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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 130

2022-03-15 03:02:46Publish Time: 525 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by: tinyEdit

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Chapter 130: Against the Floods

"Why doesn’t the rain stop?"

"It had already lasted for two days and three nights. There’s no signal and network here. Is it a collective flood?”

"Are we so unlucky? We even encountered a flood when travelling!"

In a hotel in Turtle Mountain, where the tour group that Hu Feng’s family participated in stayed, all members were unable to leave because of this endless rain.

However, everyone in the county had the same misfortune!

Rainstorms seemed to be more than just harmless rain, the telephone poles collapsed, the mobile phone signal base stations were short-circuited, the national highways were stuck, the resources couldn’t be sent in, and the lower-lying houses were flooded…...

For a time, the county seemed to be isolated from the world, forming an isolated island alone, and drinking water and food were short in supply.

The natural disasters were quickly detected by higher-level of the government, and the rescue measures for normal flood were also ready to operate.

However, in the process of implementing specific flood measures, something unexpected occurred!


In the turbulent flood, there were numerous deep-water whirlpools of various sizes which emanated strong suction force.

Ordinary firefighters, armed police, and officers and the People's Liberation Army, cramped their arms and legs when stepping into the whirlpools even with ropes at the waist.

If it were not for the comrades who rescued them in time, their lives would soon be devoured.

Moreover, when they stretched long bamboo or reinforced iron tubes into the flood, they found that the suction was extraordinary even in the shallow water, and even a dozen professional soldiers couldn’t be compared with a washbasin-sized whirlpool!

It gave them the feeling that the vortexes led to the unpredictable undersea and a horrible monster was there competing with people.

As for the sandbags, kayak, large loaders, bulldozers, excavators, cranes and other equipment that were tailor-made for flood measures, collapsed as soon as they entered the flood immediately......

The irrigation, drainage devices and hydraulic lifters seemed to be useless at all because the floods seemed to be endless!

For this reason, the engineers who manipulated these instruments couldn't help but think if they encountered a supernatural phenomenon.

Although the personnel could pump water manually, how could manpower be compared to the machines?

All kinds of bizarre and unprecedented events shackled the government's measures against floods, but it also attracted the attention of the 11 zodiac totem inheritors.

Checking the map, they found that this flood-stricken county also belonged to the ancient Yangzhou area.

Hence they could not help but have a question in their minds.

Is Yangzhou furnace here?

Did the floods stemmed from the shifting of the Yangzhou furnace?

They rushed over right away.

In the flood, the hidden whirlpools could trap the pace of ordinary officers, but it was a piece of cake for the zodiac totem inheritors.

[Ox Totem], [Dog Totem], [Rat Totem] and [Snake Totem] inheritors familiar with water jointly exerted their own ability, built a boat accommodating at least 200,000 people, food and medical supplies, etc., and successfully entered the county.

Just entering the county, everyone was shocked since the barrier here was weakening as fast as an avalanche!

A kind of demon aura correspondingly began to fill the world.

The rolling clouds above their heads and the endless storms were only the signs of the demon aura.

They could even imagine that the invisible barrier would disappear completely after 4 or 5 hours, and this place would also become a demon domain.

"You four, help the disaster relief operation. Let's find out the demon that caused the displacement of Yangzhou furnace and immediately destroy it!"

They had been trained in the base of the National Special Bureau, but none of them had encountered any kind of monsters.

Now they actually had the target, and it seemed that they were afraid of it, but actually couldn’t wait to join the battle.

The assignment of responsibility was completed.

The four zodiac totems inheritors, together with the soldiers and disaster relief officers, began to launch the flood control operation.

The residents trapped on the roofs began to be transferred to safe places, the patients who suffered from violent cold and fever due to heavy rain finally received treatment by doctors, and most people were successfully saved.

More than 4 hours later, the hotel that Hu Feng’s family stayed began to enter the sight of of the armed police and People’s Liberation Army.

When the officers rowed a kayak and came to the hotel to save people, the trapped teenager Hu Feng pretended to be ‘surprised and delighted’.

At the same time, he secretly let go of the last seal of the [water monkey] under Turtle M.

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