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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 31

2022-03-15 02:28:57Publish Time: 631 views
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Chapter 31: Time to Play with You

When the young man from the Republic of China, Meng Jingyu, first appeared inside the ancient tomb, he showed up in the Shaolin Temple.

In the Beijing headquarters of the National Special Bureau, a high-level meeting specifically for him was initiated.

Because of the merits of his report, Qin Wenhui was fortunate to participate.

"Everyone, don't be nervous... In this conference room, we are all friends. All the documents and materials won’t be leaked out. Just say anything you want!”

Director Guo Zhaojian began to bring the meeting to life.

He first introduced himself.

"Let’s introduce ourselves. I will start first."

"I think everyone knows who I am."

"I’m the director of the National Special Bureau, which has just been established for less than a week, also called the head of the 21st Section of the Special Operations Division of the National Security Bureau. I directly report to the President."

"After this meeting, the record will be submitted to the chairman in the shortest possible time."

After hearing this, everyone became energetic.

Who doesn’t want to flatter?

If the chairman can remember my name during this meeting, I will have a bright future.

At the moment, according to the distance of their respective seats between Director Guo, the members also began to take the initiative to introduce themselves.

With their Introduction, Qin Wenhui was almost stunned!

The lieutenant colonel of the Tenth Tank Division from the First Army of the Beijing Military Region.

Special Sniper in the Cambodian frontier, who had killed more than 20 drug dealers.

The member of jury from the Supervision Department of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, awarded the highest professional title in psychology, who succeeded in persuading many criminals to surrender.

The first-line female special agent from the General Staff of the Chinese People's Liberation Army, who held the murder license...

From the branch of National Special Bureau, he was actually the most insignificant one!

Qin Wenhui was now anxious, as he sold himself short.

After all the introduction, Director Guo began to convey the secret documents, which was the information on the Feng Shui pattern of the ancient tombs that Qin Wenhui submitted.

In addition, there were the records of the village chief, the video inside the Chongyang Palace, and the video of the Shaolin Temple.

There were also the analyses from the think tank members, speculating from various angles why his body didn’t rot and why he could come out of the grave after decades.


The reason why Meng Jingyu, who claimed to be a young man of the Republic of China, not only shocked the special national bureau, but also attracted attention from high-level governments wasn’t only due to the martial arts he exhibited, but also the fact that he could live to this day, without any aging, muscle wilting, insect bites, etc.

Though enclosed in the dark suffocating coffin, why didn’t he starve to death after decades, and was still able to stay so energetic after coming out?

These incomprehensible questions attracted the elderly president, the Politburo Standing Committee and other seniors!

After all, having the power of the state, they didn’t need entertainment, but time was ruthless.

If there was an opportunity for them to remain as young as Meng Jingyu without fear of aging, why not?

"If possible, be sure to establish contact with Meng Jingyu. We had better find out why he can live forever and stay young!"

Although he didn’t say it bluntly, Director Guo knew it.

Without the arrangements of the central government, he couldn’t recruit so many elites here to have special research seminar on ‘Meng Jingyu’.

Shaking his head slightly, he ignored those thoughts in his mind.

Director Guo knocked on the conference table. "You’ve read all the files. Any ideas or suggestions? Feel free to say anything!"

It was all silent for a while.

The lieutenant colonel from the First Group Army said energetically. "According to the documents submitted by the local police, he seemed to have taken the mobile phone of the local village chief. Can we trace the mobile phone and accurately find out where he is?"

"In this way, whether we want to communicate with him or directly arrest him, it will be much easier. We don't have to be like a chicken with its head cut off."

"Unfortunately, we have already tried your idea."

Director Guo said with a smile. "When he first appeared in Chongyang Palace, we privately tried to position him with cell phone signal, but eventually found the phone only under the cliff waterfall in Chongyang Palace."

When hearing this, everyone in the conference room frowned.

But very soon.

The woman who held the murder license and worked for secret intelligence stood up and stared at Director Guo. “Why don’t we directly consider the issue from his perspective?”

"From the conversation he had with the local village chief and the fact that he showed up in the Chongyang Palace and the Shaolin Temple..."

"The young man only wants to find a Taoist or monk who is proficient in finding people, to help him find his mysterious, disappearing lover."

"So, I think if we want to communicate with Meng Jingyu next time, or simply arrest him directly, we’d better start from the aspect of ‘seeking people’."

Director Guo still looked indifferent. “The think tank has also analyzed this, but we don't know where to find Taoist priests and monks who are proficient in eight diagrams.”

"In these days, we have visited the major religious sects in China in the name of the National Security Bureau. Whether it is Maoshan Taoist, Longhushan, or Wutaishan Bumen, Nanhai Guanyin Buddhist Temple... everyone said that there’s no such extraordinary ability."

"Even if we have conducted many private investigations and read the classics before and after the founding of the People's Republic of China, we can only come to a conclusion that those religious sects in the country aren’t acquainted with these."

When Director Guo said this, no one in the conference room talked again.

Time passed by. Though everyone was thinking, the meeting seemed to be in a deadlock.

Director Guo looked over the faces of everyone.

When he saw Qin Wenhui, he suddenly noticed that the latter didn’t frown like other people, but he was eager to put forth his opinion. However, he didn’t seem to dare to speak.

"Does this kid have any ideas?"

Guo decisively shouted. "Qin! If you have an idea, stand up and say it! Even though it’s not mature, it’s fine. You can broaden our horizons."

A little embarrassed to stand up, he saw everyone in the conference room looking at himself.

Qin Wenhui was also a bit nervous at first, but when he thought that all the speeches today would be submitted to the president of the country, he took a deep breath and forced himself to speak calmly.

"I personally think that we’re in fact misunderstanding now."

"Why?" Guo and others were a bit confused.

Taking out two photos of him in Chongyang Palace and Shaolin Temple respectively. Qin Wenhui said. "Let's take a look. He went to the two major domestic sects in consecutive 2 days.”

"From this point, it can be seen that he is very keen to find his lover. Otherwise, he wouldn't run all the way from Shaanxi to Henan."

Qin Wenhui boldly assumed. "But he can’t trust the country, also he doesn’t know how to find people in the modern society."

"So, he simply pinned his hopes on the Taoist priests and the Buddhist disciples..."

"This is what we have seen in the recent reality - he came to Chongyang Palace and Shaolin Temple with expectations, but left helplessly and sadly."

Listening quietly, Guo and others felt that they almost understood what Qin Wenhui meant.

“So I think that he is indeed convinced that there are religious people in this world who are proficient in tracing people,”

Stopping beating around the bush, he bluntly said. "But he can't judge which one is true. He could only rely on the fame of the religious sects awkwardly."

"He has to try each one to find out whether religious people have the true ability."

"Since we want to communicate with him or arrest him, we can take advantage of this completely!"

Qin Wenhui gave two fingers up and nodded his head.

"Generally speaking."

"We make a meeting of religious people, set up some traps, and then spread the nationwide propaganda that there will be a number of masters who are proficient in finding people, to attract him!"

Hearing this, everyone including Director Guo couldn't help but be impressed!

Indeed, judging from their current situation, though he blindly believed in metaphysics, if he didn’t come to the scene personally, he wouldn’t be able to tell whether the master had the true ability.

In this case, they could exactly take advantage of the flaws which they had neglected as Qin Wenhui mentioned!

Although it was inappropriate for the state to engage in this religious conference.

But as long as they held it with the name of domestic religious martial arts people, wasn’t it easy?

Patting the conference table, Director Guo stood up and looked at Qin Wenhui energetically.

"Comrade Qin, your plan is logical and has reasonable feasibility. I will report to the chairman!"

"If there’s nothing wrong, after the chairman reviews it, we will follow your proposal!"

"Thank you, director. In fact, it’s the effort of all the comrades here. I just stood up and found the blind spots of everyone."

“It’s awkward that I only did a little work.”

Qin Wenhui said gladly.

Lying at home.

Hu Feng, who ate half of the iced watermelons and enjoyed the summer holidays, had already heard all their speeches at the same time as the meeting started with his sensing ability.

Putting the last bite of watermelon in his mouth with the spoon.

Hu Feng stood up and stretched out. He then murmured to himself.

"Since the country wants me to bite the bait, then I will not bother to go to other domestic sects to perform. I should follow their plan."

"Hey, it’s time for me to play with you!"