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I’m the Boss Who Modified the World – Chapter 100

2022-03-15 02:58:46Publish Time: 462 views
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Chapter 100: Three Kings and Five Emperors

Soon, by the strong guidance of the government, almost all Chinese netizens settled down and realized that though Hyakkiyakou, onmyojis and other metaphysical things, existed in the world, their lives still remained unchanged.

After all, due to the national blockade, even the information related to the mobile game Ghost Gate and the secret martial artist Meng Jingyu was hidden, not known to the public.

Almost all Chinese people didn’t know that similar supernatural phenomena had already occurred in the country as they thought that the incidents in Japan were the first confirmed supernatural phenomena in the 21st century.

If there was no human factor to publicize, the heat might only last for seven or eight days on the Chinese Internet, then it would gradually weaken and almost everyone would soon forget about it due to heavy pressure from mortgage, education, medical care, and work.

In the end, only a small number of netizens interested in would keep discussing the issue privately.

However, with a number of knowledgeable elite users to find the root of the question, a paper breaking titled "From the origin of the Japanese onmyojis to explore the heroes of China's 5,000 years of myths and legends" once issued, it seemed to resonate with numerous netizens!

In the thesis, there was a 1000-word introduction on the first page, roughly summarizing the thesis and inspiring readers to keep reading.

“It is well known that the Japanese onmyojis originated in China.”

"In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States Period, there was a school that advocated the promotion of yin, yang and the five elements called School of Naturalists’. At that time, it was mainly represented by Zou Shuang and others.

"Later, although the School of Naturalists gradually disappeared in China, they were alienated in Japan."

"In the Heian era, the onmyojis who protected people and even the emperor from the demons were the important spiritual pillars of the entire country."

"Today, we have also learned various supernatural phenomena that occured in Japan and about the onmyoji Ono Sumika, who had the powerful shikigami Royal Nine-tailed Fox and almost single-handedly defeated the Shuten-doji!"

"According to the professional books such as ‘The Ancients’ and ‘Japanese Records’, the first Japanese emperor ‘Emperor of God’ founded the nation in 660 BC, so the Japanese nationals are proud of their own country with a 2600-year history!"

"In the book ‘Han Geography’ in China, there is also a description of the country ‘Wo’. In the east of China, Wo consisted of more than 100 states and they sent representatives to visit China each year."

"You can imagine that the history of Japanese archipelago is only half of the Chinese civilization, but they can still have the magical talents of onmyojis!"

"We are known as one of the only civilizations that still retained their ancient heritage culture and the only historical living fossils among the four ancient civilizations. How can there be no onmyojis in China?"

“In the past, we never looked into the problem and ignored the objective existence that has been passed down from the ancients. Just like before the supernatural phenomena occurred in Japan, we thought that such things didn’t exist in the world!"

"We usually, casually and naively examine and comment on various myths and legends, then unscrupulously draw the conclusion that they are all illusory. However, we don’t know that we are like frogs inside a well!"

"Take me as an example, I once commented on ‘Pangu’ on a forum, stating that it was just a mythical figure that appeared in the Three Kingdoms period, which was not worth mentioning at all. ‘Nuwa’ was only recorded at the end of the Warring States period, so I didn’t even believe she was a woman. ‘Fu Xi’ appeared in the middle and early period of the Warring States period and I thought he was not a real person in history."

"’Three Kings and Five Emperors’ are even more mysterious! It was well documented that the Emperor Yan appeared only in the Spring and Autumn Period, but I thought there was a high possibility they all never existed except ‘Da Yu’......"

"Until I witnessed the facts of various objective existence in Japan, I suddenly realized that almost made a mistake!"

"Considering the origin of the universe, physics suggest that it was created by the formation of a singular explosion that occurred about 13.7 billion years ago. Many readers may oppose my point of view, but I still want to say that is this really similar to ‘Pangu Creation’ recorded in the Chinese history?"

"As for the ‘Three Kings and Five Emperors’, I think that the characters might not be fiction. In ancient times, there may have indeed been such legendary heroes that had great power as the onmyojis in Japan prove it!"

"There are many versions of the rumor of these 8 legendary heroes, and I’ll introduce briefly with the most widely-known version."

"’Three Kings’ are Nuwa, Shennong and Suiren. Nuwa created the Chinese people and refined the colorful stones to make up the sky, Shennong taught people how to farm, and Suiren found the fire and greatly increased the means of survival of the Chinese people."

"Nuwa is a human-faced snake, Shennong is a cow-faced human, and Suiren is a human!"

"In the past, I mistakenly thought that they were just fictional legends, but combined with the appearance of various ghosts and demons that raged in Japan, maybe the description of their appearance are correct."

"Then we talk about the 'Five Emperors'. Since there are many different versions, I'll discuss the most widely-known one, namely Emperor Huang (Yun), Emperor Yan (Shennong), Shaohao (Qingyang, Emperor Huang's eldest son), and Zhuanxu (Gaoyang, Emperor Huang's grandson) and Emperor Ku (Gaoxin, the great-grandson of the Yellow Emperor).”

"In summary, I can speculate boldly that even some of the myths and legends that have been passed down to the present day may be exaggerated and not true, but such heroes definitely existed!"

"So from now one, I hope that with a brief 680,000-word thesis, all readers can re-interpret the famous Chinese myths, and have a deep understanding of the stories behind them, not forgetting the traceable noble ancestors!"

In just a few days, this masterpiece became viral on the Internet and was directly reprinted by millions of Chinese netizens.

Many professors in the well-known universities in China also started looking into the thesis from different channels and different perspectives to confirm its credibility.

In reality, the tourism was booming in the northwest of Xinzheng, Henan Province, since many went there to worship the womb of Emperor Huang.

At the end of the day, the People’s Daily called on the public to think rationally and not to believe the information with no references.