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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 2

2022-03-14 01:08:51Publish Time: 1,280 views
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Chapter 2: Mobile Game - Ghost Gate

Hu Feng named the first mobile game that he created【Ghost Gate】.

The game icon was a word ‘ghost’ written in Traditional Chinese with a dark background. A boundless shadow surrounded the word.

A majestic gate could be seen in the shadow vaguely. Every mobile game had its own story introduction.

Ghost Gate was a first-person game. Players would play as apprentices of ghosts hunters and wear yellow-brown shrouds, travelling around the country.

Dedicated to the pursuit of a variety of ghosts, players had to liberate the spirits and other innocent souls, or to explore the story of all kinds of Strange Talks. Players could choose to play alone or with a team.

According to the increase in the number of players, the difficulty would also multiply.

In every map, there were many hidden props waiting for players to discover.

For example, the Buddhist scriptures - used to liberate the super-poor spirits, the cow's tears - used to see the ghosts, the willow branches - used to harm the baby spirits, the black dog - blood that had a great deterrent effect on ghosts, the thunder charms - used to make thunder rumble, the copper sword - caused fixed damage to low-level ghosts, and etc.

The gameplay was combined with grinding and adventures. The ghosts with the dangerous level on the map were the NPCs.

As a copy, presented as ‘? ? ?’ on the map, were the Strange Talks that required players to solve with wisdom or destroy with the strength according to the situation.

Each time the player liberated or killed a ghost, he could gain a certain amount of experience and money.

Every time the player passed a Strange Talk, he could get a treasure chest, which consisted of a random number of coins and rare game props.

The experience was used to increase the level of players.

After level 10, players had three different professions to choose from.

The first occupation was a melee-based fighter with a strong life with a high attack power and a black shackle on the shoulders.

The second occupation was like a mage focused on long-range spellcasting attacks, holding a white bat, like a moving turret.

The last occupation walked in shadows, always tried to kill the enemies with one single attack, and never get himself exposed.

It’s a ghost assassin with a green assassin plate hung at his waist.

Players with different occupations had different visual effects of the skills when attacking ghosts.

Fighters looked heroic, mages looked gorgeous, and assassin attacked fast.

With in-game currency - Hell Dollars (HD), players could purchase pets, equipment, recovery items, mounts, servants.

They could also purchase the underworld practice from the neutral ghost bosses Bull Head Horse Face, Judge Cui, Grandma Meng, and etc., to enhance the individual's comprehensive combat strength.

Each player had a fatigue value of 300 per day. Every time the player killed a ghost, the fatigue value would be reduced by one. Each time the player tried a Strange Talk, the fatigue value would be reduced by 30.

The fatigue value was refreshed every day. When the fatigue value reached 0, the player couldn't attack or liberate any ghost, and it’s even impossible to get any reward.

However, players in this state could try to trigger the hidden NPCs, or the red high-risk talks.

Once these two events got triggered successfully, the player's fatigue value will be refreshed to MAX immediately!

And if these two events triggered weren’t completely solved, the player's fatigue value would never change and remain in an infinite state.

The setting was confirmed after Hu Feng inquired the system.

He originally wanted every player who played this mobile game to encounter ghosts, but the fudge value consumed would be extremely high.

He couldn't afford it now. Hence Hu Feng decided to make the players who triggered hidden NPCs or red high-risk talks encounter ghosts!

If the players thought that they found a loophole and enjoyed the unlimited fatigue value, it would be hilarious because at that time, the ghosts in the mobile game would walk into their real life!

Hu Feng continued to set up Ghost Gate.

According to the level from low to high, different ghosts looked red, white, green, blue, black, and red on the map, respectively.

Then he had to design the music and BGM in the mobile game.

Hu Feng intended to find those outstanding songs directly from the Internet.

Then he embedded the music in the team interface, the battle scenes, the Strange Talks, and etc. He wanted to ensure that the players would enjoy it.

Every player, as an apprentice, would grow by liberating or killing ghosts in the game.

As the player reached higher levels and possessed various better equipments, they would also begin to get a lot of exposure to the Strange Talk copies.

In any large city map, there would be exclusive red high-risk talks.

In his thought process, the players in the major cities of China would encounter these exclusive red high-risk talks, compared to the ordinary Strange Talk, each screen plot would be a masterpiece. In the northeast region, players could get exposure to【Cat-faced Old Lady】, and etc.

In the capital, Beijing, there were【Night bus 375 Non-human Passengers】,【Haunted Babao Mountain Funeral Home】,【Crying Ancient Well】, and etc.

Players wandering in the map Magic City would randomly trigger the【Lins No.37】and【Huangpu River Well】.【Bizarre Boy In Red】would appear in Chongqing area.

In Yunnan area, there’s【Eight-person Dorm Tragedy】.

In Henan, there’s【Top Ghost Village】.

Once players triggered the exclusive red high-risk talks, they must defeat the ghosts within a short period of time.

If the time limit was up, and the player was not successful, all players in his range would die instantly!

If the exclusive red high-risk talk triggered in large cities couldn’t be solved, on the China map, the area would permanently turn into the red-zone, and completely become a ghost country.

All players entering the area would gain the curse buff automatically. The player's combat power would be decreased by 70%.

Various pets, mounts, and servants that players carried or collected, such as sand bugs, paper horses, and ghost soldiers, would lose a great amount of loyalty, so that they might betray them any time.

They might even turn and attack the owner.

And with these large cities becoming ghost countries, massive ghosts would swarm out and start attacking other cities every three days.

Players must resist the ghost attacks, otherwise the ghost countries would spread rapidly on the China map like cancer cells.

With the increasing number of red areas, the spreading speed of ghosts would also increase, and high-level ghosts would also become numerous.

Such as hungry ghosts which would obtain group buff automatically and devour everything, flying ghosts which would bring the draught, and ghost mother which had thousands of ghost children.

Once the entire China map became red, all the players’ apprenticeships would fail.

In the underworld, the ghost gate would be opened, and the four major ghosts would come over to clean everything and restore order.

The level, equipment, props and other data of all players would be formatted.

The entire China map would become normal, and everything would be started again.

In the game design, if players failed, and everything restarted, it’s called reincarnation.

At last, Hu Feng also created a small forum in the game to facilitate players to chat.

Designing all the details, Hu Feng also heard the system prompts in his mind.

“Creating such a mobile game requires five points of fudge value.”

“Putting the magical hand game on the market, limiting the downloading to Shanghai netizens, and avoiding anyone on the Internet to trace the source requires two points…"

Hu Feng knew that he still had three points, which would be definitely enough to make single-digit players encounter ghosts and experience the real horror.

"Enough, system. Create what I designed!"