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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 43

2022-03-15 02:35:52Publish Time: 577 views
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Chapter 43: Propaganda!

Late at night.

In the General Staff cabin of the People's Liberation Army.

It was brightly lit.

All the 800 members of the General Staff were here.

In accordance with the order, they began to complete their missions.

The 30-member team of the fourth group of General Staff received the mission, ‘Fabricate a flawless modern identity for Kunlun’.

After reading through a large number of documents, the fourth group came up with some ideas about Kunlun.

The secret martial arts sect Kunlun was formed at the end of the Qin Dynasty. In order to conceal itself, the sect has always been in the Kunlun Mountains, a remote area with an altitude of over 4,500 meters above sea level in China.

Kunlun strictly protects its secret martial arts. Before each apprenticeship, it repeatedly checks the personality and habits of the disciple. They usually only accept one disciple every generation...

In the end, all the general offices were integrated and the documents were submitted by each group.

Not only the story of secret martial arts sect Kunlun was completed, but even the names of all the Kunlun masters had been fabricated!

Meng Jingyu’s own place of origin, life stories and other information were vivid.

Meng Jingyu, the 89th generation secret disciple of Kunlun, was born in Xin'an County, Luoyang City, Henan Province in 1921. He passed the test of Kunlun in his childhood and successfully entered to study its secret martial arts.

His master, Yue Tuo, was 70 years old, who passed away after teaching Meng Jingyu for more than ten years.

After burying his master, Meng Jingyu, who had completed learning, decided to go down the mountains to visit his relatives, which coincided with the invasion of the Japanese invaders. The incompetent Chiang Kai-shek blasted the garden gate, causing the Yellow River dam to break, and Meng Jingyu’s relatives died due to mass flooding. A very small number of lucky people struggled to survive, and they were also arrested by the Japanese invaders for mining and repairing the railway.

With his secret martial arts, he wanted revenge.

Meng Jingyu had been active on the battlefield. He not only killed and robbed the Japanese invaders, but also attacked the national army.

In this process, the armed anti-Japanese forces found Meng Jingyu, so they contacted each other and cooperated with the operation.

With extraordinary power, Meng Jingyu killed many key figures and destroyed hundreds of Japanese bunkers...

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, Meng Jingyu returned to Kunlun quietly after attending the founding ceremony in Tiananmen Square in 1949.

Unexpectedly, after the long-term secret martial arts practice in the Kunlun Mountains, Meng Jingyu’s martial arts realm had increased and doubled to the point where there was no one had ever come before, and also reached to the point where his body was rejuvenated and continued to look like his youth.

At age 97, Meng Jingyu now still looked like a young man in his early twenties!

Meng Jingyu felt that the Chinese martial arts had become mediocre nowadays.

Therefore, he took the initiative to ask the country for help. He wanted to challenge the top famous martial artists and fighters all over the world, in order to show the world that Chinese martial arts still lived up to its name.

Looking at the stories of Meng Jingyu, which were made up by many people, everyone in the General Staff Department felt that it was too weird.

"The chief of staff, will anyone believe this?" Some couldn’t help but murmur.

Frowning, the chief of staff yelled. "Do you think I want to show them this? What else can I do?"

"The order clearly requested that we must not modify the identity of Meng Jingyu as a person of the Republic of China. Can we state that he has been sleeping in the coffin for so many years, and recently he was dug up and brought back to life? Do you want me to be sent to the military court?"

"And if you don't make his past glorious, how do you explain that the country desperately promotes it and praises him?"

The chief of staff continued. "Don't waste time! Hurry to create the website of Kunlun Secret Martial Arts. Upload all the information about the Kunlun and Meng Jingyu immediately on the website. It’s also easier for the people to know him when he challenges the masters all over the world.”

Within very short time, a new website with the domain name ‘Kunlun Secret Martial Arts’ was created.

If netizens clicked in, they could see various introductions and the photos with simple typography.

Among them, 60% of the pages were focused on "legendary deeds of Meng Jingyu" for the country and the bloody battle!

In addition, regarding the rejuvenation of Meng Jingyu, the website also started a special topic to discuss this issue from a scientific perspective. Various medical research reports on human body ensured that the netizens would be impressed!

Even if a professional medical researcher clicked in, they weren’t afraid because all the data was deduced from the supercomputer in the laboratory, hence professional doctors couldn’t doubt it.

The establishment of the website was just the beginning.

The next day.

All the major entities and network virtual news media channels that received notice from the higher authorities had started to publicize and report on the news about ‘Kunlun secret martial artist Meng Jingyu, who was about to challenge the global martial artists for the country’.

People's Daily Headlines - "The old anti-Japanese 97-year-old hero Meng Jingyu dominates the domestic martial arts, is about to challenge the martial arts fighters all over the world"

UC shock department - "Shock! He looks like in his 20s, why is his real age on the ID card is 97?”

WeChat and Webo, headline reports - "Do you know? The original secret martial arts actually exist! The reason why this person remains young" "What is Kunlun secret martial arts? Why isn’t he afraid of time?"

When all the major news media in China began to promote Hu Feng’s behavior, the hype was used to highlight public opinion, tens of millions of netizens were shocked!

As an ordinary office worker, Liu Tao felt happy when browsing Webo and the major current affairs forum.

But today!

Almost all of the headlines were related to Meng Jingyu, a Kunlun secret martial artist.

And looking at various reports, this young man who seemed to be in his early twenties was actually an old man born in 1921 who was almost a hundred years old.

Media, are you teasing me?

Today isn’t April Fool's Day, is it?

Liu Tao, who couldn't understand it, just clicked in and then scrolled down the page.

Suddenly, he saw the comments from some netizens.

Netizen from Hebei. "I carefully looked at the photos of the 97-year-old revolutionary veteran Meng Jingyu, and then observed my 30-year-old face with the front camera of the mobile phone, and finally got a surprising conclusion - If my eyes aren’t strange, the world is too crazy!"

Netizen from Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. "Is there really the secret martial arts in the world mentioned in the headline? Can people turn back the clock with practice? I can’t believe it..."

Netizen from Jiangxi. "What’s wrong with my mobile phone? What are these reports? I can see why UC reports this weird and eye-catching stuff, but why the People's Daily, the Communist Youth League Central Committee also promotes the Kunlun secret martial artist Meng Jingyu?"

Netizen from Hunan. "Hey, hey! After reading this report, I resigned right away. I am going to Kunlun for an apprenticeship! I am sorry, I will become a disciple of Meng Jingyu! I will remain young!"