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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 151

2022-03-15 03:05:35Publish Time: 484 views
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Chapter 151: Xuanyuan Sword vs. Chiyou

In the Turtle Mountain under the scorching sun, Wu Zijuan suddenly felt a strange breath from the northeast.

"Is it Chiyou or his minions are approaching?"

She quickly signaled and continued to patrol as always.

Receiving the signal, the other inheritors silently began to patrol, but the patrol routes were changed.

From the satellite image, they seemed to meet each other at the place of the strange breath 15 minutes later.

When they were about to meet each other, Hu Feng took the lead in launching an offensive against the unusual breath, followed by the others.

Suffering from a sudden offensive, the breather could no longer hide himself.

In the sky, a giant vortex showed up, Chiyou was in the center of the vortex, and Xiangliu entangled on his shoulder.

However, in the barrier, his figure was less than 30 meters tall.

"It turns out that Chiyou actually came personally! No, it’s Chiyou and Xiangliu!”

Through satellite observations, the national special bureau immediately transmitted the instructions.

They instructed Hu Feng and others to be careful, and it was best to perform the combination act immediately.

Along with the shouts of everyone, light of different colors was released from the twelve zodiac totem inheritors, and there seemed to be 12 more suns shining in the sky.

When the dazzling glare gradually ceased, there was only a sleek and heavy sword in the sky.

The sword was engraved with the sun, the moon and the stars on one side, and mountains, rivers and grass on the other side.

The top of the blade was engraved with incomprehensible characters, and senior officials quickly translated it with the help of the national database - Xuanyuan.

"Is this the sword of Emperor Huang?"

"How is it possible? Are we dreaming?"

Looking at each other, all the staff in the control platform center seemed to be able to read the shock in the others’ eyes.

When the inheritors merged into the Xuanyuan Sword in the sky, chirpings of dragons became audible nearby.

Everyone could clearly feel that the world seemed to be cheering for the birth of the sword.

The sword was floating in the air across from the vortex.


As the mighty thunder rumbled, everyone could feel the horrible power in the darkness.

Though thunder landed on the Xuanyuan sword, it could not damage any part of the blade, but it seemed to add a layer of blue light curtain on the Xuanyuan Sword, making it look more extraordinary.

Though the Xuanyuan Sword had not yet attacked, under the inexhaustible lightning, its momentum skyrocketed every minute and every second.

People on the scene subconsciously saw a sturdy golden dragon shadow haunting around the Xuanyuan Sword, but it suddenly disappeared when people came out of their trances.

"Is this your plan? Let’s fight!"

Seeing the imposing Xuanyuan Sword, Chiyou started moving.

Step by step, Chiyou walked in midair smoothly, and even the sounds of his heavy footsteps could be heard.

Nothing could erase any of the heroic ambitions of Chiyou, even for thousands of years, his resolution was still overwhelming.

His powerful and masculine body seemed to be showing the true definition of the god of war to the world.

Each of his four arms was holding a cold weapon, his two original arms were clasping the Suzaku blades that burned with raging fire, and the shadow of Suzaku rose up behind him.

Crisp chirpings of Suzaku sounded fascinating but also overwhelming.

With the continuous advancement of Chiyou, they were only less than 10,000 meters away from each other.

Though it was a long way for ordinary people, this distance was just a like a small step on satellite map!

The momentum of the Xuanyuan Sword no longer skyrocketed, and its tip moved slightly forward, as if aiming at the head of Chiyou.

Chiyou no longer walked forward, and he narrowed his eyes inadvertently.

The raging fire rose to the sky, and he was covered with a flaming armor.


Roaring, Chiyou enhanced his momentum to the limit and rushed to the front.

The Suzaku blades he held tore the air and burst with infinite fire.

Flaming heat overwhelmed and everything seemed to be torn into countless pieces when Chiyou swung the blades.

At this moment, the concept of space became meaningless at all, and it was smashed by Chiyou’s attack like the window made of glass.

Time even stopped at this moment as everyone witnessing it could only feel the long instant, and the past decades seemed to be insignificant in this moment. "Even under the restriction of the barrier of Emperor Huang, Chiyou is still such powerful!"

"If there is no limit, it is hard to imagine what would be left after the attack!"

Looking at the monitor of the satellite images, the head No. 1 muttered. "We can only hope that the Xuanyuan Sword can stop him.”

Though the head No. 1 actually arranged a number of nuclear warhead missiles to target the mountain, considering the nuclear pollution and the safety of the members of the Chinese Dragon Group, he did not rush to order the launch, but chose to wait for the follow-up situation.

Chiyou rushed forward and the Xuanyuan Sword dashed against the Suzaku blades.

Xuanyuan Sword with the mighty momentum advanced at a crazy speed.

As the swords intersected, and the endless light burst, no one could see clearly what exactly happened here.

At the scene, people heard something screaming, then there were dozens of pieces of snake bodies falling down.

It turned out that Xiangliu, wrapped around Chiyou’s left shoulder, had already lost his life under the Xuanyuan Sword.

Then, people couldn't see anything else.

There seemed to be nothing else but the glare beyond everything!

After a long time, the infinite light in the sky was finally annihilated.

Looking around, there were only 12 members of the Chinese Dragon Group on the ground.

"Captain Hu, are you okay?"

Responsible for the isolation of the scene from a distance, the personnel immediately approached.

"Cough... I'm fine, I'm just exhausted..."

After the personnel helped Hu Feng get up, he pretended to talk weakly. "Immediately report to the superior, Chiyou... Chiyou has been severely wounded by us and may not appear for decades.” Cocking his head, Hu Feng passed out.

"Captain Hu!"

Several personnel could not help but panic and shout. "Where is the medical staff?"