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I Have a Ghost Dairy –– Chapter 86

2024-04-02 06:30:00Publish Time: 98 views
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Chapter 86: The Resting Church

"How do we pick peaches?" Chu Jiang asked, while using his enhanced senses to reach as high as possible.

"It means when your creative team is almost done, they bring in a creative director who doesn't have to do anything but takes credit for the whole team's work."

Lin Qian spoke with some indignation, "Later, we all quit together under the leadership of our team leader."

"I heard that that terrible company has gone bankrupt now, which is somewhat of a relief."

"Of course, after I quit, it took me several months to find a new job, and the salary was still the same..."

"Oh," Chu Jiang asked again, "What about your team leader?"

"He has some reputation in this industry, so he quickly joined another company. Since they didn't hire many people there, our team leader gave each of us 100 red envelopes as a gesture of apology."

At this point, Chu Jiang stopped asking questions and Lin Qian fell silent.

The two of them continued upwards and finally reached the fifth floor.

"Wait inside, don't think too much. Do what I tell you to do, understand?"

Lin Qian nodded.

So, like this, Chu Jiang led the people to the right side, in front of the third room.

From the outside, the room was dark, but Chu Jiang could see the details inside through the glass window.

This was an empty room, with some tables, chairs, and props scattered around the corners. In the center of the room, there were some stage setups, resembling a cross and a confessional, looking rough and simple.

The room was empty, as if the strange situations described by the students never existed.

But this made Chu Jiang's alarm bells go off in his mind, could it be a Ghost Domain...

Ghost Domain is a very special thing, where the scenes inside can either overlap with reality or form an independent paranormal space.

Moreover, no matter what kind of Ghost Domain it is, you can't see the details from the outside, only by going inside personally can you discover any clues.

After checking the things in his backpack, Chu Jiang notified the receptionist Chen Yuting about the Ghost Domain suspicion. He grabbed the door handle and slowly opened it...

Since he chose to be in charge and has already come here, there is no turning back.

When the door opened, Lin Qian's heart jumped to his throat.

But to his surprise, everything inside was still normal. The light from his flashlight illuminated an empty room.

Chu Jiang cautiously stepped into the activity room, holding Lin Qian's hand.

In just this step, everything they saw changed completely.

They stood at the entrance of a quiet church, with two old wooden doors behind them. One door was half-opened, as if they had just come in through there.

Looking at the tall cross in the center of the church, the Jesus statue on the cross, the neatly arranged tables and chairs in front of the statues, and the dim oil lamps hanging on the weathered walls, Lin Qian was completely dumbfounded.

Chu Jiang immediately looked down and noticed that his clothes had changed. Now, he was dressed in linen clothing, bare-chested, looking like a fisherman.

Luckily, the backpack is still here, it didn't disappear, it just changed its appearance and now looks like a worn-out cloth bag.

Lin Qian's outfit also changed. He is wearing fancy clothes that belong to the upper class of society. He is also wearing a black round hat and has a small mustache, although he hasn't noticed the change yet.

Confessor number 3 has the title of a nobleman, while confessor number 4 is a fisherman.

After Chu Jiang regained consciousness, he quietly asked Lin Qian, "Is this scene exactly the same as the one you imagined when you wrote the script?"

"It's similar, but not exactly. I didn't imagine every detail in such depth, and when you write it down, it's impossible for everything to be exactly like the real thing. This church now is based on my script and has been made as realistic and detailed as possible."

Lin Qian's answer made Chu Jiang ponder for a moment. It was both good news and bad news.

The good part is that Chu Jiang thinks this scene was constructed based on the script and not on Lin Qian's inner thoughts.

This way, he only needs to focus on the script itself and doesn't have to analyze the changes in people's hearts.

The bad part is, if this scene was really constructed based on inner thoughts and Lin Qian was willing to cooperate, Chu Jiang would have had more control. Now, it seems like he doesn't.

"What's the name of this church?"

Lin Qian shook his head, "This is a script for a play, it's not that detailed, it doesn't even have character names, only code names. The church is simply called 'Church'."

As he spoke, Lin Qian's perspective shifted and he was surprised to realize he was wearing different clothes. It's worth noting that he didn't even know when he put on the hat.

"I believe you've also noticed, we both have become repenters."

"And during the day, Xiao Li and the others retreated, which likely means that all the repenters have already confessed once."

"Now that we've come here again, I believe you understand what it means, right?"

Lin Qian's expression froze, as he was the one who wrote the script, he naturally knew what was going to happen next. This is a thrilling tale of 'punishing evil and promoting good'...

As they spoke, a slow and heavy footsteps suddenly came from the corridor behind the church.

Lin Qian was taken aback at first, but then he slowed down his breathing, while Chu Jiang looked in that direction thoughtfully.

Sure enough, shortly after, an ugly giant walked out of the corridor.

He looked exactly like a brown bear, his face completely disfigured as if burned by fire; he wore simple, dirty clothes and held a bucket in his hand.

This is the mute. After coming out, he just glanced at the two people at the door, didn't say anything, and silently started wiping the tables and chairs with a cloth.

"How about that? Does the mute match what you imagined?"

"Just like I described, but when I pictured him in my mind, I only had a vague outline, not this level of detail."

Chu Jiang asked again, "Then try your best to imagine and change the mute in your mind into a different image."

Lin Qian scratched his head and said, "I'll give it a try."

He closed his eyes and tried, but after five or six minutes, the mute still looked the same, still just wiping tables and chairs.

Seeing this scene, Chu Jiang could almost confirm that it was detailed according to the script.

It is worth mentioning that the satellite phone can still contact the outside world, Chu Jiang tried it. This can be considered as good news, at least he can ask for help when in doubt.

At this moment, Chu Jiang was almost certain that everything in front of him was a Ghost Domain, it was beyond the scope of getting lost.