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Female Knight Simulator, I Am Full of Righteousness! – Chapter 18

2023-10-28 16:25:00Publish Time: 1,689 views[miniorange_social_login shape="longbuttonwithtext" view="horizontal" appcnt="3" theme="default" space="35" width="180" height="35" color="000000"]
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Chapter 18: "I won't be a enchantress anymore!"

Miss Loria now felt regret.

She had just started her journey of giving up worldly desires, and she successfully resisted the temptation from Guildmaster Adeline.

If she had realized the benefits of giving up indulgences earlier, during the previous practice sessions, she would have surely uncovered more secrets, right?

Maybe she could brush out even better outcomes and more achievements.

In this way, her body would become even healthier than it is now.

"Luckily, I woke up in time and took action to fix my mistake. It's never too late!"

Loria clenched her fist tightly.

On the first day of the "No indulgence" challenge, they were off to a strong start. Let's go, family!

She continued studying the simulated content generated by the simulator.

[Guildmaster Adeline graciously offered you her room to stay. Wrapped in the aura of Guildmaster Adeline, you spent the entire night reciting vows to restrain your desires.]

[Day 2: Due to insomnia, your dark circles were very severe. Guildmaster Adeline, who was preparing breakfast, kindly helped you fade away the dark circles. You were surprised. It turns out that the guildmaster, who is usually strict and stern, also has such a gentle and thoughtful side?]

[You accompanied Guildmaster Adeline to work. Guildmaster Adeline remained stern as always, and throughout the day, you felt restless, suspecting that there were always traitors plotting against you.]

[Near the end of the workday, Guildmaster Adeline engaged in a heartfelt conversation with you. You insisted that you were not sick, but Guildmaster Adeline suspected otherwise. She then took you to the hospital for an examination.]

[The doctor said that your body is very healthy, like a ripening young girl. You were worried that Guildmaster Adeline would abandon you, but she didn't say much and brought you back home.]

[You were so moved that you wanted to prove to Guildmaster Adeline that you were truly mature. At a critical moment, you remembered your own promise and buttoned up the shirt buttons you had just undone.]

[Day 3: Guildmaster Adeline promoted you to be her assistant. In the morning, Vita came to visit the Adventurers Management Guild. Guildmaster Adeline asked you to show Vita around the guild. You were absent-minded, worried that someone might harm you, but Vita was still very pleased with you.]

[Day 4: Vita willingly asked you to take her on a further tour of Creek Town. Guildmaster Adeline, along with you, went to guide Vita.]

Loria paused for a moment.

Before, Guildmaster Adeline would always assign Felix or herself, why did she go this time?

[You and Vita went together to the red-light district for an interview. At a well-known bawdyhouse in Creek Town, Vita ordered six slime maidens at once, with each of you taking two.]

[With your strong determination, you resisted the slimy embrace of the slime maidens. They were saddened, and you felt even more saddened.]

[Day 5: Guildmaster Adeline promoted you to be her secretary. In the afternoon, you and Vita went to experience an orc girl's essential oil massage. While Guildmaster Adeline and Vita were enjoying the massage, you stood by silently reciting your vow of chastity.]

[Day 6: You and Vita went to experience the enchantment of the water spirit. While Vita was embraced by the water spirit, you stood by alone, silently reciting your vow of chastity.]

[Day 7: Guildmaster Adeline asked if you wanted to move back to your own home. You explained that your home was very dangerous and returning there would put you at risk of being harmed. Guildmaster Adeline said that if you wanted to stay, you should continue living there.]

[Day 8: Driven by curiosity, you asked Guildmaster Adeline why she wanted to help you. Guildmaster Adeline said it was because only you dared to approach her, despite her strict demeanor and boredom. She wanted to help cure your delusional paranoia. You insisted that you weren't sick, but she insisted that you were.]

[Day 9: You and Vita went to experience the massage of the dark elf girls. When Guildmaster Adeline saw that you were still sitting by the side, she told you not to be nervous and that it's important to relax once in a while. However, you declined and continued silently reciting your vow of chastity.]

[Day 10: Guildmaster Adeline had some business and couldn't go out today. You and Vita went to visit a water bed shop, while you quietly recited your vow of chastity by the side.]

[Because it was getting late, you and Vita stayed at a romantic hotel. In the middle of the night, Vita took the opportunity to teach you a lesson.]

[You realized that at this moment, you couldn't get excited at all. You had successfully abstained from lust, but it seemed like you had gone too far, so you became impotent.]


Loria expressed complete bewilderment.

When she is being humiliated, she can't get excited. This indicates that both her "hyper-sensitivity" and "optimism" talents have failed. She is no longer like a protagonist in the R18 game. Shouldn't this be a joyful celebration?


"Oh no, oh no! Could it be that this simulator actually believed that she would die if she can't have sex?"

I want to vomit!

"I will show you just how amazing Miss Loria, who is not your typical human, can be!"

However, there is one thing that is worth noting.

It seems that every 10th day, Vita would certainly punish her.

"If we continued to interact in reality, we must not go to a romantic hotel with her."

The honorable female knight not only refused to ride others, but she also found herself being ridden upon?

[Day 11: Guildmaster Adeline couldn't find you and decided to go to the romantic hotel herself. In the room, you heard a heated argument between Guildmaster Adeline and Vita.]

[Guildmaster Adeline encouraged you to gather courage and report Vita. You responded with lackluster enthusiasm, saying it was not a big deal. Guildmaster Adeline felt frustrated but restrained herself from slapping you. In the end, she vowed to make you become braver.]

[At night, Guildmaster Adeline, worried that you might have nightmares, decided to hold you while you slept.]

[On the 12th day, Vita came to your door to apologize, saying she was willing to spend her whole life making it up to you. However, Guildmaster Adeline intercepted her at the entrance and they had another intense argument. Today, Guildmaster Adeline didn't go to work and spent the entire day with you at home.]

[Before falling asleep, you asked Guildmaster Adeline once again why she was helping you. Guildmaster Adeline replied, "You remind me of a sister in need of love," and you felt that she saw you as a cat.]

[Day 13: Guildmaster Adeline assigned you to join an adventurous team, claiming it would help you regain your courage. You volunteered to investigate near the water spirit tribe. The adventurers were captured by the water spirits, and an enraged water spirit mother accused humans of mistreating her kind. Then, she acted violently towards you.]

[You didn't feel anything as you watched the water spirit girls collapse from exhaustion onto the ground. Angered by this, the other water spirit girls charged towards you. Suspended from a wooden stake, you counted idly, one, two…]

[The water spirit girls grew even angrier. They felt underestimated and launched attacks from all directions. They didn't even spare your toes, and the assault continued from sunset until dawn. Yet, you still didn't feel a thing.]

[Day 14: As the sun rose high in the sky, all the water spirit girls collapsed from exhaustion onto the ground. With your own strength, you single-handedly vanquished the entire water spirit tribe.]

[The members of the adventure team took the opportunity to escape. Although they didn't know how you defeated the water spirits, they still excitedly called you the hero knight, Loria!]


Loria tightly clenched her fist, and after a while, she slowly released it.

Oh, I knew it, I knew it! I told you giving up lust would be beneficial, right?

Before, she had surely already succumbed to the water spirit's will, and then she simply concluded her simulation here.

Now, she not only survived, but instead successfully vanquished the entire water spirit tribe, paving the way for her own journey.

"The good days are still ahead!"