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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 13

2022-03-15 02:03:53Publish Time: 884 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 13: I Want to Get Off

Receiving the order from the superior, 34 members of the death squad, who trained for a long time and used to obey every order, immediately started posting on the mobile game forum, or shout out in chat box.

Out of curiosity, Fu Lu took a look and found that the content was mostly a template. "The cyber security supervision police with work number 39011 has been stationed. All players' speech information has been recorded. The mobile game ‘Ghost Gate’ does not conform to the socialist core values, involving feudal superstitions, network cult violence and other undesirable aspects. Please leave the game…"

In the forum, in the name of the network police, the posts to persuade the players to give up the game began to appear on the front page.

Just waiting for a minute, Fu Lu had seen more than double-digit replies.

"You registered dozens of accounts and posted with such horrible titles to intimidate us. Is this fun?"

"How to complain? I want to find to the forum administrator to complain about him!"

“Get out! It is disgusting to pretend to be cyber police. Disgusting!”

“Oh, if you’re really cyber police, now this game has already been blocked. Why do you need to post in the forum? Fudge, you are fudging.”

It was clear that no player believed them. Most replies were cursing.

Fu Lu felt that he had to do something.

"Command Center, I am 05. I don't think we should rudely give orders to tens of thousands of players to leave the game."

In the communication with the ground command center, Fu Lu also told them his idea.

"I have an immature idea."

It turned out that Fu Lu wanted to post what happened to him after he played this game in the forum with pictures and videos that described he had been chased by the long-haired female ghost, making players aware of the high risk of this game and choosing to leave themselves.

They shouldn’t rudely issue order as network police like this.

By doing so, in addition to stimulating the player's rebellion, suspicion, denial, and anger, it wouldn’t help at all.

Everyone in the command center though considered his plan naive, now the network police department was helpless, and the actions of other members of the death squad didn’t help, so they wanted to give it a try.

According to the instructions, the female ghost photographed by the police at the crossroads in the early morning, the photos of Fu Lu in the police station, and a series of information such as the quirky death file archives of Jing’an District XX Middle School many years ago were quickly and accurately sent to Fu Lu’s phone.

At the same time, the command center ordered the other 34 members of the death squad to unconditionally cooperate with Fu Lu.

With these key information, coupled with the tacit help of the thirty-four allies around, the post posted by Fu Lu quickly rose to the top of the home page.

In the second half of the post, Fu Lu also boldly judged the spiritual mobile game ‘Ghost Gate’ was alive, and all players were its reserve prey.

If they didn't stay away from the mobile game as soon as possible, it was equal to suicide!

A lot of ordinary mobile gamers in the forum curiously clicked on Fu Lu’s post, and suddenly found the door of the new world.

A small number of players felt that this was impossible to happen, but an extremely realistic modern urban spooky case!

There was no reason for Fu Lu to make a joke with everyone.

The best choice at present was to uninstall the mobile game to keep your life.

There were also some well-informed players disapproving his thoughts.

They thought that these graphic videos were the products deliberately made with lots of money.

The purpose was to attract the attention of netizens, and then the author would release the website of his own novels, and then he could take the opportunity to drain a large number of believers to spend money on reading his books.

The majority of players were silent after reading the post.

They often read the post casually, then decisively turned it off, and left the forum to start playing games...

Hu Feng, who had been paying close attention to the action of the national machine, now felt that he could no longer stand by.

Among tens of thousands of ‘Ghost Gates’ players, only a few thousand people believed what Fu Lu said and took the initiative to leave.

They only contributed him a few dozens of fudge value.

In this way, when would it be possible to reach a plan, that all players believed that ghosts existed and escaped panickingly, hence contributed a large amount of fudge value?

"It seems that I still have to take action in person." Hu Feng was full of energy. "And I also feel that it is time to end the plan that makes everyone believe that ghosts really exist in the world, and start a new fudge project."

At present, Hu Feng had way more than 10 points of fudge value.

He no longer needed to save them.

571.93 points provided him with guts.

What's more, if he convinced all the players that ghosts existed in the world, then it would be tons of fudge value!

Just do it!

Suddenly, on the forum home page, a new post titled【Who can save me? Ghost in the mobile game is going to kill me】showed up.

Fu Lu and the members of the death squad who paid attention to the small changes in mobile game clicked the post at almost the same time.

"Help! Has anyone encountered the same situation as me? Almost a day ago, I met an NPC with a ghost face at the birthplace and got one of the only two bloody books made of human skin on his hand. But I never knew that this turned out to be the beginning of my nightmare!"

"Believe me, I am not lying to you! There was a ghost story in the book. What made me cry is something mentioned in the ghost story. It showed up in reality and kept chasing me!"

"No! It showed up again, it is in the high-speed rail carriage where I am located now! God, more than one ghost... In addition to the ghost that kept chasing me, there are eight other ghosts out of nowhere! I want to get off..."

The post just ended at【I want to get off】.

Fu Lu felt creepy and extremely scary.

As for the players in the forum, they were also skeptical.

Someone replied. "What are you doing? Are you on the same team? The author of the post called himself Fu Lu, and he claimed that he is the tenth unlucky person who gain the bloody book made of human skin and got chased by the ghosts in the book. Then, there is another one here claiming to be the ninth guy who got the book?”

Of course, some players started to make fun of it. They deliberately posted the article without finishing it.

"Do you know? There are ghosts in this forum! When many people are halfway through the words, they suddenly disappear. You don't…"

"Really? I don’t think…"

"Damn! You all disappeared. I’m so…"

"You guys are fake. If they really disappear, there is no time for punctuation... just like me."

Through the many monitoring equipment in the air-raid shelter, Captain Zhou and others could see the content clearly.

"Fu Lu, he is the tenth person who drew a bloody man's book. If this new person doesn't lie, then he is the ninth guy to get the book!"

Ignoring the funny content of those player, Captain Zhou ordered with headphones. "0505, this is the command center, please answer."

"Please contact the author immediately. He may be the ninth person who drew the book but survived, just like you. We can get more information of Ghost Gate’s rules of murdering from him."

"05, copy that."

Fu Lu began to write a private letter to him right away.