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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 28

2022-03-15 02:28:33Publish Time: 675 views
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Chapter 28: Read. Execute!

In the poor mountainous areas along the Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi Province, an ancient tomb was discovered by the villagers due to a geological disaster.

The local police and archaeological teams rushed to the scene and found out that the tomb was indeed an ancient tomb.

In Eastern Emperor Valley, Shaanxi Province, the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties, thousands of ancient tombs had been verified by the examiner teams every year.

Most of them had been visited by tomb thieves, or they were the tombs of ordinary ancient wealthy people.

The ancient tomb dug by the archaeological team was an ancient tomb of the Han Dynasty.

It had a large scale and covered an area of more than 40,000 square meters.

It was well preserved and had more than 10,000 pieces of funerary objects.

This could be considered a major archaeological discovery!

Although everyone knew that every inch of land in Shaanxi Province might hide undiscovered ancient tombs, the tomb thieves prevailed in the past dynasties, it was absolutely amazing that the ancient tombs of the Han Dynasty could be preserved more than 700 years.

However, considering this matter at a nationwide perspective, it was just a very common archaeological find.

At most, it could be posted on a local newspaper in Shaanxi Province.

The archaeological team was horrified to discover that there were no hidden holes in the construction of the tombs or the tomb craftsmen.

The body in the ancient tomb of the Han Dynasty was gone, and a young man dressed in the costumes of the Republic of China was lying in the coffin.

The most incredible thing was that the young corpse of the Republic of China, who was quietly lying in the coffin, appeared to be resurrected and strangely disappeared after being dug out by the local villagers.

A few hours later, in the Chongyang Palace, Shaanxi, thousands of tourists witnessed and filmed a video that this young man from the Republic of China asked the Taoist priests for help...

Now it went viral! In the ancient tomb of the Han Dynasty, the body in the coffins, was a young man from the Republic of China?

The body from the Republic of China was resurrected?

Thousands of tourists witnessed it and took a video to prove it?

This news was reported, and the government staff who took over felt that it was incredible, and people couldn’t help wondering if they were in the materialistic society.

Quickly, with the reports, the news finally came to the ‘National Special Affairs Investigation and Processing Bureau’, referred to as ‘National Special Bureau’.

At the time, the National Special Bureau, because it was only established for a few days, was still desperately secretly hiring personnel from all parts of the country.

Inside the office building, Supercomputer Galaxy No.7 was operating at a high speed in the form of keyword check search.

The spooky news and supernatural events that were roughly found on the various networks by the Galaxy No. 7 were all presented on the internal network of the National Special Bureau.

Hundreds of special personnel of the National Special Bureau in Beijing were looking at the computer screens and concentrating on viewing the internal network.

From time to time, they selected valuable information or information that couldn’t be verified, and recorded them on the form.

Finally, the form was handed over to the members of the National Special Bureau in the country, allowing them to conduct field investigations and verify the authenticity of the news.

Although the National Special Bureau was very much valued by the president of the country, they were allowed to hire various resource personnel, the opinions of the other Politburo Standing Committees were also very clear —— The existence of the National Special Bureau was not allowed.

As for the supernatural events exposed to people in China, they must strictly enforce the confidentiality code, minimize the impact of the blockade, and avoid propaganda and feudal superstition, which misled people's ideology.

To this end, currently the National Special Bureau called themselves externally that they were the special 21st section of the Ministry of National Security of China, referred to as the Independent Section 21.

Due to the hidden requirement, the national special security bureau mainly used supercomputers for personnel self-censorship, and the front-line staff needed to conduct field visits in order to verify numerous supernatural news on the Internet, as if finding the needles in the sea.

The ghost stories elaborated by netizens, the supernatural news in private niche forums, the reports from the media, the centuries-old snakes and thunders in the storm...

Simply put, anything related supernatural events on the Internet was the target of the national special bureau.

Suddenly, videos with various titles published on different platforms, but all of which involved the Chongyang Palace in Shaanxi, attracted the attention of the personnel of the National Special Bureau.

【Shock! The martial arts master appeared in Chongyang Palace】

【The priests in the Chongyang Palace couldn’t be compared with the martial arts master】

【Is it an artificial special effect or a film special effect? On the cliff waterfall in the Chongyang Palace, a young man walked on the water surface】

On the Guwu Forum, there was a post. "Seeking people! I found a martial arts master in the Chongyang Palace scenic spot. He looked like in his early twenties. Which master knows him? I want to be his apprentice! Here are the videos and pictures.”

On the martial arts forum. “Is there really a martial arts in the world that can refine the inner qi? I met a very young master in the Chongyang Wanshou Palace. I really want to be like him! Here is video of him."

These videos were highly concerned immediately after being verified.

At the same time, news from the Shaanxi Provincial Archaeological Team and the news that police discovered and reported, also spread over.

Reading the two news, and the whole national special bureau was shocked!

"This is the first supernatural event discovered since the establishment of the National Special Bureau. We must play great attention to deal with it!"

The current director, Guo Zhaojian, assigned 70% percentage of the personnel to analyze it, in order to research on the young man in the video.

As for the members of the national special bureau in the first line of the country, who were close to Shaanxi Province, they also received the orders from their superiors right away.

They rushed to the tomb and blocked it for field trips.

Other members of the first line who lived farther also needed to cooperate with the personnel.

They needed to submit a short-term plan on how to verify the identity of the youth and confirm the authenticity of what he said.

Two hours later, a plan from the Guangdong Provincial Special Bureau caused the Director Guo Zhaojian to fall into contemplation.

"From the archives of the archaeological team and the local police that interrogated the villagers, we can understand that the target who claimed to be a young man of the Republic of China seems to be have woken up and resurrected after many years, and at first he was shocked. But soon this unbelievable thing was attributed to his lover..."

"In general, anything that happened as long as often has clues..."

"So all of us in Guangzhou Branch agreed that assuming his lover Lin Qingxue really had such a magical means of resurrecting him after many years, there should be some traces in the site of the tomb..."

"Can you invite the famous Feng Shui master in Guangdong, Lai Bui, Wong Tai Sin Temple Temple in Hong Kong and the host of the Gaotai Temple in Wutai Mountain, to the scene to secretly assist in the investigation with their metaphysical experience?”

Director Guo Zhaojian repeatedly thought about the feasibility of the program.

Then he stamped the official seal on it.

"Read. Execute!"