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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 5

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Translated by: WuWang

Edited by:

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Chapter 5: After the Evaluation, It Is Suggested That You Change Your Profession to a Geisha

Before getting the Life Simulator, Miss Loria would spend her weekends simulating "lazy pig".

When the sun streamed through the window onto the bed, the "lazy pig" would usually have one leg sticking out from under the blanket, occasionally even having the shirt accidentally lifted, revealing a smooth and tight little tummy.

It is hard for outsiders to imagine that the glamorous and bright Miss Loria could also have such unlovely moments.

However, there was no big problem.

After all, Loria lived alone in the apartment assigned to her by the Adventurers Management Guild.

Don't even mention just having a bad sleeping position, even if she were to sleep naked, it wouldn't have any impact on others!

Usually, Loria would wait until 2 o'clock in the afternoon before getting up to search for food.

"After finishing eating, she lay on the bed and read comic books. When she saw something she didn't want to see, she went back to sleep. When she woke up, she ate again and then continued sleeping."

But today, the situation was a bit different.

Just thinking about her experiences in the Life Simulator, she couldn't sleep at all.

Now, there were roughly three paths left for her to choose from.

The first path, running away immediately!

"Isn't it just a stable job? I don't want it. Why worry about not having a path ahead if you have a strong heart?"

Unfortunately, Miss Loria couldn't say such elegant words.

She had spent five years at the Knight Academy, oh, how long those five years were, all for the sake of obtaining this opportunity that would allow her to lead a laid-back life.

Now, if they made her leave, then what about all her previous efforts?

If luck were not on her side, she might even be considered a deserter and wanted nationwide.

And who could guarantee that on her way out of Creek Town she wouldn't be captured by Slime Girls or Green-skinned Orcs?

So, she couldn't run away unless absolutely necessary.

The second path, lying flat and waiting for death!

Loria, although she was slacking off, hadn't reached this level of slacking.

Who says salted fish isn't a fish?

If it's a fish, it would want to wiggle a little.

Loria, too, had dreams. If possible, she wanted to become the mighty Dark Queen ruling the world!

But obviously, this possibility would not come to her.

The third path, seeking a way to survive!

This was a difficult journey.

After several simulations, Loria speculated that the mastermind was in Creek Town, and there was even a possibility that they were in the Adventurers Management Guild.

Otherwise, during the fourth simulation, she wouldn't have been able to make it through even the first day, and she would have perished.

"Is it Adeline the guildmaster?"

Loria couldn't come to a definite conclusion.

In the simulation, she couldn't see clearly who was responsible, and before speaking with the guildmaster, she had also asked others for information.

And there was one more thing – her impression of the guildmaster wasn't actually bad.

Compared to the Slime Girl, Green Orc Girl, and Skeleton Girl, even though the guildmaster punished her severely, they eventually reached a happy ending together - "Living Happily Ever After with the Guildmaster I."

It is said that the guildmaster is a noble. She, in a way, also became associated with the nobility, allowing her to lie even flatter than before!

"Being punished isn't really a very painful thing, I'm even enjoying it, ah, pfft… no… it's not okay…"

Loria shook her head quickly.

She is Loria, someone who never lived beneath others throughout her life.

If they wanted her to surrender, not even a wealthy guildmaster with golden hair and a large bosom could accomplish it!

Loria had been tossing and turning all night until 7 o'clock in the morning, but still couldn't fall asleep.

As the sky brightened, she climbed out of bed.

A new day, a new beginning.

Loria, with dark circles under her eyes, left home and her first stop was the reception hall of the Adventurers Management Guild.

Newcomers register as adventurers here.

Because she arrived early, she thought she would have to wait a while longer to register. Unexpectedly, as soon as she entered the hall, she saw Felix.

Oh my goodness, this guy always takes the initiative to work overtime and does the work of three people on his own. And now he's playing on the weekends too! How are other colleagues supposed to live?

Loria reluctantly walked over with a brave face.

"Good morning."

"Wow, it's Loria! Why do you have dark circles? Could it be because you worked late at home last night?"


I always felt like this person was mocking me.

Loria endured the weight on her chest and quivered, saying, "It's nothing major, I'm just here to register as an adventurer."

"No problem."

When it comes to work, Felix immediately adopted a serious attitude with full dedication.

"The cost is 1 Oder coin."

Loria reached out and gently pressed the small magic circle in front of the window.

As a member of the Adventurers Management Guild, she didn't have to pay a deposit of 50 Oder coins.

If it weren't for that, she wouldn't have come to register. With that money, she could save up and have another simulation, isn't that great? At worst, she could even buy a few pig trotters to nibble on.

One minute later, Loria received her own special identity card.

Name: Loria Jaratiya

[Age]: 16 years old

[Registered Location]: Oder Empire - Province of Claren - Creek Town

[Occupation]: Novice Knight (F)

[Attributes]: Strength 6, Agility 6, Endurance 9, Intelligence 5, Spirit 7, Charisma 9

[Talents]: Hyper Sensitivity, Optimist, Stubborn

[Skills]: Shield Bash, Great Sword Combo, I'm Playing Dead!, Endurance Training, Enhanced Resilience

[Career Advice]

In the world of adventurers, the letter before the adventurer's ID number represents the continent of Ozel, where the Oder Empire is located. The first digit, 1, represents the Oder Empire.

The letter "F" after the name of the profession doesn't mean that Loria's chest is as big as "F." It represents the level of the profession. "F" level is the lowest level of profession.

As for the attributes…


Loria female froze in place.

If they didn't remember wrongly, normal identity cards didn't have charm attributes, talent slots, and career suggestions.

"Did they make a mistake on my ID card? Why are there some extra things added to it?"

"Do you have it?" Felix took the ID card and glanced at it. "No problem, isn't this exactly the same as the sample card?"

Are you sure about this?

Loria stared at it for a long time, and in the end, she quietly took the card back.

It seems like the problem lies with the simulator!

She had to study slowly all by herself.

Having an extra charm attribute wasn't a big deal, but a charm of 9 was a praise for her!

But those few talents were really extraordinary.

[Hyper Sensitivity]: Your body is extremely sensitive, several times more than that of an average human female. This makes it easier for you to get excited and feel exhausted.

[Optimist]: Due to your physical nature, even in the midst of suffering, you are able to feel happiness.

[Stubborn Tongue]: Your mouth is particularly stubborn, unless you are in an extremely excited state, which occasionally brings some positive effects to you.

"What kind of thing is this? Who is being stubborn? Who is being stubborn!"

Miss Loria had almost lost her composure.

She had to face the wall, her back turned to the hallway, so no one would see her fierce expression.

Finally, she clicked on the career advice.

[After a comprehensive evaluation of your talents and attributes, the most suitable profession for you is a geisha (prostitute)…]

Go away!


Miss Loria immediately tossed her ID card away.

"Is this your identity card?"

When she looked up, what met her gaze was a girl shining like the stars.

The girl was wearing a red and purple outfit, with long and slender legs adorned with sparkling little stars. Her hair was styled in twin ponytails, and on her head, she wore a large magic hat.

Her countenance could only be described as adorable and beautiful, with bright green eyes that sparkled with liveliness.

Of course, the most dazzling thing was the bulging money bag she held in her hand.


This was the same Miss "Plump Sheep" that had appeared in the previous simulation!

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