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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 50

2022-03-15 02:38:54Publish Time: 482 views
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Chapter 50: American Spies in Action!

Although it took almost a month, under the strong insistence of President Trump, he finally got enough funds and other resources to set up a temporary agency dedicated to investigating and researching Chinese Kunlun Secret Martial Artist Meng Jingyu and authorized the FBI and CIA to collect all information of Meng Jingyu at all costs.

According to the original words, President Trump said. "I don't believe that Meng Jingyu came out from the stone! No matter how much resources we need and how many agents are killed, I want all data related to Meng Jingyu to appear in my office, even the statistics about every time he wetted his bed!"

Although he was mad, you could hear Mr. President’s perseverance.

The agents who acted as diplomats in the American embassy in China had begun to act.

On the international black market, the personal information of Meng Jingyu costed up to 300 million US dollars, and there were 20 unregistered American visas!

In mainland China, many high-level spies who belonged to the CIA, were born in the Chinese area and influenced by the American elite culture, all had Chinese faces.

They often had different identities. Some were government officials, some were military officers, and some were well-known entrepreneurs...

But all of them insisted that they were American citizens and would always serve for the interest of the United States.

On this day, through various hidden contact channels, they received the new mission from the CIA, and that was, collect information of Meng Jingyu at all costs!

At this moment, the American spies were in action!

As the first thing after returning to China, Hu Feng went to Director Guo and stated that he was ready to fulfill the promise of handing over the Dragon Elephant Wave and guiding 32 people personally, which made Director Guo smile happily.

Considering how important this matter was, Director Guo immediately reported the news to his superiors.

After a very short period of time, Meng Jingyu was invited to the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army. There were a number of stenographers, recording machines, and video equipment to ensure his hand-overs.

Looking around, Hu Feng wasn’t shy, but consumed 10,000 fudge values with the system.

The principle of cultivation of Dragon Elephant Wave requires practitioners to continuously remove food impurities by ingesting a large amount of high-nutrient foods and various postures to enhance the metabolism. It preserved the essence and gradually changed the body, to gradually improve various physical qualities.

Slightly extending the right hand and turning it up, a thought flashed through his mind, the book containing the codes, patterns, and the meditation posture of 30,000-layered Dragon Elephant Wave had appeared.

"Take it, this is the 30,000-layered Dragon Elephant Wave."

Looking at the big book in his hand, everyone was almost stunned.

They originally thought that Meng Jingyu wanted to dictate, so all the preparations for this were done in vain.

And how long should it take to train 30,000 layers?

"Give you 24 hours."

"Tomorrow, I will teach you how to train the basics of Dragon the Elephant Wave."

After that, Meng Jingyu immediately left.

Many days ago, the 30 people to be instructed had already been filled.

The only thing that needed to be decided now was the two places promised by Meng Jingyu privately.

Around 4 p.m., inside the national special bureau, all the special agents in Beijing stood still.

Senior officials such as Director Guo finally came out of the conference room and stepped onto the stage to prepare for public announcement of the two candidates who would be able to accept the guidance of Meng Jingyu.

Director Guo looked at the hundreds of subordinates who were waiting under. "Thanks to Master Meng, we have the privilege of sending 2 lucky people to receive guidance from Master Meng to learn the mysterious Kunlun secret martial arts Dragon Elephant Wave tomorrow."

"This is very important. I have discussed with the deputy directors and supervisors at various levels for a long time. I finally finalized the two candidates. I will ask the deputy director to announce it to everyone."

Director Guo looked at the people around him, and the deputy director immediately took over the microphone.

At the moment, all of the agents stared at the deputy director, and they fully expected their names to be called.

Everyone was anxious, as if waiting for the release of the results of college applications.

Taking a deep breath, the deputy director said solemnly. "Qin Wenhui!"


In view of his deeds, Qin Wenhui was no longer a small section chief in Guangzhou, He had already been promoted to the headquarters of the national special bureau.

At the moment hearing his name being called, thinking that he would be able to cultivate the Kunlun secret martial arts, Qin Wenhui suddenly blushed and jumped up excitedly.

Those around him were envious. But after all, Qin Wenhui had made many achievements, including leading the team to discover the Feng Shui pattern where Meng Jingyu was unearthed, and delivering an amazing speech in the meeting on the policy to deal with Meng Jingyu.

The agents could accept that Qin Wenhui was chosen.

The deputy director began to call the second lucky one.

"Guo Zhaojian!"

Suddenly, all the agents were simply stunned.

Was there such a guy in the headquarters of the national special bureau?

Why don’t I know him?


When everyone was shocked, a loud response suddenly sounded on the stage, which led people to look at him.

With a glance, everyone couldn’t help but get stunned!

Because the guy who responded was actually Director Guo.

What's the situation?

People looked at Director Guo doubtfully, and they were speechless.


"As you can see, this person who will accept the personal guidance of Master Meng and cultivate the Kunlun secret martial arts Dragon Elephant Wave...will be me."

"When I am absent, the deputy director will temporarily replace my job."

"Please rest assured, my colleagues, as the top leader of the national special bureau, I have to take the initiative to take this responsibility!"

Director Guo stood up in a grandiose manner. "In order to prevent someone from getting killed when practicing, I am willing to try the Dragon Elephant Wave. You don't have to say thank you to me. This is what I should do.”


Now, the agents under the podium understood.

The temptation to personally accept the guidance of Meng Jingyu and cultivate Kunlun secret martial arts Dragon Elephant Wave was too great, so that Director Guo couldn’t help but occupy a quota. Nonetheless, he even pretended to be so noble and selfless.


As the head of the national special bureau, he should have had chances to try Dragon Elephant Wave in the future!

Do you want it so bad?

Even if Meng Jingyu will personally guide you, do you have to be so over eager?

Faced with this situation, many agents couldn’t help but think of a sentence

- Shameless people are invincible!

They really had nothing to comment on Director Guo.