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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 47

2022-03-15 02:36:24Publish Time: 539 views
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Chapter 47: The Focus of Tokyo

Not only the media in China received the orders from the authorities to publicize Meng Jingyu, but also media in Tokyo, which kept finding ways to make big news and improve their ratings, constantly reported Meng Jingyu’s stories and the famous martial artists in Japan.

Who will win? Kunlun secret martial artist Meng Jingyu? Or Dashan Bida, the great karate master?

Close matchup! Miyamoto Musashi of the Heisei era - Kuniyi, the 18th generation of the Kashima versus Kunlun secret martial artist Meng Jingyu.

The battle for the best Eastern Asian martial artist title! Who can defeat Meng Jingyu?

Japanese martial arts crisis! Who can stop him? - Kunlun Challenger - Meng Jingyu!

CX Fuji TV, NTV Japan TV Station, EX Asahi TV, TV TOKYO and many other news media were competing.

Before Meng Jingyu arrived in Tokyo, the Japanese people were already interested in it.

Out of national self-respect and pride, many Japanese netizens were discussing on the Internet, and they wanted to give this ignorant Chinese challenger a lesson!

More radical netizens chose to go to the major Japanese dojos, and hoped that the masters of the major sects could fight against Meng Jingyu.

Some of the opposition politicians who were preparing for the next Japanese general election also took the opportunity to publicly express their willingness to come up with some of their own political contributions to reward those martial artists who defeated Meng Jingyu, thereby attracting popularity.

Even those Japanese martial arts sects that didn’t receive the challenge invitation from the Chinese Embassy in Japan, also spontaneously sent people to Tokyo, intending to watch the next game in the Tokyo Budokan and cheering for the famous Japanese martial artists.

A few days on the cruise had passed.

Meng Jingyu came to Tokyo with great attention form everyone.

According to the arrangement of the Chinese Embassy in Japan, Meng Jingyu was supposed to heal his body, adjust his physical fitness and rest for a day or two.

Then, the 12 games against the famous Japanese martial artists would be held in the Tokyo Budokan in the next 4 days.

The opponents that Meng Jingyu would face were karate master Dashan Bida, kendo champion Kuniyi, judo master Maeda Kazuo...


After hearing the arrangements made by the embassy, Meng Jingyu directly refused. “No need, I can take a rest today, and I will formally challenge them in the Tokyo Budokan tomorrow morning.”

Not waiting for the people around to react, Hu Feng once again said. "It’s a waste of time holding only three challenges per day. Immediately inform those martial artists that all the challenges will be held tomorrow."

People in the embassy couldn't believe what they heard.

Even a warrior made with iron would feel exhausted if facing 12 Japanese martial arts elites in one day?

"Mr. Meng, can you handle this? If four days are too long for you, we can help you reduce it to three days!"

However, not caring what these people said, Hu Feng still insisted.

After the director of the embassy asked the high-level officials, they couldn’t help but obey Hu Feng’s will and had to send people to contact the Japanese martial artists. At the same time, they announced that Meng Jingyu had revised the challenge’s time.

On the Internet of Tokyo, numerous netizens were simply raging.

“Meng Jingyu from China? Is he trying to humiliate us people? Challenging the 12 strong people in one day, who does he think he is?”

"A superficial and ignorant guy! I think that in the third game, he will be exhausted!"

"Anyone knows which martial artist is the first to play against Meng Jingyu? I really hope that he won’t hesitate to teach him a lesson!"

The major Japanese news media, who were eager for the fray, even came to the Chinese Embassy to interview Meng Jingyu before the challenge began.

Hu Feng was willing to let them report about him frantically outside, making more people know about him.

At the moment, Hu Feng was also determined to ridicule the Japanese when answering questions of reporters!

The Asahi TV reporter asked him first. "Mr. Meng, why do you insist on challenging 12 Japanese martial arts elites in a row, in one day?"

Hu Feng deliberately showed his proud face with absolute confidence, and raised a finger against the reporter, shaking slightly. "If I have to say the reason, I think these 12 opponents are too weak."

Suddenly, all the reporters were stunned and shocked on the spot.

But soon, they became excited and started recording.

Even some people, while taking pictures, had already thought about the headlines this evening. ’The Chinese challenger Meng Jingyu personally admits that the 12 Japanese martial arts elites are far from strong enough, and he can easily knock them down with a finger!’

This incomparably shocking headline, coupled with the video that Meng Jingyu gave his finger up, definitely would make the news go viral!

At the same time, journalists from other TV stations were also eager to ask questions again.

Seeing this, Hu Feng laughed and said. "Don't rush, I have plenty of time today. I can answer one question from every reporter. Please ask questions in order."

As predicted!

The record of the major TV stations in Tokyo that night, with the help of Hu Feng, simply raised the ratings to an unimaginable limit.

Some tempered Japanese people couldn’t wait to rush to where Meng Jingyu lived with beer bottles as weapons.

Some people started to raise funds on the Internet, claiming to spend a lot of money looking for a black market killer to kill this ignorant Chinese man.

More ordinary Japanese people were arguing on the Internet. No matter how expensive the tickets of the Tokyo Budokan would be tomorrow, they had to buy the tickets.

For nothing else, they just wanted to see how Meng Jingyu, the Chinese man who could only boast but not fight, get beaten severely by the 12 Japanese martial arts masters.