei had no regrets.

Originally, Li Wei's life goal was stipulated by the CIA. He would quietly enter the core high-level, get slowly promoted in the National Security Bureau, and leak various secrets to the United States.

However, recently the CIA ordered him to get the information of Meng Jingyu as much as possible at all costs.

At first, Li Wei, who worked in the front line of the National Security Bureau, couldn’t get anything though he tried his best to inquire in many ways.

Recently, he was transferred to the headquarters of the National Special Bureau, so what Li Wei couldn’t expect happened!

Not only Meng Jingyu was related to the National Special Bureau, but also two lucky people who were taking paid vacations, were now practicing the secret martial arts that Meng Jingyu handed over to the country!

After quickly inquiring about the facts from CIA, the United States immediately sent an order to Li Wei.

The Dragon Slayer starts to take action, and must take the Kunlun Secret Martial Arts handed over by Meng Jingyu, and pass it to the United States. Other agents will cooperate with you in the near future...

A few days passed.

Knowing many people in the National Special Bureau, Li Wei not only figured out the identities of the two lucky people through inquiring - Director Guo and Qin Wenhui, but also learned about their home addresses with his identity of the supervisor.

Director Guo had a higher official position and a larger number of family members. He lived in a military compound with guards, so it wasn’t easy to get in.

In contrast, Qin Wenhui, who lived alone in an apartment for a long time, had undoubtedly become the perfect target for Li Wei!

Soon after, 3 experienced agents from foreign countries who specially cooperated with him also arrived safely in Beijing, China.

With the help of the underground black market, the equipment required by Li Wei was all set.

However, Li Wei had been hesitant about the specific time of the operation because he didn’t know the exact time Qin Wenhui would be in his apartment.

What if Qin Wenhui finds his apartment broken into and reports the police or the National Special Bureau?

If I arrest Qin Wenhui, can I get the Kunlun secret martial arts?

These key issues were assured, so Li Wei naturally didn’t dare to act carelessly since he only had one chance.

Waiting for almost half a month, Li Wei came to work as usual, but unexpectedly found that Qing Wenhui was actually in the National Special Bureau!

"What happened? Is the time to practice Kunlun Secret Martial Arts so short? Is it over?"

"Or Kunlun secret martial arts are too difficult to understand, so Qin Wenhui wasn’t suitable for cultivation and got eliminated?"

Having lots of thoughts in his mind, Li Wei didn’t take action.

During the lunch break in the cafeteria, Li Wei dined with colleagues interested in Kunlun, including Qin Wenhui, and asked.

"Chief Qin, don't you participate in the practice of the Kunlun secret martial arts? Is it over?"

In view of the fact that he was familiar with all the coworkers around, Qin Wenhui, who wasn’t precautious, took a sip of the rib soup and answered casually. "Don't mention it! The superior gave us a book that recorded the complete set of Kunlun secret martial arts, and then Meng Jingyu became our teacher."

"Everything was all right, but Meng Jingyu suddenly left without saying goodbye... Without the teacher, we were naturally dissolved!"

But soon, Qin Wenhui also noticed it. "I signed a confidentiality agreement! Don't leak it!"

Hearing this, Li Wei was excited, and he hurriedly covered his expressions by swallowing food. “Wow, this pork cutlet tastes really good!”

A book that recorded the complete set of Kunlun secret martial arts?

Meng Jingyu has left?

Eating food, Li Wei was pondering deep in his mind.

Usually after 11 p.m., the staff of the National Special Bureau all left for home.

If invading Qin Wenhui’s apartment at that moment, I can get this book and kill him. Then, the Americans can easily get this full set of Kunlun secret martial arts?

I can't be exposed, so I should order the 3 experienced agents to do it.

Taking advantage of the time he went to the toilet, Li Wei sent out the timing, location, target, and escape route.

The 3 agents who pretended to be tourists at the Great Wall were also excited after receiving the information.

"The boss is on the phone."

"Brothers, it's time to work!"