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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 17

2022-03-15 02:24:25Publish Time: 798 views
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Chapter 17: The Best Horror Movie in China in 2018

Time passed by.

Hu Feng suddenly discovered that no matter whether on network platforms or on real news media, there was absolutely no report on the spooky phenomena that more than a thousand had witnessed in Shanghai.

It seemed that there was no such thing at all.

"It seems that the state had blocked the news and let no one know."

For Fu Lu, an ordinary student, he didn’t care much as the state blocked news to maintain stability.

However, as a system owner that intended to change the world and fudge the world, this policy of the state blocked his development path.

After all, the fudge value that he needed most was derived from the spiritual power of the public belief that【there are ghosts in the world】!

"I should change my plan!" Hu Feng touched his chin and made up his mind.

"Since they didn’t allow the world to learn about this, then I will actively spread it on the Internet."

He then communicated with the system. "Make a video with the activities in ‘Ghost Gate’ related to Fu Lu, the police, and government agencies from the release to the end of the day before yesterday, and then permanently release it on the Internet in China. People can't delete or trace them. Can you do this?"

“Of course, but it requires 960 points. Deduct it now?"

"I want any Chinese netizen to see the video no matter what software they click on. How much does it cost?"

The system answered again. " Your request involves 1.3 billion people, which is extremely expensive."

"To maintain 24 hours, you need to consume 13,000 points. To maintain 48 hours, you need 39,000 points. As for 72 hours, you need 117,000 points. And so on."

Hu Feng now roughly estimated it.

Before that, he had about 38,000 points of fudge value.

He created the figurative nine ghosts with 4,500.

Creating black and white mages, as well as changing the weather, cost 1,800.

The balance was still 15,500, which was more than enough.

Quickly spending 14,000 points, Hu Feng drank Coke and began watching videos on the system light curtain.

“Wow!” Taking a look at the progress bar of the video up to 5,400 minutes, Hu Feng completely spat out the drink in his mouth.

Immediately after he asked the system, so that he realized that all the content in the past four days had met his request, so the system traced it this time.

"Damn, I should edit it myself."

Hu Feng immediately started.

Starting from when Fu Lu started playing the game, then he met the police after encountering ghosts, and he edited the important recordings of the government agencies involved...

He added Chinese subtitles, edited key videos, and deleted the unnecessary scenes.

The video came to an end.

Hu Feng was surprised to find that there was still a section of Captain Zhou on a military aircraft rushing to Beijing Zhongnan Lake to meet with the president of the country and talk with many members of the national think tank.

"This is what I didn’t expect!" He watched it happily.

Through the conversation between Captain Zhou and the think tank members, Hu Feng was sure that the state knew nothing about him.

They only understood the surface of the game, ghosts and black and white mages.

He decisively included it into the video.

Hu Feng secretly smiled. He couldn't wait to let the netizens see what happened in Zhongnan Lake, which had a very high level of confidentiality.

He believed it would definitely be a great news. Just a few minutes later, on the Chinese Internet, a video named ‘Shanghai Spiritual Haunted Event Tracking Report’ was released for a period of up to two hours.

In an instant, as long as you were surfing the Internet in China at that moment, regardless of the computer or phone, the video showed up on the screens immediately!

Whether you were watching a live novel, chatting with people, or playing a mobile game...

There was no exception!

"Damn? Is my phone infected with a virus?"

"I want to play games. Quit it!"

Even if the furious netizens turned off the video, they would soon find out that on live platforms such as Betta, Tiger, Panda, Dragon Ball, and video sites such as Tencent video, iQiyi, Thunder HD, and Bilibili, even chat software such as WeChat, meager, and QQ… the close-ups, links Jump, and story introduction of the video showed up automatically...

The crazy intensity of advertising was even higher than that of some online games.

It was so ridiculous!

However, what made numerous Chinese netizens shocked was the title of the video: ——Shanghai Spiritual Haunted Event Tracking Report!

After the founding of the country, any drama or TV program involving ghosts was not allowed to be broadcasted.

But here came a video with a frank title, indicating that it involved haunting events.

The story background was even in modern Shanghai, China.

At this moment, many curious netizens started watching the video.

Huang Xudong, a famous TV show producer, was also one of the curious netizens.

At the beginning of the video, it was a mobile game leaderboard.

Huang Xudong looked over and found that Glory of Kings wasn’t on the first.

On the contrary, the first place turned out to be a strange game that he had never heard - ‘Ghost Gate’.

Then he read the video introduction, this turned out to be a mobile game which could only be downloaded by a few people who encountered ghosts!

A freshman in a school in Shanghai called Fu Lu inadvertently downloaded the mobile game.

Brewing a cup of tea, Huang Xudong couldn’t help but keep watching.

Time passed, accompanied by the introduction of subtitles, the hidden NPC in the mobile game gave the last bloody book made of human skin to Fu Lu, which made him step into the trap of being chased by ghosts.

A love letter from a female ghost; a "girlfriend" that didn’t exist in the hallway of the dormitory; the fear that he got chased; a taxi driver disguised by a female ghost; a police car that accidently passed by the crossroads to save Fu Lu; the meeting held by the team of the Criminal Investigation Brigade for eradicating the spiritual mobile game...

The thrilling, horrifying and fascinating storyline was close to the modern social life and conformed to the picture of the national government's behavior...

Fu Lu, the male lead, was acting perfectly.

His panic, fear, and all kinds of emotions were super real.

The long-range scenes were vivid.

Other supporting roles conformed to the characters they played!

For example, the policeman in the police station mistakenly considered that the male lead didn’t encounter ghosts at all, but had the illusion caused by excessive drug abuse.

He suspected him, forced the male lead to take blood tests, but then found that it was a mistake, embarrassedly.

His every move was absolutely comparable to a superstar’s performance!

"This must be China's most outstanding horror film in 2018. I don't know who the director is. It's so good!" Huang Xudong was completely fascinated.

Next to the computer desk, the freshly brewed new tea had cooled down.

But he didn't have time to take a sip as his eyes were fixed on the screen.

He even didn’t want to take his eyes off the screen.