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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 111

2022-03-15 03:00:14Publish Time: 435 views
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Chapter 111: Reach a Consensus

It had been one and a half months since the natural disasters that pervaded Japan and the supernatural events, but for all countries in the world, Japan became the focus of the world during this period of time.

Various supernatural phenomena emerged, such as Hyakkiyakou, Nightmare Samurai and hundreds of thousands onmyojis.

Recently, another large-scale supernatural event that shocked numerous people and the country happened in Kyoto, Japan!

That was, the doomsday prophecy of the Nightmare Samurai witnessed by 1.5 million residents.

The seal under Mt. Fuji is about to wake up.

If the innocent people want to survive, they should leave as soon as possible…...

Almost all ordinary people in Japan couldn't help but get shocked and questioned when they heard the news on the Internet.

After all, Mount Fuji was one of Japan's most important national symbols, which was also famous throughout the world.

It was an active volcano across Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture.

Under such a majestic mountain, there existed an ancient supernatural seal.

If this news was spread by an average person, people would naturally ignore this, and the relevant personnel of the Japanese government wouldn’t even have to look into it.

But now, not only the number of people spreading the news exceeded one million, but the key issuer turned out to be the Nightmare Samurai, which made many people living in the vicinity of Mount Fuji feel anxious and uneasy.

Feeling afraid, some residents of Shizuoka Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture and even the major districts of Tokyo closer to Mount Fuji doubtfully choose to move out.

At the same time, various extensions of the doomsday prophecies issued by the Nightmare Samurai were also widely being spread on the Internet.

Some netizens said that since the Nightmare Samurai mentioned that there was a seal under Mount Fuji, it might be a powerful demon sealed in this active volcano, and it would be by no means an ordinary seal.

A demon might be sealed in the depths of Mount Fuji to ensure that the it couldn’t escape.

Some netizens mentioned the Fukushima nuclear radiation leaks a few years ago and exaggerated it to be a supernatural event, explaining the cause of the events.

"On March 11th, 2011, the Great East Japan Earthquake with a magnitude of 9 on a Richter scale and the following huge tsunami caused devastating damage to Fukushima Prefecture and other places, triggering the nuclear leakage of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant…… This was just how the state covered up the truth and gave us the illusion of a disaster."

"The real fact should be that many supernatural Buddhists in China could not keep the seal of the demon under Mount Fuji stable and let the latter seize the opportunity to break out from the seal, and the earthquake and tsunami were the aftermath of the battle between the two sides…..."

"What? You don't believe what I said? Then I ask you, do you know why there wasn't any Buddhist monk coming out to help the disaster a month ago?"

"Stupid, the reason is that as early as 2011, a large number of Buddhist monks have been killed in the bloody battle with the demon, so that they could barely re-seal it."

"But things have changed. Today, the seal is about to be completely broken, hence the Nightmare Samurai warned us. The powerful demon will show up! Go hoard clean water and flee the country! The big cities near Mount Fuji will be shattered into ruins!"

Some Japanese cultists who had long since fallen behind and whose lies had been exposed were not afraid to interpret the warning of Nightmare Samurai and publicize the ancient existence of the king of destruction that would wake up before the omnipotent Amaterasu to rule Japan…...

The original Nostradamus prophecy made in 1999 became the stories made by the cultists as they scraped it together indiscriminately.

These news on the Internet made ordinary people from the lower class fear, and the Japanese National Government had long had all the insights, but in the treatment of the so-called doomsday prophecy, different parliamentarians had different interests and opinions.

Some parliamentarians questioned that assuming that the government should mobilize publicly to help hundreds of thousands of permanent residents in Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture move away, where should they be moved?

How long would it take to move?

Who could give an accurate time for a doomsday prophecy?

Assuming that it wouldn’t come for several years, should these people wander outside?

Should the government keep funding them?

What's more, it was equaled to the official endorsement of the doomsday prophecy made by the Nightmare Samurai!

At the time, there were more than 20 million ordinary residents in various districts and cities in Tokyo, which was 100 kilometers away from Mount Fuji, so should they move away?

Should we treat these residents in a different way?

Should we move the residents of the two prefectures and ignore the citizens of Tokyo?

No one dared to say anything since 20 million citizens of the capital accounted for one-sixth vote of all Japan.

Some parliamentarians also raised objections.

They claimed that the Nightmare Samurai had fore-warned them, so should they turn a blind eye toward the residents?

Once the sealed monster under Mount Fuji appeared, everything would be too late.

Even if the government couldn’t force them to move, couldn't they at least help towards the propaganda?

Of course, there were also a group of parliamentarians maintaining a neutral attitude because their family business, company land and other properties were far away from Mount Fuji, they thus were indifferent.

Then, many parliamentarians had an argument, and the entire national parliament was as chaotic as the vegetable market.

After 3 days, the parliamentarians forcibly reached a consensus in view that the Prime Minister was still ‘healing the disease’ in the United States with the coordination of the emperor.

In other words, the Japanese government would definitely not help the people near Mt. Fuji move, and would never openly broadcast on TV programs or the Internet to promote that the sealed monster would show up.

But they wouldn’t do nothing.

Through the channels of experts, professors, news media and others, they would spread the news that the volcano Mount Fuji was active and expected to erupt in the near future, hence people near Mount Fuji should leave early.

As for whether those people near Mount Fuji understood the risks and the willingness to leave early, the parliamentarians stated that it was none of their business as they had already fulfilled their responsibilities.