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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 107

2022-03-15 02:59:42Publish Time: 460 views
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Chapter 107: Chiyou

The anomalous behavior from these antiques came fast but also disappeared fast.

In less than 2 minutes, all the strange phenomena of the antiques disappeared.

At this moment, Jiang Li suddenly opened his eyes.

Under the gaze of all the secret agents, what they couldn’t believe happened!

Jiang Li stood still in place, but the antiques that were suspended in the air, flew towards his traditional Japanese samurai armor.

In the meantime, the agents seemed to notice that the samurai armor began to distort, and ripples which seemed like black hole began to appear as all the antiques went straight into the ripples and ended up disappearing instantly.

Desperately rubbing their eyes, the agents inside the base could see the disappearance of the antiques when they flew close towards the armor, and the armor became bulkier and bulkier every time it swallowed up an antique.

Even on the top of the armor, a pair of small horns appeared out of nowhere and green flames were looming on it.

"This is the devil armor!"

“It’s growing! Oh my God!" The base staff couldn't help but scream as they didn't dare to look at it again and started to pray for their safety.

Faced with a supernatural event, other spy agents became short of breath and anxious, but they couldn’t leave, since their duties forced them to continue to observe.

Sweeping away all the antiques, Jiang Li turned slightly and disappeared inside the National Museum.

Since the target disappeared, these agents decisively reported the situation to the general manager, so that the latter could sort out everything that happened tonight and report it to President Trump.

It didn't take long before he completed a detailed report of the supernatural incident involving Jiang Li in the National Museum tonight and sent it to the President's Office in the White House.

"Is it evolving and developing? An armor eating like a living person, absorbing nutrition and growing up?" After reading this report, President Trump was puzzled.

"Mr. President, although this sounds ridiculous, it is indeed a true fact." The director of the CIA stated very seriously.

Seeing President Trump puzzled, he presented another evaluation report from a large number of experts on Chinese ancient culture.

"Jiang Li has always thought of himself as a descendant of Emperor Yan. We specially consulted the professionals and analyzed what happens to the armor in the end."

"Mr. President, please take a look."

Receiving the report, he started reading the first page.

What he first saw was the final evolution of the colorful samurai armor that experts and scholars had a hypothesis about.

21 meters high, 3 huge cattle heads, each with a pair of stout horns on the top, the upper body of the giant , 6 masculine arms with axes and blades, vortex-like storms circling around which suggested that it had the ability to control the wind, 8 legs…...

Next to the final evolutionary growth chart, there was also a name conjecture for the armor.


Frowning, President Trump sighed with suspicion.


"Mr. President, in ancient China, that is around, 3,000 BC, it was said that there was a big decisive battle like the American Civil War."

The director of the CIA came forward and pointed to this final evolutionary picture, explaining in words. "The tribe headed by Emperor Huang first accommodated and merged most of the clan of Emperor Yan, and then he expelled Emperor Yan. Emperor Yan died of exhaustion, so his original name was erased, replaced by the new name Chiyou."

"The Chinese pay attention to the souls. Although Chiyou’s body was dead, his soul should still exist."

President Trump listened with great interest, and the director of the CIA continued to elaborate.

"So we have reasons to suspect that even if only the soul exists, since Chiyou is a very powerful figure in Chinese mythology, the resurrection of Jiang Li is likely to be related to him!"

"Think about it, though Jiang Li is Chinese-Japanese mixed, the records show that he never left Japan for China since his childhood."

Squinting, CIA Director said. "Usually, how can such a person who has been influenced by Japanese culture firmly believe that he is a descendant of the Chinese Emperor Yan? And he’s even proud of this. If no one tells Jiang Li about his inheritance, it would never come to this situation.”

"Mr. President, in the folklore of East Asia, there have always been legends about guardian spirit and protecting gods. There are also myths about the guardian spirit inhabiting the dead objects…..."

Hearing this, President Trump could not help but thoughtfully mutter. "What you mean… that Chiyou’s soul is in the Japanese samurai armor.”

"It is precisely because of its great strength that Jiang Li can be brought back to life; and because of it, Jiang Li can understand and be proud of his own identity. At the same time, this armor swallows antiques to grow, right?"

In the face of the president's inquiry, the CIA director nodded quickly.

"I have to say that I didn’t see that coming. But your speculation is quite reasonable." Touching the chin, President Trump pondered various information about Jiang Li in his mind.

A documentary report that he had read in the past showed that Jiang Li attended the battle between the onmyojis and the Shuten-doji halfway and stated clearly that the ghost gourd containing pure yin belonged to him.

When first reading the report, President Trump repeatedly tried to think of himself as Jiang Li to ponder what he could do with the so-called ghost gourd with pure yin and why he had to get it.

However, due to the lack of information, he had no idea.

At the moment, he suspected that maybe Jiang Li collected antiques containing pure yin for Chiyou’s soul which possessed the armor.

In this way, it justified all the incidents involving Jiang Li, as well as Jiang Li’s weird behaviors!

"Control the onmyojis, make them get the armor at all costs!" The more he thought, the more possible he considered it to be, so President Trump wanted to get it right away!