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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 23

2022-03-15 02:27:53Publish Time: 808 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: tinyEdit

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Chapter 23: Why this happened to me?

"Are you from the War of Resistance Against Japan’s time..."

The village chief had been completely stunned by his performance.

He really thought that Hu Feng was from Minguo.

He calculated the time.

"In 1937, the Japanese invaded Lugou Bridge, now it is 2018... so are you at least 81 years old?"

Being shocked by his age, the village chief looked up at him again in shock.

"God! You look young, but you are as old as my grandfather?"

"Well...I only remember that I fell asleep in pain, how can I wake up 81 years later?"

"81 years...I can't go back...I can't go back..."

"Grandpa, l am sorry. I can't accompany you... Qingxue, I am sorry. I can't live with you for the rest of your life. I can’t live up to the vows that I agreed with you..."

Hu Feng pretended to be helpless and distressed, muttering to himself with a tone that sounded like it was difficult to accept his own status.

He trembled when he talked as if he was immersed in the old times.

The atmosphere became suppressing and heavy.

The village chief seemed to be infected by his emotions.

He didn’t fear him anymore.

He said with comfort.

"The world is unpredictable. Meng Jingyu, don’t be sorry."

The village chief wanted to call him ‘young man’, but then he thought that he was old enough to be his grandfather, so he changed it right away.

“Why this happened to me?”

Hu Feng’s face looked helpless.

Suddenly, he seemed to recall something important and turned to look at the village chief.

He said urgently, but full of expectations.

"Old man, you said that I was dug out of the grave, do you have any special items in the tomb?"

Although being called ‘an old man’, but when he saw his sincere desire and his long-awaited look, the village chief couldn’t bear to refuse.

"I really don't know what special items are there..."

"It is the coffin that you were lying on before. As for other gold and silver antique funerary objects, we have taken most of them away. You can see it yourself."

Following the village head, Hu Feng carried a hope to the coffin.

At the next moment, he was so excited that he immediately took the copper lamp on the coffin.

He touched it over and over.

"This is the personal treasure that Qingxue always cherished. She must have left it when I was buried!"

"It was because of this that I didn’t rot in these 81 years, and was even able to wake up..."

The village was stunned.

Hu Feng said energetically.

"Qingxue, she is a disciple of Kunlun, and it was absolutely impossible for her to die. I could wake up with the treasure, so she must be alive!"

"I want to find her! Get her love back!”

The village chief felt that he was going crazy because of series of ridiculous things today, but when he saw Hu Feng eager to try, he couldn’t help but ask.

“How can you find her?"

"You only need to find the Taoist priest who knows the eight diagrams, or the Buddhist disciple with special skills."

Hu Feng sincerely grabbed the arm of the village chief.

"Please accompany me. We will travel all over the rivers and mountains. It will last for three or five years, or maybe eight or nine years, but we will find them!"

The village chief was confused.

But he quickly and desperately refused. "This is impossible! I don’t have the time to go with you. Meng Jingyu, you need to go yourself!"

"Myself?" Hu Feng was puzzled.

"The world is big, I… I really don't know where to go."

The village chief desperately wanted to get rid of him.

The village chief suddenly took out his own smartphone and turned on the screen to him.

"With this map. Just type where you want to go, it will give you a navigation route map."

Hu Feng shook his head.

"What is this in your hand? How do you type?"

“This is a mobile phone. It is a communication tool that we can use to connect with people thousands of miles away. It has a lot of functions..."

"You used traditional Chinese characters in the old times. We are using simplified characters now. Everything is simple..."

With the patience, the village chief quickly explained it to him.

"Please teach me how to use the mobile phone and simplified characters!"

If he wasn’t a mysterious figure coming out of the grave, the village chief really wanted to slap his face.

In modern society, children aged five or six could become proficient in using mobile phones!

As for the simplified characters, ordinary people had to learn for a few years.

Meng Jingyu, you are from the War of Resistance Against Japan time, now you need to learn simplified characters in a short time? Meng Jingyu, are you kidding?

"Please teach me!" Hu Feng repeated again.

With anger, the village chief began teaching him how to use his mobile phone.

The idea of the village chief was very simple.

In the past, a guy who had been out of business for decades would face difficulty soon.

He only needed to teach him a little and let him know that it was too difficult for him. However, things didn’t go out as he expected.

At the beginning, under the gaze of the village chief, Hu Feng was like a primitive man who tried to ignite the first time in prehistoric civilization.

He was highly cautious and focused, patiently following his instructions.

But very soon, in just a minute, the village chief found that he had nothing to teach him!

Meng Jingyu actually remembered all the functions of the mobile phone.

No matter it was the slide screen, fast dial-up, or restart standby, he learned it all.

"Please teach me simplified Chinese characters!"


The village chief was a bit skeptical that whether he was a modern person, or is Meng Jingyu was a modern person?

When the village chief learned how to use smartphones, it took three or four days to understand how to use various functions!

Meng Jingyu’s talent for learning to use a mobile phone seemed to be entirely applicable to simplified characters.

For any simplified Chinese character, as long as he wrote it out and said what it meant, Meng Jingyu could remember then.

In just a few minutes, the village chief explained to him chaotically, but Meng Jingyu had easily learned more than 1,800 simplified characters!

It could be said that apart from those rare words, Meng Jingyu, a member of Minguo, was now no longer illiterate, and had already joined the modern society.

"I should repay!"

"But I only want to look for her. I will repay in the future."


Putting away the lovers lamp, Hu Feng left quickly.

Standing in the same place for a long time, the village chief came out of his trance.

Looking at the distant horizon where no figures could be seen, he touched the empty pockets. Then the village chief couldn’t help but shed a few drops of tears.

Then, his angry voice sounded all over the mountains and rivers.

"Come back! Give me back my mobile phone!"

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