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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 118

2022-03-15 03:01:10Publish Time: 467 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 118: Gong Gong bumped into Buzhou Mountain

In that instant, the Orachimaru couldn’t move its teeth anymore.

"What? It’s him!"

"How can it be?"

"Nightmare Samurai!"

The Orachimaru turned its head slightly, stared at the face of Hu Feng, who wore a cattle-faced mask and the Japanese traditional samurai armor, and its pupils looked scary. "You dare to stop me. Are you also one of the descendants of the indigenous gods?"

Grabbing the collar of Ono Sumika with one hand, he shook his hand gently, and Sumika’s 8-footed Mirror immediately fell into his hands.

He threw her safely to the ground as he cast a spell to protect her, then laughed and shook his head. "Descendant of indigenous gods? Ridiculous! Orachimaru, listen carefully!"

Hu Feng then solemnly said. "I am the descendant of Emperor Yan. My name is Jiang Li!"

"Wow, in the past, I used to be the subordinate of Gong Gong, the descendant of Emperor Yan. Under the emperor’s order, I led my people to turn everywhere we traveled into flooded lands."

The Orachimaru twisted its body and said awe-inspiringly. "But I never thought that I could meet a royal family member in this foreign country. I am not the Orachimaru, my real name is Xiangliu! ”

"Since I was chased by Dayu, all my people died, and one of my heads was also cut off. I couldn’t find the emperor, thus I was forced to flee overseas."

"When I was ill and weak, an indigenous god stole the emperor weapon on my tail, and he sealed it, hence I barely got out of trouble."

"The indigenous gods seemed to perform some godly power on me, hence my appearance changed."

Speaking of this, Xiangliu also raised its snake head biting the Kusanagi Sword, and apparently told Hu Feng that he was the weapon of Gong Gong, but his appearance has been tampered with.

Very strangely, no matter whether it was the nightmare samurai or Xiangliu, the language they used was not Japanese, nor Chinese Mandarin or any widely spoken language in the world, but everyone in the world could understand what they meant as long as they heard them.

In view of this, the entire Japanese nation was staring amazedly in front of the screen.

“What? The powerful demon Orachimaru mentioned in myths of my country was not a local thing? Who’s Xiangliu?”

"How is this possible? It's seems too incredible to believe!"

"Fake! I don't believe there has been no Orachimaru!"

"Stupid! This is absolutely impossible to be true! What about the prize of Sasuke, the Kusanagi Sword given by Amaterasu, does it not exist? This must be a Chinese conspiracy! Emperor, please, you must come out to clarify the facts!"

In fact, not only many Japanese people were astonished, but even many went crazy about it, and they weren’t ready to believe it.

In China, through satellite observations, the head No.1 and the top officials of the national special bureau couldn’t believe it either!

The Orachimaru in the Japanese mythology was actually the fierce beast Xiangliu mentioned in the Chinese records?

Also known as Gong Gong, the emperor of the river who controls the floods?

To the head No. 1, these were exaggerating the records, not the facts.

There was too much ambiguity in the stories of Gong Gong and Xiangliu, though Dayu might have really dealt with the flooding, but it was just an ordinary story.

Although it was spectacular at that moment, which was worthy of being recorded, many governments had dealt with flooding in the past dynasties, so it wasn’t special.

But when they learned about the existence of this living Xiangliu through satellite signals, about the history from the past, they were amazed!

Xiangliu really existed, Gong Gong and Dayu might have really existed too.

Then was the folk that Gong Gong bumped into Buzhou Mountain real?

Director Guo, who accompanied the head No. 1, couldn’t help but mutter.

"In the past, Gong Gong competed for the throne, hence he got angry and bumped into Buzhou Mountain......"

Director Guo started trembling because he was very clear that the myth [Nuwa repaired the pillars of the heavens] came after the myth [Gong Gong bumped into Buzhou Mountain].

Judging from the current situation in mainland China, it was obvious that the [sky] was complete and unobtrusive.

That is to say, does Nuwa really exist?

Has she ever repaired the pillars of the heavens?

If that is the case, was the legend [Nuwa created mankind] real?

Darwin’s theoretical conjectures that states that monkeys walked out of the forest and evolved into mankind million years ago was it illusory?

Or does it only apply to Western civilization, and Eastern civilization is completely different?

Deeply pondering, Director Guo was confused.

The head No. 1 and others also became speechless.

If the myths were fake, then naturally no one cared about it.

At this moment, it seemed that they were something real, hence the leaders of the country had to carefully consider the endless pressure the mythical characters would bring to society and the country if they came into reality.

Although Gong Gong and Dayu were absent, there was still an ancient fierce beast Xiangliu in Japan.

If this guy had a whim and returned to his hometown to take a look, everyone was terrified as they didn’t know the threat that modern weapons could pose on the ancient beast.

Picking up the internal communication phone in the office, the head No. 1 began his order.

"Ask the PLA staff, the National Five-Year Plan think tank, all members of the State Council's Central Policy Research Office and other institutions to conduct an investigation and evaluation on Xiangliu."

"I don't want to hear anyone complaining. Even if it's just a satellite image, I want to see it as soon as possible. Verify the defensive capability of the skin of Xiangliu, whether it is radiation-resistant, whether it is immune to bullets, etc."

"And don't let go of any historical myths and legends about Xiangliu. Be sure to find out the way to defend against Xiangliu in the shortest time…..."

"The intercontinental missile nuclear weapons launching bases in Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Zhejiang and other places, all enter the second-level threat situation. Military satellites must always pay attention to Xiangliu. If it has any intention to leave Japan, immediately report to me directly!"