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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 135

2022-03-15 03:03:26Publish Time: 460 views
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Chapter 135: Secret of the Dragon Totem

"I almost forgot! Since I was fighting with the water monster for so long, how can I have no internal injuries?"

Before the other inheritors rushed over, Hu Feng created multiple fractures in his body, and the internal organs were damaged and displaced, leaving himself at his last gasp.

After these arrangements, Hu Feng hypnotized himself and fell unconscious again.

The surgery was over.

Inside the Beijing Special Care Unit.

Hu Feng was still asleep.

"Dr. Liu, how is he?" Director Guo, who heard the news, couldn't wait to ask.

Around the hospital bed, in addition to the basic medical care unit and Hu Feng's parents, there were members of the special national bureau, as well as the other totem inheritors.

Even if it was a spacious intensive care unit, and it was impossible to accommodate so many people, hence many people could only stay in the hallway, waiting to understand the safety of the dragon totem inheritor.

Turned to look at Director Guo, the inquired physician pushed the glasses on his nose. "To be honest, I really doubted that a 20-ton truck crushed the patient back and forth before he was to the hospital since injuries were almost everywhere......"

"Normally, people would’ve died due to such terrible injuries on the spot for a long time......"

"But this patient......"

Slightly turning, he indicated that everyone looked at the patient Hu Feng and continued.

"The desire for survival is really extraordinary. After the surgery, we have saved his life. It is estimated that he will wake up when he has enough sleep..."

Hearing this, everyone let out a sigh of relief, as they were afraid to hear the doctor giving up on the dragon totem inheritor.

"But to restore to the original healthy state, it will take at least several months."

Director Guo smiled since the fact that the dragon totem inheritor Hu Feng required hospitalization showed that they could fully represent the national government to carry out meticulous care for Hu Feng, hence they could invite him to join the national special bureau when he was discharged from the hospital.

All the 12 zodiac totem inheritors would be here!

Even if the dragon totem inheritor was indifferent towards the country, he would try to change his distrust of the government with warmth during his time in the hospital.

He ordered a group of people to stay in the intensive care unit for protection and ensured that the dragon totem inheritor Hu Feng was always in sight.

Director Guo rushed to the PLA General Staff with the other totem inheritors.

There, a special meeting aimed at the dragon totem inheritor, 9 furnaces and the water monster was waiting for them.

"Well, since everyone is here, let's start."

Seeing Director Guo and others sitting down, the General Staff of the People's Liberation Army Cheng Bingde nodded and took the initiative to elaborate on the theme of the meeting.

"Everyone should know that the last dragon totem inheritor has showed up in Jiangsu Province."

"Different from the other zodiac totem inheritors, the dragon totem inheritor seems to have the magical ability of controlling water, flying, transforming to dragon, etc., even his body size was large enough to cause unimaginable destructive power in any city!"

"In view of this, the head No. 1 also hopes us to take the lead in exploring and researching why the dragon totem inheritor has strength way beyond others’, so that the other zodiac totem inheritors can therefore become more powerful."

The first question of the meeting was to study the reason why the dragon totem inheritor was so strong and outrageously powerful, and they would try to replicate that on other Zodiac totem inheritors.

A large number of experts and professors from different fields stood up and publicized their own personal reports on the dragon totem inheritor Hu Feng, whose strength far exceeded others’, but no one could impress or convince everyone.

Either it was their personal subjective delusions, or it was flawed, not in line with normal reason.

Listening quietly, Wu Zijuan had a guess.

She looked around, but there was a professor from the Chinese Department of Peking University stating his point, so it seemed a bit impolite to interrupt him.

Her worried face caught the attention of Cheng Bingde.

To study the dragon totem inheritor, how can you not understand the whole group of the zodiac totem inheritors?

Cheng Bingde had read the documents and photos of the newly appeared dragon totem inheritor Hu Feng and other eleven zodiac inheritors more than once.

He knew Wu Zijuan, the tiger totem inheritor.

What's more, Wu Zijuan was one of the 12 zodiac totem inheritors.

If she was willing to stand up and take the initiative to explain her own ideas, it was definitely more accurate than the outsiders' guessing!

Reaching out to interrupt the professor, Cheng Bingde looked at Wu Zijuan gently. "If you have any thoughts, you can say it now."

Though she was timid and shy in front of strangers like ordinary girls, she had long been unaffected by these superficial emotions as she became independent.

Not afraid, she stood up and said. "Hello everyone, I am a member of the 12 Zodiac Totem inheritors, I personally have a guess."

The meeting room was quieter and everyone looked up at her.

"Except dragon, the other 11 zodiac signs have concrete objects in modern society…..."

Wu Zijuan still looked calm. “It’s often said that 'the rarer a thing is, the more it is worth'.”