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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 154

2022-03-15 03:05:59Publish Time: 420 views
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Chapter 154: Boy

"What happened to the world?"

Holding mobile phones, people could not believe that the news was real.

[Domestic pets talked.]

[Panda claimed himself to be a freshman in college. The breeder fainted out.]

[Shock! One night, the house actually left home.]

[Household appliances started a riot and the owner had to flee.]

"What happened to the world?"

In fact, even the national special bureau could not accept it.

Early in the morning, an increasing number of strange events were handed over to the national special bureau!

The events were scattered throughout the country, thus Director Guo had to temporarily transfer many personnel from other institutions.

Otherwise, the bureau couldn’t handle so many heavy news.

When Director Guo was desperately urging the staff to dispatch personnel to various cities across the country, Qin Wenhui suddenly reported a major event.

It turned out that staff in Zhejiang witnessed a naked boy standing in the middle of the Buddha light on the Buddha Mountain peak 10 minutes ago.

He pointed his finger to the sky and another to the ground, singing the Buddhist songs.

A large number of Buddhist believers were extremely surprised, and many monks rushed out in fear and called him the Buddha

"In the rumored Buddhist mythology, when Sakyamuni became a Buddha, he completely realized his own body. Pointing to the sky with one finger and to the ground with another, he thus became the Buddha itself." Director Guo couldn’t help but think about it.

Calming himself down, he couldn't help but ask again. "Are you sure that this news is true?"

"There is no flying equipment on the scene. It is a 5-year-old boy who bathed in the depths of the Buddha light. Do you think this is a farce?"

Gasping, Director Guo immediately ordered the preparation of a special plane, and recruited all members of the Chinese Dragon Group to go to Zhejiang Buddha Mountain together to identify whether it was the Buddha.

10 minutes ago, there were many believers coming to the Buddha Mountain since supernatural events pervaded all over the world this year.

Suddenly, a colorful halo appeared from above the summit of the mountain, and winds raged the mountain.

The believers who came to worship the Buddha began to groan, and many simply took out their mobile phones to take photos, trying to keep this wonderful Buddha light forever or to share with friends and family who could not come in person.

However, at this moment, some believers with good eyesight suddenly saw a person sitting in the middle of the Buddha light above the summit.

Adjusting the camera of the mobile phone, they could clearly see a naked boy sitting in the center of the Buddha light.

Seeming to notice everyone’s gaze, the boy stood upright and pointed his finger to the sky and another finger to the ground.

The atmosphere around him suddenly changed as it became mysterious.

Soon after, the scene turned completely chaotic as many monks kept chanting the name of Buddha.

The crowds were gathered and in the middle of the Buddha's light, the boy was still mediating silently.

When Director Guo and others arrived at the scene, they successfully locked down the mountain with the help of local police, armed police, firefighters and other local personnel in Zhejiang and expelled all Buddhists and monks.

Director Guo asked the Chinese Dragon Group to see if the boy was a swindler, who had some novelty means to achieve this kind of sensation.

Perceiving, they learned that it was definitely not a trick as the boy looked unfathomable, and he was definitely a great Buddhist monk.

Changing his mind, Director Guo was ready to formally meet with the boy.